“Son of a bitch
God likes me
I am the best
Fuck everybody else
Suck on my dick
I’m perfect
I am the best
Fuck everybody else
(God likes me)

I need a witness to my life it wasn’t this way all the time
Got money, got girls, get high, can you fuckin’ believe it?
I need a witness to my life it wasn’t this way all the time
No money, no girls, denied, can you fucking believe it?“ 

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You all just need a real man and a big dick like mine😏 fuck lesbians

I have a feeling you’re some 15 year old boy who’s jealous that I can get more pussy and fuck a girl better than you can.


“is it bad?” you asked.

“no.” Scott said quickly, “um who-” his voice cracked.

“i think what Scott is trying to say is who are you going with?” Isaac asked.

“well i thought about taking Liam because he’s the baby of the pack-” 

“he would love that.” Scott interrupted, voice cracking yet again. 

they turned to leave but you stopped them, “where are you two going? you said you wanted to go tux shopping today to get a girl opinion.” 

“maybe you should take Liam.” Isaac suggested before Scott pulled him from the room.

I like how Hiro’s working and Tadashi’s just sitting there like…

“Draw me like one of your French girls”

Jackson Whittemore request imagine

Jackson/Dorky Reader

Jackson’s POV:

“She’s kind of cute, don’t you think?” I asked Danny. We’d been sitting in my car, waiting for the after school traffic to dwindle away. Y/N walked by with her headphones in, in her own little world, and she caught my eye.

“I guess? I mean, yes, but she’s not your type. I thought you were trying to get with that new girl, Allison?” Danny questioned.

Yes. He’s absolutely correct. Y/N is not my type, I don’t even know why she’s been on my radar the last couple of months. She’s pretty, but quiet. She’s interesting, but kind of different. Lydia and I just broke up, and I’m obviously looking to hookup, but I don’t think Y/N is that type of girl. She’s the type of girl I want to take home to Mom, not the type of girl I want to get head from behind the bleachers during halftime at the lacrosse game.

“Earth to Jackson, are we going to leave any time this week? Parking lot has been clear for a few minutes…” Danny pointed out, catching my attention.

Scoffing, I threw my car into gear and sped off down the isle. Turning, I maneuvered the rest of the parking lot and was on the street. Dropping Danny at his house, I reminded him to be on time for early Saturday practice.

“Shove it, Whittemore. Go Facebook stalk, Y/N, you know you want to,” he winked before closing the passenger door.

Fuck. What am I getting myself into. I haven’t even talked to the girl since primary school.

Y/N’s POV:

“Hey, why is that douche bag staring at you?” My best friend asked. Looking up from my book, I looked around the cafeteria until I locked eyes with Jackson Whittemore. Confused, I smiled and then looked to Y/B/F/N.

“No idea. He’s been doing it quite a bit lately though… Ever since he and Lydia broke up, actually,” I shrugged. I didn’t make my life any different just because a popular guy like Jackson somehow took an interest in me.

“Just because you keep your nose in your books rather than interacting with the opposite sex, it doesn’t mean the opposite sex won’t interact with you. Look, he’s heading this way.” What? It’s been months and he’s now going to talk to me? Okay, maybe it does change my life if Jackson looks at me. What can I say, he’s attractive and makes me blush.

“Hey, Y/N,” oh he knows my name.

Say something you dunce! “Um, hi Jackson,” I smiled. Well, I think I smiled. He chuckled a little and then scratched the back of his neck.

“I, well…I was wondering if you wanted to see a movie with me? Or hangout?” Is he seriously asking me out?

“Seriously?” I voiced. The shock must have been written all over my face because he sighed and looked at the ground.

“Yeah. I know we haven’t talked since we were in Mrs. Finch’s class in third grade, but I think we should get to know each other better. If that’s okay with you?” He was totally flustered. Jackson doesn’t get flustered, what the hell? It’s kinda cute though.

Looking at Y/B/F/N, she just nodded and took her tray to throw it away. Well, she was no help. What do I do?

“Sure, Jackson. I think it would be fun,” I blushed. I’ve never had a guy ask me out. I just float under the radar and no one notices me. I like it like that; I’m so completely out of my element.

“If it helps, I’m crazy nervous. I know our social groups don’t really click, but I’m into you. You’ve caught my eye the way you read all the time, how your locker’s decorated as if it were your bedroom wall; posters and what not. How you tap your pencil when you’re listening to music as you study in the library. Oh, and the way you quote books and movies as if it were everyday dialogue. I caught that Avengers line when Coach questioned you in Econ,” he grinned. Had he really been watching me this long? I mean taking a notice to my likes and quirks? I’m blushing again, stop it Y/N.

“Thanks…I think,” I laughed nervously.

“You’re welcome. Now…can I have your number? So we can text about our date?” Nodding, I took his phone, which he’d handed to me, and punched in my number.

“Text me whenever,” I smiled as he stood from the table.

“I’ll take you up on that offer,” and he left the table. As he walked away I was in complete shock: How did I end up with Jackson Whittemore asking me on a date? And damn, he’s got a nice butt.

*Part 2? I know I didn’t really go into detail like you asked for, but..yeah lol*

Tear Out this Grey and Show Me the World

Starting with a remix here. Combining 1. Soulmates and 49. Boss/intern.

There were some days when Dean loved his job. Being the youngest Director of Sales and Marketing at Sandover was no joke. Especially when positions like that tended to go to family men and Dean was as single as you could get. Sure, he could start dating and find himself a nice girl, settle down and have 2.5 kids and maybe Bela would freaking start trying to get in his pants. Or better yet, stop setting him up with one of her atrocious friends. 

He could, but Dean was old fashioned because he was waiting for his soulmate. 

Chick flick bullshit, he knew, but it was the truth. And who was going to blame him anyways? He wasn’t the only one who was getting tired of the drab greys and the occasional black and white that was his life. Dean wanted to know what the color red looked like. He wanted to see the green that mated people gushed his eyes were, wanted to see the sky and not look into a sea of boring flint and ash, since Dean had refused to let himself become low enough to view the various greys as their listed numbers on the shade scale. He might as well just shoot himself for fun if he ever did that.

Though at the moment, Dean would just like to find a decent cup of freaking coffee. And perhaps a jelly donut. Yeah, yeah, he was on a cleanse, but he just wanted to smell it because at least his sense of smell worked without finding his soulmate. Just a hit of fatty, sugary sinfulness to get him through the first half of his day because… interns. The number one reason why he didn’t like his job and why he was waiting for the elevator light to turn from dark smoke to silver so he could go up to the meeting room instead of hiding away in his office. 

He was tempted to turn around and do just that if the elevator didn’t hurry the hell up. 


“About time,” Dean muttered, watching the steel doors open. As he entered the elevator he looked down at his phone for any hopes of an excuse to cancel the meet and greet. A family emergency, a call from the police saying his house was broken into, or on fire. Anything. So distracted as he was, he almost walked right into the other occupant in the grey, suffocating box. 

“Oh my god.”

The guy apparently didn’t care for nearly getting hit. Sighing, Dean slid his phone, which hadn’t been a help at all, into his pocket while he readied his excuses for being so distracted. His luck, it was someone from IT that didn’t care for the big wigs anyways and would make his life difficult over nothing. 

“I’m sorry. It’s been a…” Dean looked up and promptly forgot how to breathe. 

Colors. His entire world erupted into colors he couldn’t even identify. His mouth went dry, eyes wide and locked on a see of various hues swimming in the tall guy’s eyes. They were a perfect mess of pleasant dark and lighter hues, all encased in a ring of cobalt, the only color Dean could identify. 

“You’re my…” 

Dean forced himself to look down at the floor. He almost flinched back at the clashing colors. He didn’t know what they all were, but he had a feeling that saying someone drank a few paint cans then threw it all up over the floor would be an apt description. He looked at the wall, identifying the bright, almost aggressive color as red (so that’s what it looked like) from over hearing certain coworkers. Then he looked back at the guy who was still staring at Dean like he had just met Jesus. 

Or his soulmate. 

“Soulmate,” Dean finished breathlessly, finally giving the guy a once over as he stuck out his hand. He had to give the cosmos his thanks, the guy was gorgeous. Tall and lean, looking killer in his suit, with dark hair and fair skin marred only by beauty marks Dean totally had no complaints against. So he wasn’t a woman but hey, after thirty two years, half of that waiting for the guy, this guy, Dean wasn’t picky. Especially not when the guy grabbed Dean’s hand in both of his massive paws and held on for dear life. Good lord Dean could write sonnets about those hands. 

“Y-yes. I can’t believe. I mean… God, I’m being rude. Sam. Samuel Wesson. That’s my name,” Sam said. The way he stammered was even adorable. 

“Dean Smith. It’s really good to meet you, Sam So uh, do you work here? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before.” He asked hopefully as they were just about to reach the floor indicated. Dean realized that he didn’t even pick a number, then realized it didn’t matter because they were both going to the same floor. Please God, don’t let Sam be an intern.

“Uh yeah. Well, hopefully. I’m interning for marketing,” Sam said at the chime. Dean internally cursed while he reluctantly withdrew his hand from Sam’s. But you know what, fuck it. Dean could work with that. He could totally work with it. because that meant more opportunities to get to know Sam. His soulmate.

He officially loved his job again.

“Oh yeah? Well, I have a feeling that you’re going to be a shoe-in, Sam. Now, I’ve got an important question to ask you; what is the situation with your eyes, man?” Dean asked as they walked, noting how easily they fell into stride together. Sam chuckled and ducked his head, flashing a pair of dimples that Dean wanted to make a home out of. 

Five minutes in, and Dean was already in love with the guy. 

Preference #3: He’s embarassed because of you (Part 2)


“Guess I’ll just stop eating then. We’ll see how long it takes until I collapse then” you said standing up.

“Y/N, please that’s not what I meant and you know it” Calum exclaimed getting up as well.

“Fuck you, Hood. Go get yourself some bony girl.” You walked away but he grabbed your shoulder and turned you around.

“Please, what I was saying is that you could work out with me. You could wear these short. I bet you look so sexy when you are hot and sweaty. I would give a lot of rewards to remember” he winked. Even though you were still angry his suggestion didn’t sound too bad.


“You look very lovely, Y/N” Michael’s mother complimented you. You smiled looking at her then at Michael.

“Thank you, Mrs. Clifford. I’m just glad I’ve got Michael” you began and both of his parents nodded, Michael next to you smiling big before you continued “Otherwise I would look like a cheap slut” you ended picking up some peas with your fork. There was a sudden silence, Michael’s smile faded fast after he heard what you said.

“Alright” he threw up his hands “I got it. I’ll try being more politely.”

“You really said that?” Michael’s mum asked in disbelief. After your boyfriend nodded his father gave him a five minute speech why a gentleman doesn’t say things like that to his lady while you were eating quietly next to him a satisfied smile on your lips.


“Hey babe, where did you go?” Ashton asked settling down on the couch. “You didn’t bring me food. I nearly starved” he said as you showed up under the door frame.

“I didn’t want you to look at my annoyed face any longer than you did already. Sorry I am so ugly next to you. You’re fans would’ve been scared to death if they saw me for sure” you snapped going back to what you were doing before.

“Fuck” Ashton cursed. “You know, I love you, Y/N, but sometimes you just seem so bored and angry” he tried to explain himself.

“Sorry that’s my stupid face” you huffed.

“I’m just stressed out a little. Let me make it up to you” Ashton suggested.

“Are you paying a surgery for my face?” you snapped making your boyfriend sleep on the couch for the night.


“Maybe I shouldn’t sing anymore” you said to Luke who was laying next to in bed as you two cuddled.

“Huh? Why’s that?” he asked sitting up in order to face you.

“Because I sound terrible. I don’t want you to feel embarassed because of me” you muttered not looking at him.

“Where did you get that idea? I really enjoy showing you off” Luke said before placing a kiss on your lips.

“You said it yourself” you sighed.

“No, Y/N, I was joking. Well you don’t hit the right notes but I love your bad singing. Please, it calms me down. You sang me to sleep before. Don’t ever stop that” he said pulling you into his arms.

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As you may know, I hit 5500 followers today and asdfghjkl; I’m speechless and I don’t know how and why but THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! :o You’re all so amazing, every single one of you, and blahblah get to the good stuff already girl..

Anyways, I’m opening my requests up consisting out of 8 spots, and I hate to say this, but who comes first comes first and when the spots are filled, I’m not going to add more..

Fill in all these points and send them to me in an ask or fanmail (preferably fanmail because i like to collect fanmails lol)

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Zodiac Signs As Taylor Swift Songs (Every Album)

Aries: Picture To Burn, Tell Me Why, Better Than Revenge, Starlight, Bad Blood

Taurus: A Place In This World, Change, The Story Of Us, The Last Time, Out Of The Woods

Gemini: Should’ve Said No, Forever And Always, Speak Now, WANEGBT, Shake It Off

Cancer: Teardrops On My Guitar, The Best Day, Mine, The Lucky One, Welcome To New York

Leo: Our Song, You Belong With Me, Haunted, Red, How You Get The Girl

Virgo: Mary’s Song, Fifteen, Never Grow Up, IKYWT, Wildest Dreams

Libra: The Outside, Breathe, Sparks Fly, State Of Grace, Style

Scorpio: I’d Lie, Hey Stephan, Innocent, Treacherous, Blank Space

Sagittarius: Tim McGraw, Fearless, Long Live, Begin Again, All You Had To Do Was Stay

Capricorn: Stay Beautiful, The Way I Loved You, Enchanted, All Too Well, I Know Places

Aquarius: Tied Together With A Smile, Love Story, Last Kiss, I Almost Do, Wildest Dreams

Pisces: Cold As You, White Horse, Back To December, Begin Again, This Love

You will be seeing both Freds – Freddie and Frederick Chilton – in the series. I love Raúl and I love love love Lara Jean and I wish we could do more with both of those characters, they’re absolutely in the season and they have a lot of fun things to do, but the story is always focused on Will and Hannibal and their relationship and that’s the core concept of the season and the series.
—  Bryan Fuller, for
Lineart Commissions: Open!!

Yo, so I’m offering 10$ full body cleaned monstergirl lineart commissions! I have 30 available slots, and you get to pick your monster girl. Some recent examples of my work are below!

One monster per commission please! I really need to make some extra cash, as I just moved and haven’t found a job yet. Please inbox me if you’re interested, and we can discuss your commission and payment! I mean come on, who doesn’t love monstergirls?