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i'm sorry you've been dealt with some shitty comments lately bc of one off handed comment but i just wanted to say that you're a lovely person and following your blog has genuinely taught me some really important things, at least where queer and trans issues are considered. i hope your week turns out better<3

The comments were far from the worst I’ve received; They were mostly just frustrating that and showed how much further we have to go before people will accept the idea of a transgender hero

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I love Unsaid Words so much ;A; aghhh it seems like there's some kinda misunderstanding and I want it cleared up already >< but then if it's cleared up what happens to yeol, would jongin and the mc get together? I wanna know! If you ever get hit by inspiration for another part I would absolutely eat it up, but just for these two I am already so thankful :) Thanks author-nim~

Kyaaaa! ^-^ that’s the first time anyone on here has called me author-nim, you have no idea how much I’m smiling right now, like please let me hug you *Squeezes you tight* I’m so so glad you liked it! and I already predicted that there would be some frustration with how i ended it but now that i got into the story line I thought the characters and you guys deserved a story with more depth, rather than it just being the kind of ‘I look into his eyes and everything is right and my heart is suddenly unbroken and we dump our partners the end’ because obviously relationships and us as human beings are a lot more complicated than that, ahh sorry I’m blabbering on but don’t worry I was already planning a 3rd part but depending on how i decided to progress the story in part 3 (I’ve got two ideas that could take in different directions) there’s almost a 50% chance of me doing a 4th part too, Thank you so so much for your kind words, love you lots and lots anon! I hope your having an amazing weekend~~~


You know when you are just sad?
Everything stings?
Everyone is capable of hurting you.
The wrong look & you will breakdown.
You feel weak & you have absolutely no idea why.
You have it good.
You love and are loved in return.
Isn’t that what we all need?
Isn’t that all we need?
But there is still something missing.
Some part of me is hurting & no matter how much I try to think of a reason or solution for this ache in my chest, all I seem to find is old memories.
I blow the dust off their surfaces.
And skim the title, a brief reminder of that it has happened.
I flip through them like pages in a book.
Waiting til one awakes this deep frustration.
Waiting for it to awake the unknown.
Whether it may be dark or light.
This is when I begin to realize, it is not the actions in my past, it is not the harm people have done to me before.
It is beyond that now.
Now it has crawled itself deep down under my skin. And I am itching for it.
Itching and scratching for myself.
Layer by layer.

It’s crazy to think that I’ve already been here for a year. Working here has been frustrating at times but all around me pretty amazing. This is the first job in a very very long time I haven’t hated going to/being at every day. Can’t thank my boss Brian enough for giving me a chance. This wouldn’t have been possible though if it wasn’t for @deadxcalifornia so thank you dude you have no idea how much working here has improved my life. It’s a really weird feeling not hating your job.