cause its my problem if i wanna pack up and run away
its my business if i feel the need to smoke and drink and sway
its my problem, its my problem if i feel the need to hide
and its my problem if i have no friends and feel i want to die
—  Marina And The Diamonds

anonymous asked:

it's really bad to scroll down quite far on your blog because then I see your face and I fall in love with your face. then, I remember, we don't know each other. however, that doesn't make you any less handsome. 😊

im so sorry.

hazelnutkiss asked:

oh gosh!!! thank you for following me!!! you are so handsome!!! i love your white hair!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

It took me so long and so much pain 2 get it this way im glad you appreciate it aha thanks pal!!!!

my future partner is probably texting their bae right now about how they’re gonna be together forever. sike, see you in ten years bitch

anonymous asked:

Hello.I just wanted to tell you I think your amazing handsome and that I'm quite attracted to you. My little crush is real. Your recent post with your new clothes I was like dead you are so handsome. Just wanted to let you know. Sorry but I must remain anonymous. Stay strong. (You can call me Munchkin)

Thank you so much, cute little Munchkin!!!

"why do you always wear black"
cause i’m ready for ur funeral bitch