Guess How Much I Love You 20th Anniversary Edition by Sam McBratney

Celebrate twenty years of sharing love to the moon and back with this special anniversary edition of one of the world’s bestselling picture books.

Sometimes, when you love someone very, very much, you want to find a way of describing how much you treasure them. But, as Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare discover, love is not always an easy thing to measure. Now new and existing fans can relive this cherished classic with this lavish edition, celebrating two decades of delighting readers since its initial creation.

Congratulations to Guess How Much I Love You!

… Bangalter operates with the typical composure of a pop star. Subdued, cool, polite and approachable. Surprisingly talkative, for someone who so rarely gives interviews. Only once does the red-haired Homem-Christo raise his head from the notepad lying beneath him, on which he scribbles dragons onto while talking. That those two men, in faded T-shirts with Rock designs on them, are the most mythical figures of a decade of electronic music, is something one has to constantly remind oneself of.

Introducing the boys just before the main segment, 2008 De:Bug Interview [German], bold emphases mine.

(currently being translated by kimbk)

-Red haired-

-Doodling literal dragons-

Guy-Manuel you are a treasure oh my gosjd ahahaha


The Zelda series is iconic for many reasons. Maybe it’s the puzzles you love, or the expansive worlds you get to adventure in. Perhaps you love exploring dungeons, or the sense of reward you get from opening a treasure chest. And then there’s the music. Many Zelda songs have become iconic in fans’ memories. Whether it’s that haunting opening theme of Ocarina of Time, or the Clock Town theme in Majora’s Mask, there’s something about the music in Zeldagames that sticks with you long after you’re finished playing.

The Song of Storms from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask (with a cameo appearance in Oracle of Seasons) is one such iconic song. The “Make it Rain” shirt is a popular one among fans. A memorable button combination is used to play the song in the N64 games, finding its way onto t-shirts… and now one fan-made plushie!

Geek Girl Fi is a crafty Zelda fan, creating plushies of the Triforce (a very huggable version) and a Piece of Heart, and now the Song of Storms. Fi explains her process in the video above and shows off the finished creation. On her website you can get a closer look at the step-by-step method (including pictures!) used to make the piece. She also includes a video for each of her fantastic creations, so check out her YouTube channel here for more!

What do you think of this detailed plushie of the Song of Storms? What other Zelda songs stick with you long after finishing the game?

You can see all of Geek Girl Fi’s creations (such as a plushie of the Notes from Banjo-Kazooie!) at her website here.

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matt you're a treasure and a joy

Today I realized cleaning out messages is way easier on mobile than on desktop for some reason and this message was all tucked away in there and I love it

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omggg you tag kanae as trash, blesssss


it is a rare treasure to find other Kanae haters, the fandom worships him and I don’t understand.

I’m sorry if anyone likes him and we’re in mutuals, but I can’t help I hate his guts. Ex friends made me hate him, just like ex friends made me hate Arima. I always start with just a little dislike of a character, then people push the person in my face all day and send me hate if I don’t like them. So, it’s like…how am I supposed to like this character? And they also pushed his ship with Tsukiyama in my face too, so…hate hate hate. ]

Here, have some energon truffles for being such an awesome, beautiful, caring individual and running such wonderful blog. :) You are a treasure to the universe

Thank you, necropolitan human! And if there were ever any doubt that I’m a caring individual, I’ll dispel it by sharing these with the outpost.

Believe me. The temptation to not do this is there.



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Cailyn blushed instantly but smiled regardless. She had seen the man sitting for himself in the Forest and somehow wanted to give him something. Most people in this land needed luck. And she had the feeling that he was no different.

“Ah..No need to thank me! I-I just wanted to give you something. Most people here have a terrible fate…I feel like I should do something to lighten their mood.”

She bowed to him before crossing her arms behind her back, still smiling. “My name is Cailyn. I’m still a human, so please…think twice before you kill me if you plan to do that.”


Pate’s shimmering gaze stayed locked onto Cailyn’s features for a few moments, a thoughtful hum heard from the back of his throat as he fingered the newfound pendant in the same manner.

“Of course not, my dear,” he reassured with a devilish smile, a glint in his eyes, “but what a kind offering; indeed, these are treacherous roads lined with many dangers. You must have a very good reason to come here. But who am i to judge, hm?” He chuckled warmly, in a way that could ease most people’s troubles all too easily. Leaning against his spear, his eyes met Cailyn’s once more with a nod.

“We are well met then,” he assures, “my name is Pate. I journey hither and thither on a sort of… treasure hunt… you might call it. So I could certainly use all the luck I can get.”


1. Don’t be afraid to show how much you care2. Don’t care so much about what other people think 3. Your friends will have your back through some of the toughest times so stick with them 4. People will come and go, but your true friends will stay 5. Tequila doesn’t make for a good night 6. Those conversations at 2am will be the ones you treasure the most  7. Music will cure almost any heartbreak or personal crisis 8. Broken seals on your camera bag aren’t a good thing 9. That extra icecream really won’t make you fat 10. A boy playing an acoustic guitar is your kryptonite  11. Camping trips are essential to keeping you sane 12. Don’t leave your car lights on while you’re having dinner 13. Some of your best times will be when you and your friends haven’t planned anything 14. Look in your back window when reversing 15. Don’t change who you are for anyone 16. Wine makes for many laughs and good banter 17. The map on your iPhone lies…. ALOT 18. Never take life too seriously 19. Stop thinking about all the things you want to do and just do them 20. Watch “Into the Wild” it will teach you a few things 21. Being 21 isn’t as grown up as you think   


IF YOU LOVE ANIMATION, YOU WILL LOVE THIS! One of the best edited videos I have EVER seen! The story goes so smoothly and character from your favorite movies make an appearance. The music just goes so well with the whole plot.