people who ignore their brown/desi heritage until it benefits them annoy me so much. Like honestly, you pretend not to be ind/paki in terms of food and clothing and your accent and you try to be oh so western but oh!! “Look at my eyes!! They’re sooo Indian! Look at that brown colour! Look at my eyelashes!! Oh yeah, did you know I’m half-Pakistani? I love being brown!! I love my heritage!!” And three seconds later you’re turning on your fellow desis going “ew!! They smell of curry, hahaha look how they speak! That’s so embarrassing ahahha they’re so annoying thank God I’m not like that!! Or should I say thank gods!! Ahahah fobs!” BECAUSE THATS NOT HOW THIS WORKS. That’s not how being desi works. You can’t just pretend to be white and only be brown when it favours you. That’s not it. You can’t just be brown WHEN YOU WANT TO.

Get to know your following/followers
  • 1. Gender? Female
  • 2. Hair colour? Brown
  • 3. Eye colour? Blue-ish?
  • 4. Any beauty marks? Nope
  • 5. What country do you live in? U.S.
  • 6. What’s the time right now for you? 9:57 pm
  • 7. Do you like to paint your nails? Sometimes
  • 8. Do you wear more tight clothing or loose clothing? Tight
  • 9. How old are you? 15
  • 10. Are you crushing on someone? Yup
  • Deep ones:
  • 11. What is one thing you love and hate about people?  I love a sense of humor and hate ignorance
  • 12. Would you help someone who is trying to kill themselves and why? I would because it is the right thing to do? I don’t really know but I would.
  • 13. Have you found your purpose in life? Like job wise? maybe
  • 14. What do you think about Depression? It is real and a serious illness and people who suffer from it need to get help so they can get better :)
  • 15. What do you think about love? I love Love!
  • 16. What do you think about this generation? I think we have great promise
  • 17. Do you think this world is fair? HAHAHAHANO
  • 18. Would you ever feed a hungry stranger? Why? Yes because I feel that a good deed can go a long ways and it is always nice to help people in need.
  • 19. Are you happy with yourself? eh
  • 20. Do you like being alone or being with people? I prefer being alone
  • Fun ones:
  • 21. What’s your favourite show?  Supernatural
  • 22. Are you a book person or an internet person? Both
  • 23. Do you play games?  what kind of game?
  • 24. What would you like to eat right now? watermelon
  • 25. If you could be talented at any sport, which one would it be? Football
  • 26. Do you want to rule the world? Nah I’m good
  • 27. From 1-10 how sarcasm can you be? 11
  • 28. Are you a preacher or a listener?  Kind of both tbh
  • 29. Do you think you’re submissive or dominant? again kind of both tbh
  • 30. Do you like… Cats? No
In Loving Memory || Open

It had been a month since Dean’s boyfriend had passed away. Everyday, at around two o’clock he came to visit him faithfully. It had been a terrible accident, one of those things in hindsight it seems possible to prevent. But Dean knew he  couldn’t have, and he had just gotten over the self blaming stage. Because thats not what he would have wanted for Dean. He probably wouldn’t want Dean to ignore his own life in favor of visiting him either. Dean couldn’t help it though, he missed him so damn much.

“Hey babe.” Dean smiled at the gravestone before kneeling in front of it. “I brought you some new flowers.” He took the slightly browned lilies to replace them with fresh ones. “I know what you would say, to not waste my money on them ‘they’ll just die anyway’.” Dean shrugged and wiped at his eyes. “But I don’t mind.”

When Dean suddenly heard footsteps behind him he quickly turned his head to see who it was. “Oh, hey. Its been awhile.” Dean stood up and turned around. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were coming.”

godgirl717 asked:

Hiya! Are you still doing match-ups? Please ignore this ask if your aren't. If you are still doing match-ups, may I have one please. I'm 5'8 with brown hair and green eyes. I am pretty smart and funny. I'm known through out the land for being way too sarcastic and blunt. I am naturally curious. My flaws include being way too intense, being a know it all and being kind of being on the mean side.

Your Matchup: Aomine Daiki

Aomine finds your sarcastic and blunt side hilarious, as he himself is quite the sarcastic one himself thus enjoying the banter that naturally comes between you two. Aomine often takes advantage of the fact that you are smart and asks you to do his homework for him even though he knows that you’ll probably decline. Despite the bickering and all, Aomine finds you to be one of the most interesting and witty person he knows.

Other Matchups: Kagami Taiga