Saw this super cute vintage pic and knew I had to draw something. I wanted to draw Korra’s new haircut and it all turned into kind of a high school AU beach drawing? Idk but ok enjoy

Are you single or what?
I need a boy from the country,
I need a boy from Missouri.
I need a guy from Dallas.

I need a boy I can love, someone I can trust, someone to make love with, not only fuck.

Someone that feels blessed every time I let him undress me;
someone that’s so proud to be mine, he’ll walk right up to his ex, look her dead in the eyes & say ‘I got a taste of my new girl & realized you’ve been starving me’-

He said her heart was cold, cold as ice; but the truth burns, so it’ll keep her warm at night.

I know a boy that’ll regret not keeping me when he had me, one day he’ll wish he had proposed but we were on some different shit-

I’m on some up at 9 a.m, rolling blunts, while breakfast cooks shit. And all we ever did was fight on some why are these bitches texting you at 3 a.m shit-

He’d call me insecure & flip shit on me;

He doesn’t deserve me.
My love’s just a little too perfect, a little too worth it.

He doesn’t deserve me at all, I’m ignoring every text & forwarding every call. He’ll always be a canine at heart, he’s a dog.

—  Writing to Company by Drake.

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How do you feel right now? (I'm going to assume you watched Dans video)

i thought for a sec he uploaded a new video i was like wtf this isnt him at all

i guess you could say that i’m neutral about it! it makes me happy to see how excited they are about the book, and honestly i wouldn’t have stopped watching them anyway

plus this whole tour + book thing doesnt rly excites me in a way bc i’ll probably not be able to buy the book plus i’m pretty sure they wouldn’t come to my country anyway so its all just an annoucement for me _( :3 proud of them tho!

Dear people who call me 'white'. My skincolor may be 'white'. But I'm not white at all. I'm Moroccan. Morocco is a country in North Africa. So that makes me North African and I'm proud of it. So stop blaming my skin or anything else to make me feel low. I love my Afro/African sisters and brothers. If you really can't handle the fact I'm pro black power than just back the fuck off. Stop feeling sensitive about everything. I fucking love life.

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I love your post about surviving suicide, can you tell us a little more? just what you are comfortable with?


Things I have achieved in the past six years because I LIVED:

  • -Graduating high school with honors
  • -Making life long friends
  • -Joining the United States Air Force
  • -Traveling the world, I have lived in two different countries in the past two years and have traveled to 5 in Europe
  • -Meeting the love of my life and getting married to him
  • -Making my friends and family proud
  • -Adopting/Rescuing 5 animals, two of which live with me in Italy
  • -Excelling at my job in the military
  • -Becoming a strong athlete
  • -Creating a running club for my base to promote health
  • -Getting accepted into college
  • -Having a near perfect GPA in college
  • -Planning my dream wedding
  • -Being a fitness inspiration for many
  • -Being happy with my life and goals

Things I would have achieved if I had killed myself:

  • -Rotted in a casket, six feet underground.
  • -Destroyed my family forever.

I’m not kidding when I say things get better. I have had ups and downs since then but as you can see the positives will always outweigh the negatives and if you take your life you will miss out on so many things. The world needs you, don’t leave just yet.

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Tove Lo is a swedish artist, so the boys interest in her music makes me feel so proud of my country. Also, Troye is "obsessed with Scandinavia". Haha, sorry for putting this in your asks but it excites me and I wanted to share it with you.

Aww haha I completely understand!! That’s exciting, and talking body is a greattt sex song

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A wiole ago when I came back from holidays a coworker exclaimed that I had put on weight (I had and the comment hurt a lot). And then another coworker said to me "well, are you happy?" And I was! I was happy, not about the weight but I was blessed to have gone travelling. I realised weight is only temporary, travel experience and foods from different countries are memories that last forever! Just wanted to share and I hope it helps someone out there :) xo


Weight is INSIGNIFICANT compared to memories of traveling, being in good company, eating delicious food, LIVING your life <3 So proud of you. x

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you're so lucky, you're italian and you can eat real italian food!!!!

i know! if there’s a thing which make me proud of my country is food, italian food is like an heavenly experience, yeah i feel lucky tbh. i know what REAL pizza or lasagne are

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lmao American isn't """problematic.""" America is a nation built upon settler-colonial genocide that split off and decided it'd eventually grow up and globalize the world for itself, resulting in a new age of oppression, imperialism, and both internal and external colonialization and if you're at all proud of that then I don't know what to tell you other than that you're an awful person.

@bluecamellia said: i’m pretty sure there’s a difference between “deeply problematic” and “murders people in 3rd world countries indiscriminately”

literally every country has been doing this since the dawn of time have you read a history book ever. it’s an awful history but every single country on this whole planet has an equally awful history

also please get out of my inbox sending me messages won’t make evgeniemalkin love you (: 

Whenever my birthday rolls around, I’m always aware of whom I share it with.

I have so much pride in sharing the same birthday as the late Lee Kuan Yew. I know that it’s a trivial thing, but it still makes me happy. That someone like me shared the same birthday with someone so influential, someone that has contributed so much to my own country.

So when I celebrate my birthday this year, I honestly want to dedicate the day to you, our founding father. As we continue in our Jubilee year and Jubilee celebration, I hope our country stays on a path that makes you proud.

To Our Beloved Kim JaeJoong:

Thank you. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us. I’d give you a hug to show my gratitude, but I can’t due to obvious reasons, so I’ll just smile while watching your diligence and appreciate whatever you’ve given me. Thank you.


I can wait until then. It hurts, but I’ll patiently wait for your return, because I know you’re off to serve your country, and that’s something I’m awfully proud of. Be strong, and stay healthy, that’s all I ask for. Endure the sufferings with a strong heart and come back to us as soon as possible. I promise to wait.

Until then, I’ll make the most of my opportunities and lead a fruitful life. I ensure you that I’ll become a Cassie that you’re proud of. I won’t disappoint you.

No, I’m not crying, you stoopid, stoopid, angel. My eyes are just tearing because the smell of pizza is getting into my room. 

Until then.

See you soon~

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it makes me so proud that such a awesome artist is from the same country as me ;w; your art is just beyond perfect! ♡

HELLO ANON! I’m so happy to write with someone from the same country! Thank you very much for liking my art and I feel so honored you think that way!!! ♥♥

I’m going to say this ONE time.

I’m Italian.
And I ask this to ALL Social Justice Warriors.
Stop trying to ruin my culture.
I get it if you come from a country that had no social impact in the way you want it to, but for fuck’s sake, I’m Italian and I’m proud of it.
We Italians invented so many things that are now famous in the whole world and this couldn’ make me more proud.
So whenever I read one of your stupid fucking posts about how Marco Polo or Cristoforo Colombo (Christopher Colombus in english) weren’t real people, or about how Dante Alighieri was a scumbag, or about how even fucking pizza, MOTHERFUCKING PIZZA WHICH IS AN ITALIAN STEREOTYPE, isn’t actually Italian, I become so mad I actually wanna punch you in the face.
So please. Stop trying to deprive me from my culture. My country is shitty enough as it is right now. Let me at least bath in the glory of my past as an Italian without having to explain to you racist and close-minded people how wrong you are.
Call me a white male cis-scum, I don’t even fucking care about that.

Also, please stop pretending your pizza is good. It’s horrific and the only thought of your pizza makes me wanna vomit. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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You soooo don't live in The Netherlands.. HOLY. That's ridiculous! Most blogs that are like huge are owned by people from the US so this blows my mind (maybe a kind of generalization). Me being from this small country too makes me proud haha I now love your blog even more. Don't you think there should be a Dutch Vershion Tumblr Event? Because I certainly do. Love you!

I do haha! And I wouldn’t say my blog is too huge though haha. Thank you bb you made my day! This is really sweet <3 & yeah i agree! A meet up with a group Tumblr fans would be so great!

Anon hour!

No more please!

By the way im half egyptian (my father and grand mother are dark skinned as well as some cousins and uncles) and half algerian (mixed chaouia and 9bayliya, my grandfather and some aunts are dark skinned, the majority is very white, some are blond with blue eyes, I have a cousin you would think is Indian or Pakistani, some are redheads, and all of them agree, the clearer your skin, the more beautiful).
Because of my roots I am well aware of how racists and prouds arabs can be (may I remind you Algeria was conqueired by arabs, al hamduli Llah under the flag of Islam but their vainness remained) and although I love these countries I know their flaws and try to learn everyday about them.
Now don’t you dare call me racist or ignorant. You have something to teach me, marahba !
But do not let your anger make you think I am something that I am not and in shaa Allah will never be.
Also I suggest some of you read several times what others say before talking to them in certain ways, might help avoid such misunderstandings.

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Your illustration for International Mother Language Day is beautiful! You make me more proud to be Bangladeshi <333

Thank you!! <3!! So so happy to hear this! I want more Bangladeshis to be proud of the country they’re from!!! My works has also helped me through the years, I’m so honored to hear the impact it has on others <3<3

I’ve been awake for about 5 minutes and I’ve already been pranked. My mom’s just so proud of herself and she’s trying to make me laugh. My and my dad are just so upset. She told us my cousins from another country got a visitor’s Visa to come for a month and IT WAS A LIEEE. WHY WOULD YOU LIE TO ME IN THE MORNING. I CAN’T TAKE IT IN THE MORNING.