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I lost my afternoon to your Definitive Ranking of Housewives Taglines. You are a national treasure and one of few people I would consider a true Housewives fan. Bless your work

I fell for the moon a long time ago
and I turned a blind eye to the darkness
around its light
I didn’t realize you were behind all that light
like the sun, with your perfect smile.

And it’s been a while since I last loved the night,
The day suits me better now;
I’ll be trying my best to always make you laugh
the way you did when you came into my life
I’ve never felt so glad to have loved you all this time

But I know where I stand and I won’t change that fact
but I wanted you to know, in case you feel like
nobody ever sees what you are, because I do all the time
You’re a work of art and I’ll treasure you like one
I have framed you in the walls of my heart.

—  nothing compares to you; k.b.q.

the context for that, for the record, was talk about “trash” meme language and how i’ve seen friends get these weird concern-trolling messages when they use it like “no don’t say that you are not trash you’re treasure,” which — ok perhaps it’s real concern but it always strikes me as kind of line-stepping w/r/t someone else’s self-directed language

anyway i have never once had y’all jump in and police my “lmao trash life trash baby values” posting and i was just appreciating that and reflecting on how that might be a feature of this particular community

there are people that I always talk to but I can’t even call my friend. and there are people whom I don’t even talk to , but I know deep inside ourselves, we are each others friend. I know that they care even without telling me that they do, I know that they’re always a step behind me whenever I need them to.

I have a lot of categories for friends, but one thing is for sure, once I call you “my friend”, I’d always treasure you — for the rest of my life.

I ain’t tryin’ to say I don’t understand
But I ain’t showin’ no sympathy for no lazy nigga
All you do is sit at home tweet and facebook and hate on niggas
You complain about your life, like I be in the mood
And your ass was to cool to try and finish school
Now you sittin at home, broke, without shit to do
Tryin’ to find a bitch to stick your dick into
I know the game nigga
Ain’t nobody have a job for me
So fuck your mothafucking sob story
You see, you shoulda noticed
I keep it real I don’t sugar coat it
Can’t respect you if all you doin’ is smokin nigga
Get it together
Cause ain’t no forever in what you treasure
If you don’t like to be lectured, nigga, turn my shit off
But just remember when your mind’s a little different
You won’t be able to turn my shit off!
Nigga work on yourself - Dizzy Wright

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Britt! Your OQ fic on the spoilers is beauuuutiful. I love you for giving us these & Kris are treasures to the OQ fandom. I feel like a nut but I check both your blogs daily b/c I really really enjoy what you both have to say on OQ. That said, dying for some of your thoughts on what's next for OQ!? What about Zelena? I'm pretty stoked for some Bex/Lana scenes on my screen again! I feel like we have potential for an ok finale for regina this time.

Ahhhhh thank you so much!! And don’t feel like a nut! I think that is a very common thing people do around tumblr with blogs they enjoy :)

So, honestly I just have no clue. I mean, we’ve sort of pieced together that Zelena has been posing as Marian. What the long term repercussions are, I don’t know and can’t even hazard a guess. What I hope happens to Zelena is that she makes sure everyone knows Rumple shanked her. Because none of this would have happened, had he not. (Did he know? Was that part of his plan? WHO KNOWS.) And then I hope she gets to stick around because Regina’s offer of redemption is still on the table. (Though idk how quick Regina will be to forgive her after screwing with Robin and especially Roland.)

I think Robin and Regina are going to really have to talk but we won’t see that until season 5. Because honestly, if we got all of these BTS pictures and the set wasn’t closed (which means everyone had to know this major plot point would get leaked), that can only mean that something BIGGER is coming. I don’t think it’s necessarily with OQ, but I think if they’re not worried about this twist being out there so early it’s only because something even more jaw dropping is going to happen in episodes 21 & 22.

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headcanons on bond's sexuality, go. --- >

you are in love at six years old
with the daughter of one of the
many women your mother likes
to plays cards with. her eyes are
like a forest, dark and inviting as
if you will find a hidden treasure
inside of her.

you suggest playing doctor and
you don’t know why it is your breath
quickens when she lets you listen
to her heart. later she’ll make you
kiss her wounds, and one is upon
her lips.

you are six, in love, and kiss like a
sloppy little boy and she squeals
at the wet on her pink ribbon mouth.
she runs away, you never play that
game again.

you are six, you were in love, now
your heart is broken.

(until your mother kisses your cheeks
 so loudly that you can’t help but forget
 that you were ever so painfully in love
 at all)

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Act III: Nocturne

Hello Whitacre

Hello Gjeilo

and Laurdisen

This game has been strange during the pre-merge.  Amulet of Abductions, idols that cause souls to split in half, having to constantly battle it out come in first and second place.  It must be tiring and confining to be restricted to three tribes.  Well no more.

Grab your black buffs.

This song is hitting it’s climax.  Shadows are dissolved leaving ten of you in the game, and you are all one tribe now known as the Nocturne tribe.  Nocturne is a romantic composition, but it’s suggestive of night.  That’s right.  This music filled dream is not over yet.

A few things to cover.

  • Shadows are dissolved.  You’re back to your regular mangatars and self.
  • If you have an unused shadow idol its powers have dissolved, but is still usable as it has been demoted to a regular hidden immunity idol.
  • You can no longer make treasure guesses, because you have to start over.  Meaning you can’t guess until you get clue #1 or it’s shared with you.
  • The person who wins individual immunity is the Chief meaning they will assign clues, but they can’t take one for themselves.
  • Amulet of Abduction is no more.  
  • There will be tribal council questions when the jury begins, you are required to answer them.  
  • Don’t forget to send confessionals.

Head back to camp and get to know your new tribe.  Immunity will be posted tonight.


IF YOU LOVE ANIMATION, YOU WILL LOVE THIS! One of the best edited videos I have EVER seen! The story goes so smoothly and character from your favorite movies make an appearance. The music just goes so well with the whole plot.