• Student:Ms.D, he [points to another student] and I are finished with our work and we've had a really long day. Can we sword fight for a few minutes, just to work off some energy?
  • Me:Your work is in the purple bin?
  • Student:Yes, yes! And you can tell us to stop whenever you want and we'll keep it from getting too intense and--
  • Me:Yeah sure, why not.
  • Student:[pure glee]

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When I started following you, I thought you were a magic man, I thought you had gathered alot of VA's from Bioware. I was wrong but I'm glad about it. Your voices are amazing. I soon realized that your just a mushy sweetie cake, dressed up like a stud muffin. Your personality is wonderful, the work you do is amazing, and frankly I wish I could tell you off anon. But I can't, So please accept my secret nonny love. And I hope you have the best of days. <3

Oh my gosh you are positively  to sweet, hun! Thank you so much!

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I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling down!! I hope I can cheer you up by telling you how much I love your blog?! I think you were the first arrow related blog I followed and I love olicity from the begining so I had to follow you since they are my first OTP. It's a beautiful day here in Washington and it's my Friday so I'm totally excited to get off of work and I wish you felt the same way!! I hope there's a sunny day and an olicity marriage in your future!

Awww you’re so sweet! Thank you soooo much:))) I really feel happy now thanks to you! Thank you for your compliments and wishes! Have a nice day!:)))

One of the interesting parts of the panic/anxiety disorder is an increased sensitivity to things around me, including a heightened sense of smell. I always had a really good sense of smell, but these days it’s off the charts. I can tell what shampoo the Doc is using from here. This has some downsides, as you may imagine - I’m going to be working them into the book where applicable. 

When books give you life advice.

“Sometimes you find your path, sometimes it finds you.”  ~ World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, by Max Brookes

This quote. This single line of text buried deep inside a fiction novel about a fictional post-zombie apocalypse world offers some of the best life advice one can give a person about to embark on a post-undergrad experience. At the beginning of my senior year of college, I was convinced that my five year plan was set in stone. I had a career choice, PhD programs picked out, and I was ready to go. 

Yet life does not work that way. By December, I had no plans at all. I changed career paths, my interests flipped 180 degrees. I was the person who could not tell you what they were having for dinner that night, let alone what they were doing after graduation. 

Now thirteen days away from graduating, I can clearly see the path ahead of me. A year or two off, followed by a Masters before a PhD, that’s where I am heading. Do I have all the answers? Nope. Do I even know if the plan I have now will stay the same six months from now? I doubt it will. But is this the path I’m supposed to be on? Absolutely. 

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They smiled, leaning over and down into his line of sight. "älskling, I would love to try.. especially with more.. palatable paints that are easier removed. Especially on such a lovely.. bag of.. bones." They leaned back, pulling a washcloth from the bucket they had used to clean the worst of the blood-agent off of him. Slowly the cloth was drawn over skin, removing the last bitter traces of it. "And it's not a work day if the florist takes ill and closes his shop." They tease, smile bright.

   “I don’t like to close shop.” He can’t remember telling them about that, but is hardly surprised at this point. “You never know when you could need flowers, or why.” Romance or mourning, flowers were a gift that suited all occasions, and he liked seeing how picky people could get when finding the perfect ones. Michelle could always cover though. She did better with customers now, and they responded better to her then him. 

   He shifted, adjusting his chair so he could lean his chest against the backing better. What a strange feeling this all was. The intimacy, or how they smiled and moved like they hadn’t a bad thought to think. He had to be careful, or he was sure he would never want to leave. 

   “Are you going to do my back, or do you want my front?” He goes on, finally putting the shirt down again, in case he needed to move for accessibility. 

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Well I'm glad everything worked out and im happy you like getting messages from me. If you ever find them weird feel free to tell me to fuck off and i will. Anyway, hope you had a great day and if you didn't i hope you can try and make it one!!😊😌💕

Nah man they’re not weird, it’s really nice getting them!! 
Today has been pretty okay so far. i went to the gym this morning and now im getting ready to do some homework. I have work later today but first mum is going to drive me to mcdonalds so i can FINALLY hand in my resignation letter!!!!!

I’m so excited to quit, get me the hell outa there… 

Lately I feel like I haven’t been able to be genuinely happy. All the responsibilities that I have are crushing me and sending me into this existential void that I can’t seem to fully leave. I’m a sixteen year old homosexual boy that has way too much on his shoulders for his age. I have school, a full time job and not enough time. When I first started working I was immediately thrown into a full time job that had me 4-10 every single day and it was 2 weeks before I had my first day off. I can’t tell you how tired I was. I skipped a lot of classes to go sleep in the library so I wouldn’t get yelled at by my teachers for sleeping in class and I fell behind in 3 of my classes. I’ve been working for 7 months now and I can’t really remember anything from those seven months because they all blurred together. School has been a disaster for me and Im slowly giving up on it. I haven’t been to two of my classes in a while. Ive asked for my hours to be cut multiple Times but my manager ignores that cause they need people to help on Thursday for the dinner rush. I can’t remember the last time I hung out with friends and had an actual weekend. Not only that but in my parents I have to be perfect at everything in my life. I have a mom who won’t shut up about my weight and grades and a dad who thinks I’m not good enough. I cry almost every day because I think too much of what’s gonna happen. I feel like I’m not gonna amount to anything. Sometimes I consider suicide as an option but the thought of death scares me. What comes after you die. Do you go to hell. Does your consciousness stop existing altogether. I’m fucking scared of life and I don’t wanna experience it. But at the same time I do because there’s so much I wanna do like see beyonce, Nicki minaj, Iggy, and Ariana Grande live. I wanna see the Great Pyramids of Giza. I wanna travel I wanna see the world. I’m constantly torn between these things and it sucks