you love a boy with golden hair and a pretty smile. he reminds you of the sun, because he is your centre of gravity, and without him you would be lost, hurtling through space, out of control and unstoppable.

you love a girl with blue black hair and dangerous eyes. she reminds you of the moon, because she holds a mystery that you can never touch, and the stories you hear of her can never quench your desire.

you love these two beings, as different as night and day. in your mind they compliment each other, complete each other. you want them both, but you can have neither, because they have already found each other, and there is no room left for you.

they are your sun and moon. you are a comet, bright, and fast, and untouchable. you watch them dance around each other and you pretend that’s enough.

for you, it has to be.

you come from a long line of teenage girls with too much time on their hands
wasting hours on the phone or with headphones jammed over bubblegum hair and triple pierced ears
swallowing pills and swallowing food and swallowing things teenage girls shouldn’t be swallowing

your kind is a joke, a punchline, a story to tell your friends that begins with
'last saturday night this teenage girl…'
as everyone leans closer
and you want to beg, want to plead, want someone to change this
because you can’t, because you’re one of them and because of that you won’t be taken seriously

so when you spot weakness, you leap at the chance to redeem them
you have pitted families against each other for fun, you have slaughtered thousands in play
you can raze this city to the ground with just one apple
and as the sun rises over the walls of scorched ilium
the smile you give your sisters is one that promises blood

and in that brief moment of triumph you think that this might finally teach them not to underestimate your kind
but then you remember
they would never attribute destruction of this scale to a teenage girl

—  of course the goddess of discord is a teenage girl || s.b.a. (from mythaelogy's prompt)

" I wanted to do an album that was like Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. So that in a thousand years from now, people would still be listening to it. Something that would live forever. I would like to see children and tennagers and parents and all races all over the world, hundreds and hundreds of years from now, still pulling out songs from that album and dissecting it. I want it to live".

requested by itsjustdesire