I get why a lot of ppl don’t like zico anymore but do u really hate his music making skills as well? bc before tough cookie everyone was hanging off his nuts and calling him so talented and amazing and now what..


On the continuing nature of being critical of this mission…

To whoever that redesigned the Normandy and decided that they should also spray paint Cerberus’s logo on top of the ship…

it obviously can’t be TIM

We are all VERY lucky that Jack took a few minutes of her time to just non-aggressively rage and just shook her fist at the ship. And that her first reaction wasn’t to blow it wide apart like she did with her prison.


Really lucky.


Normandy SR2’s Excellent Crew

I have a soft spot for the nickname ‘Haru’ but mostly for Haruka using it on herself, like when she’s trying to get Michiru to stay in bed for snuggles (‘Haru needs more snuggles!’, ‘Haru loves Michiru!’). I also have a feeling Haruka tries to give Michiru cute little nicknames (‘Michiroooooo’, ‘Michi-boo’, ‘RuRu’) which Michiru simply ignores. Haruka never stops trying though.  

SouRin Week: Day 2 | paper | Arabian!AU

Sousuke should be a mercenary or something among those lines, and prince!Rin just wants to buy him so badly because, you know, Sousuke is known for his strength, hotness and experiences of the world, and Rin loves stories about the whole wide world and wants to explore it but really can’t, being the heir and all.

Rin tries to get Sousuke in every way possible, because he will always get what he wants, with money or with fighting. At some point Sousuke just gets interested in this cocky prince that tries so hard to get him, so they just start this game of tag whenever Sousuke is near Rin’s kingdom. At first he just runs away from the guards but then he starts entering Rin’s chambers, actually seeking Rin, and their “play” becomes something more intimate ;D

I didn’t draw this just to show Rin’s nipples… What are you talking about

anonymous asked:

but do the levihan babies inherit Levi's alcohol tolerance?

yes, they got all the unfortunate ackerman resistance to alcohol. but samson fucked around with some formulas as a teenager and managed to create a moonshine so fucking potent that even levi was slurring after a few glasses. 

I imagine hange would completely flip over this since she thought she’d be stuck with a family of sober ackerman assholes for eternity but now she gets to see levi let loose. 

I need to draw this. 


Not only are none of them properly trained or educated, but they are extremists and will make things up that ‘seem’ right. Please, go to a proper source if you think a youtube video/pic/w/e is abusive.