No matter who you are or what you look like, just remember that Aang thinks you’re interesting and would like to be your friend.


Misha: We have a good time. We love each other, and these two guys (Jared & Jensen) are like a pair of brothers.


bts x hogwarts

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spencer appreciation weekday two

favorite season/arc: season 4


"We are coming."


mask by *witchayl


We call it a desert, but it’s a crematorium. The mesas, all of it, fallout from a volcano that exploded a million and a half years ago. Someday it will detonate again and everything you see will be buried. Just a question of time.


Our work is about trying to empathise with the characters we play and about being someone completely different with every part. It’s about the representational performance, and the pride when one manages to achieve it. To immerse oneself, to become a part of a person invented by a poet. Filling words with life, realising a fictional character, is the noble vocation of every actor. I can’t imagine how you could feel motivated and satisfied always playing the same type of person; always having to endure the same fate and stories. As an actor it would feel as if the audience were always waiting for a particular line or facial expression instead of being surprised with a new move or a new face. - Adolf Wohlbrück, interviewed in 1935

Another Facebook acquaintance is rehoming their dog because they had a baby. :c

Everyone in my life is popping out babies so it’s been happening a lot, and I can 100% understand if the reason was financial or behavioral or baby had a medical problem, but the reason is always “Oh we don’t have time for Doggie anymore. Doggie isn’t getting the attention he/she deserves. Doggie would be happier somewhere else.”

No, your floofy lap-dog houseslipper loves you and will not, in fact, be happier with someone else. Just like Kaiser wouldn’t be happier in another home. As long as your dog is fed, watered, taken to the vet, and given the bare minimum of exercise and attention, I guarantee they can tough it out for nine months or a year until your life gets more under control. Unless your dog is visibly depressed, not eating, being violent toward the baby, etc. suck it up, stop trying to give away your dog, skip half of Walking Dead, and give your dog a little undivided attention. You make time for the people you love. It sounds like you just don’t want to be bothered.

Poor Kaiser gets walked every other day instead of every day now. Sometimes one of his fetch games gets cut short. Sometimes I have to get up in the middle of puppy snuggles to take care of the baby. If he’s being a pest, I hide his easter eggs or treats around the house for him to find to keep him busy for a while (he loves this part, he’s not complaining.) I don’t expect him to understand, but in another year or so the baby will be big enough to sit in the grass and watch while we play fetch for as long as Kaiser wants. We can have all the puppy snuggles because she won’t need to be fed every three hours or in the middle of the night. We’ll get back to going on walks twice a day when I can put baby girl in a simple umbrella stroller and run out the door. We’ll be able to take long walks in fun places again on weekends. We’ll have time to make the three hour round trip to the training club for classes.

It makes me sad when people don’t want to put in at least a little effort for their puppies. :c