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YEAH YOU WERE SO BOSS AT MWBF!Oh ado you know was that dude who really liked sweetie belle? you two were two of the best.

I’m not entirely sure, since I couldn’t see that well over breaburned, but perhaps you can id them from this?

Flowbish posted a picture of our panel so I’ll just pop it up here…

From the left to the right we have FireBrandKun, bobdude0, flowbish, braeburned, and lastly me, KatOtter. :>

I’ll tidy this up and remove it later


Jay uses the power from his high-five with Arden to summon the strength to make it across. He becomes the fourth contestant to win alone time with Candace.

Though this one really doesn’t surprise me. Considering he was formally in a punk band I’d assume coals aren’t the worst thing he’s walked on.

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I would love it if you wrote a future fic with Emily as their lovechild!

oh, no no no no no. I couldn’t do that. eliseboobman is already writing one and it is flawless and wonderful and you can find it here: (or on her tumblr). 

However! I am still 100% open to suggestions!

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Have you ever tried drawing drumknott? I'd love to see him in your style... If not , for the character thing, May I request f1 drumknott? Or c8 drumknott whichever interests you more?

I haven’t quite nailed down a design for Drumknott that I like, but I’m getting closer! 

10 Bias Tag!


TAGGED BY: koreanfan-shiz​ Thanks dude!!! C:

TAGGING: idk… chubbli, thatsnotmayastyle​, peanutbutter-jiminsjams​, lay-the-unic0rn, igavemylifetokpop​, bigbangme, krisdeul-is-so-real and whoever else wants to do this!! Say I tagged you kay?

Ahhhh this is gonna be a PAIN haha in no order btw…………
except for #1

1) JONGIN (EXO K) : Idk but I think this is PRETTY obvious at this point. I’d try to explain why I love Jongin but there aren’t enough words in the English language nor do we have enough time in the world for me to explain it all.

I was only going to do one gif - it hurt my heart to choose only one - but I found one that pierced my soul and lowkey almost made me cry so bby gets two ;A;

Good go D it’s the eyebrwo and the smile man the eyEBROW AND THE SMILE AND HIS HAIR BRING THAT HAIRSTYLE BACK

2) JONGDAE (EXO M) : EXO LOOPHOLE!! lmao Chen got me through a harsh year of bench sitting yo idk what I would’ve done without him tbh…and his voice is highkey angelic and he makes me laugh C:

3) MINHO (SHINEE) : Haha he was my first official bias and was numero uno until Jongin finally one upped him out of nowhere a while ago. Minho makes me laugh, he’s funny and crazy talented. Don’t sleep on Minho.

4) CL (2NE1) : The queen!! She’s gorgeous and I can’t wait for her to debut in America!

5) HYUK (VIXX) : Idk how he even got up here tbh he just appeared

6) MARK (GOT7) : Mark is amazing, Mark makes me smile C:

7) BUFFY (MADTOWN) : Buffy is wtf

8) DAEHYUN (B.A.P) : Dae is literally my favorite vocalist, his voice is heaven on earth and he’s hilarious


10) ILHOON (BTOB) : I don’t even-

Btw the only ones that are legit are the first three, the rest I just pulled out of the air because my bias list is wtf at this point haha thanks again!!