FT Angst week Day 4: Bleeding Out/Bandages

But in a sick twist of fate, Lucy Heartfilia did not last long because of extreme magical exhaustion. She developed the same sickness as her mother and passed away in just a year.

Natsu Dragneel now carries two guild marks, one on his right shoulder and another on his right hand.  He proclaims that he could still feel Lucy’s presence whenever he is travelling. He could also smell her scent whenever he gets his motion sickness and he could feel her touch whenever he misses her.

But even if the original team is lacking one member, he believes that it’s just the start of their never-ending adventure. He just needs to do it for her in the meantime before she meets her again someday.

“You better treat me to a lot of food up there, Lucy. You sooo owe me for this.”

i did this in a day and i’m sick omg *wheezes* 

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You are cute af and have a jawline that would make sebastian stan jealous. That is all. Have a nice day :) (and your blog is awesome as well)

Well, Sebastian has seen my jawline and he didn’t seem all that jealous, so… :P

He and I should battle it out in a ring, though - Attack of the Jawlines. I’ll meet him at the saloon at dawn. Winner takes all. All we’ll do is run at each other with our chins sticking up, and hope for the best.


Majime da ne~ Kenta-kun!

Can I just kya~ a little over how yummy Masaki is in this drama, and that it’s such an intriguing tale!

Cr: Yokoso Wagaya e (Episode 4)

For My Hands Hold No Guns

Chapter 2/? (Ch. 1)

Ian x Mickey: Superhero!AU

Dedicated to the amazing montygreening as belated birthday fic! ♥

Mickey and Mandy get a call for a job. Ian has an unexpected encounter. Little goes to plan for anyone.

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When Abe, Mihashi, and Haru quit their sports teams and form a dance troupe.

i’ve been astoundingly sick so here is a lil doodle of the child unit and parental unit

i’m so curious though how did sadie’s mom get her leg brace thing


Make Me Choose

dragonlikecats asked: Hiro or Kenai