B.A.P  Reaction!


   “ Bap gif reaction of their girlfriend trying to reach for something but they’re too short lol”

here you go :)

Yongguk: *cockily leans against the kitchen door frame* “Need any help there,sweetie ???” *chuckles*

Himchan: “But,how did you put that thing that high if you can’t even reach it right now ???” *makes fun of her*

Daehyun: *reaches whatever she needs for her* “Now if you want it you have to give me a little something too…” *points his cheek for a kiss*

Youngjae: “Just remember,if you need ANY help,i’m right here…lazily sitting on the couch….watching you struggling to reach that damn thing….”

Jongup: *lazily watches her as she struggles while judging her* “Why did she put it up there in the first place?”

Zelo: *gets it for her* “If you want it then come and get it…” *show off mode on*

enjoyyy ❤


For those of you who I know are interested in this:

I finished Cardcaptor Sakura season 1 today! My thoughts are not especially clear right now, but here’s what I have to say about the end of the season:

  • I had almost forgotten that Kero-chan needs to get his powers back/that’s a part of the reason they have to capture all the cards. 
  • Yukito has to have a reason for being willing to go on ‘dates’ with Sakura - maybe it’s just that she’s the adorable kid sister of his boyfriend/best friend, but it has always seemed to me that he knows where and when to be, and that he’s far more aware of everything than he seems.
  • Toya works literally every job and if that’s nothing more than a running joke, it’ll still be one of my favorite things
  • Shrine Maiden/Teacher!Makoto Kino can’t be evil, even though I’m very certain that she is. Or at least nefarious, if not actually bad.
  • Will Sakura ever notice that Syaoran’s falling for her??? Where will that go, given that her actual love interest is unavailable, to say the least?
  • What’s with the magic bell thing??
  • What’s with that one cliff that’s dangerously near a children’s park & seems to have it out for the Kinomoto children?
  • How much does Sakura’s dad know? Why did he have the Clow in the first place???

Ok and I also watched the first episode of Season 2, and all I have to say is:



Good morning lovelies!

I had a awesome workout this morning! Felt so strong and amazing!

We worked on arms in the weight room today. I am in love with the weight room!

I also got a lovely compliment from my trainer. He said he has been wanting to let me know I look amazing and have been doing a really great job in our workouts. It was so uplifting! That right there is what I needed. I have been so unsure of my progress lately, so that just put my head back into the game!

I’m feelin myself today guys! Watch me shine on this rainy day!!!

For now me and my baby Rascal are snuggled up. Soon I’m gonna get ready for my friends baby shower! So excited.

Hope you all have a fun Saturday 😍

My never ending song is fading quickly…My Mother is in the final stages with her Cancer…Watching a loved one suffer is probably the hardest thing along with watching the person who raised us transform into a person we don’t recognize as that “Momma” who raised us is extremely difficult…as I write this my daughter who is with her right now sent me a text saying, “Mom, you need to get here!” Keep us in your prayers! Kendra @kendrasmiles4u

You Are An Effortless Being

There is no effort to be you
If there is effort to be you
there is a struggle
a striving
a resistance
a attachment
a desire to be
when in Reality
you already Are

But, you identification with believing the thought
there is effort to be you
you make it into a goal,
a destination
that turns into never arriving
never realizing
you are already there

You never needed to start
you only needed to See
Seeing and recognizing the Truth
That you are already that
already Being you

Stop and recognize your Presence
your felt Presence
withdraw from all that comes and goes
thoughts, sensations, emotions, images
Drop it all concepts about you right now,
and focus your attention on Being
notice the one that watches all phenomena
Who watches all this?
See you are that which does not come and go
find that one within you

Attend to your Being
to see you are not a Human Doing
but, a Being temporarily as a Human

There was never any effort to be you
that you could never leave Self
that you could never look for Self
that you could never better the Self
that you could never lose the Self
that you could never harm the Self
because, you are already being it

Now, who do you have to be?

No one…you are already that

The Signs Watching Something Good On TV....

Aries - “I wish I could skip these damn commercials.”

Taurus - “I can relate to that….and that. Oh, and that to.”

Gemini - “I really like this show… wait, no I don’t. Actually, I do.”

Cancer - “I need to record this, so I can watch it again later.”

Leo - “I should call my friend. This show is making me miss them.”

Virgo - “Don’t talk to me right now… You’re distracting me from the TV.”

Libra - “Wow, this show is good. Now I have an excuse to relax…. some more.”

Scorpio - “This show must be good. It took my mind off the million other things I was thinking about before.”

Sagittarius - “Where was this filmed? I want to go.”

Capricorn - “I stayed up for this show…. and I’m not mad.”

Aquarius - “I want to remix this, with some better scenes – make it my own.”

Pisces - “I had a dream just like this before. I’m serious.”


oh my god… my heart physically hurts. everyone. EVERYONE. was there. creyes.

Exo catching you masturbating to porn

When the members caught you masturbating to porn?? I am so curious abksbssj

Here you go my dear x


Suho: How many times do I have to tell you!! Only Daddy is allowed to touch you! *commence punishment*

Baekhyun: Need some help there baby?

Chanyeol:*just stands in the doorway* Jagi?

D.O: This is so better than what I expected to find.

Kai: Why is she doing this? Don’t I satisy her? -oh shit that’s kinder hot tho~

Sehun: Oh shit. Has she seen me yet? *watches you with an intense boner*

Xiumin: Princess… What do you think you’re doing huh? Do you even understand how much trouble you’re in right now?

Lay: What the hell is happening… that is so hot.

Chen: Ah shit baby. Look what you’ve done. Better fix it now. 

Tao: Ohhhh busted big time! What yo gonna do to make it up to me? ;)

I need to tell you all a story about this little tweet right here. For those of you who don’t know, my name is Amanda.

I signed up for GISHWHES the day Misha was doing this. Now, I was gonna sign up for GISHWHES anyway but I figured why not do it now and by sheer chance I might have gotten the opportunity to speak to Misha Collins! So I applied, and went on with my day, which consisted of me just chilling and watching a LOTR marathon with my kid brother. A short while later my phone buzzes, letting me know that Misha tweeted something. I look and I see this. Naturally, I freak the fuck out. Like my brother is actually asking me what’s wrong. About a minute or so later I’m realizing, there’s no way in hell I could be so lucky. He’s obviously talking about another Amanda.

A minute later, my phone rings, the caller ID says unknown.

Now before I continue this story I should point out that Misha, in fact, did not call me. My assumption was correct, it being another Amanda

Anyway, my phone rings. The number is unknown. What do I do? Naturally like the idiot I am, I hurriedly picked up my phone and screamed really loud.

On the other line I heard a loud crash! And then a muffled and startled voice saying “what the fuck?!” before promptly hanging up the phone.

And that, my friends, is the story of how I will probably never receive a phone call from that telemarketing company again.

Watch on


Ok, Internet, you win.


if you have recently discovered yourself overwhelmed by a newfound love for charlie cox, and you’re thinking “I NEED MORE OF THIS FACE RIGHT NOW” please do yourself a giant favor and go watch

seriously, this movie is amazing. first off, it’s based on a book written by Neil Gaiman, so you KNOW it’s gonna be full of sass and humor while also having a good message and awesome characters.

second, it is literally just fabulous moment after fabulous moment, filled with precious gems like


and of course, our beloved hero 

SO YEAH. GO WATCH STARDUST LIKE RIGHT THIS SECOND. (it’s available on netflix, and who are we kidding you could also probably just google it if that’s your style.)


now if you’ll excuse me, i’m gonna go watch this movie cuz i totally just convinced myself. dammit, why must i be so persuasive?




I pity the ‘cool’ crowd cause your personalities need help. PREACH!

3 More Things You Missed in the Season 1 Finale.

Every time I watch the finale scene I notice something different. I just finished watching it for the first time on blu-ray on my big TV. Oh it was beautiful. I actually rewatched it like 5 times so I’m probably going to need some professional help after this. You know Fitz sighs like five times throughout the scene? Yeah. But that’s not the new thing I noticed.

1. The scene is so DARK. I’ve watched it multiple times on big screens but I still missed this because it wasn’t blu-ray before now. The part where Simmons kisses him - you know the part - is especially dark. But the shot where it’s showing Fitz’s face as she’s kissing him, (when you can’t see Simmons’ face) at the second right before it cuts away, Fitz is smiling. It’s this tiny little smile that he makes as she’s giving him the last of her kisses. It says so much. That even though Fitz is afraid of dying and is hurting inside because of this goodbye, for just a second he’s happy because Simmons is kissing him. Look here. Even this is too dark to see. If you ever get the show on blu-ray watch this scene on a large screen. It is the best (and worst).

2. Also, Fitz does not cry during this scene and I don’t think I’ve ever pointed this out. I was hesitant to say I knew 100% that Fitz didn’t cry because I hadn’t watched the blu-ray yet, but now that I have I can say for a fact that Fitz does not cry during this scene. He has tears in his eyes, yes, but he holds them back. That is important. We know Fitz isn’t an expert at holding back tears, no matter how hard he tries. In this scene especially he clearly wants to cry, and probably even needs to cry. He’s scared, he’s come out with his feelings, and now he has to say goodbye to Simmons. Fitz’s very expression speaks of this, yet he doesn’t cry because he has to stay strong for Simmons. He refuses to cry no matter what, even when he sees her crying and even when she holds onto him. He holds it in for her, because he has to be the strong one this time. A similar thing happened in FZZT, when Fitz clearly had tears in his eyes but held them back because he wanted to be strong for Simmons (although one did slip out.) x

3. I remember the very first time I watched the finale (so many years ago lol) and I watched the part where Simmons wakes up and Fury’s telling her about Fitz’s condition, I was just a tiny bit disappointed that Simmons didn’t break down and cry right then. She seemed to be sort of okay (of course this was before season 2 gave me even more insight into Simmons and now we know Simmons has a tendency to smile even if her very world is falling apart.) But there was actually more going on in that scene with Fury than I thought, and it’s all thanks to Elizabeth’s subtle but amazing acting abilities. When she realizes what’s happened and she says “Fitz” and starts trying to get out, she actually does cry. It’s very hard to notice but when the camera goes back to her there is tear at the corner of her eye and it slowly makes its way down her face. Super subtle, and I wouldn’t have noticed it if not for the blu-ray. Iain and Elizebeth’s acting is so subtle sometimes you need HD to really see the micro-expressions. 

Yes, I analyze the finale too much. No, I don’t regret any of it. 

anonymous asked:

i think he didn't want her to look because he had something like a gag on his mouth or something. i always thought what that white thing on his mouth could've been and maybe he put that on because he wanted to control himself from sucking her blood?

I assumed that was part of his shirt or something when I watched it, but looking at it now, I think you’re right…?

ayato wtf you don’t need a gag, you need SELF CONTROL


The Roadhouse door slammed against the wall as you rushed in out of breath and frantic after hearing what the Winchesters were up against.

Jo stood at the counter, scrubbing hard at the white circled stain on the wooden bar. She whipped around at the sound of the door opening, her hair flying behind her and over her shoulder. You stared at her, watching as her face fell when she recognized you, and she looked back at you, sorrow filling her face as she contemplated how to tell you what had happened.


Imagine helping Dean take care of Sammy

“Dean. If I-” Sam began, his voice low and raspy from the sickness that had taken over his body and turned him into someone neither of you recognized.

“Don’t Sammy. Don’t talk like that.”Dean barked, trying to cover up the tears thrashing at the brim of his eyes.

“Dean. We have to. I don’t want to anymore than you do. But-” Sammy tried, but a wave of coughs interrupted. It was so terrible, you tried to stay strong for dean. He needed you the most now and couldn’t see you cry. Which was why you batted the tear away from your eye and watched deans reaction.                He did care though. Tears fell down his cheeks as he watched his little brother die right in front of him.