Imagine your favourite character standing outside your bedroom window at 2 a.m. holding a huge boom-box above their head. You excitedly throw your window open and swoon as you wait for the romantic music to begin, when suddenly they turn it on and Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ begins playing.

Bones - detailed synopsis for the next 3 episodes of s8

8x10 The diamond in the rough
An apparently diamond-encrusted corpse is found by a ghost hunter live on television during his reality show, and he brings the body to the Jeffersonian. The victim turns out to be a ballroom dancer, and she died just before a major competition on the TV show “Dance to the Top” – a show with a half-million dollar prize and fame and endorsements for the winners. Suspects include the victim’s former dancing partner, his new partner who replaced her, and the other contestants on the show… as well as one very angry, overcompetitive stage mother. When it turns out that Booth put himself through college as a dance teacher, a skill he learned from his mother, who was a dancer, he and Brennan go undercover as a dance team and audition for the show… though getting Brennan up to speed as a dancer will take some doing. Meanwhile, Hodgins and Wendell desperately try to find a way to clean up the victim’s crystal-encrusted bones.

Meanwhile, Angela realizes that she’s let her dream of being an artist slip away while working at the Jeffersonian, and starts to re-evaluate her life.

8x11 The archaeologist in the cocoon
A cocooned skeleton is found in a tree, and Hodgins’ high hopes that they’ve found a Mothman are quickly dashed. The victim is human, and the car that’s crashed nearby is set up to make the death look like an accident, with the driver thrown into the tree… but the blood soaked into the car seats tells a different story. The victim is identified as James Sutton, famed adventurer and archaeologist, as well as an author of cheesy, sensationalist books that mostly existed to get people to buy bogus artifacts from him – thus financing his expeditions. It transpires, however, that Sutton may have made a genuinely significant discovery – human bones, thousands of years old, that show Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens living side by side in the same cave, co-habiting… history’s first known mixed-race couple. Brennan and Dr. Edison fight over custody of the ancient bones… which are not only a scientific curiosity, but also pose a millennia-old murder mystery. Things turn odd when it turns out that Sutton’s biggest customer for his fake artifacts is a Texas oilman who is a diehard Creationist and a major funder of a Creationist museum.

Meanwhile, Brennan is frustrated that baby Christine isn’t interested in peek-a-boo, which leads Bones and Sweets to worry that Brennan is being overcompetitive and may place too much pressure on Christine as she grows up.

8x12 The corpse in the canopy
Hodgins and Angela awake to a terrifying surprise – a flayed and eviscerated corpse on the canopy of their bed, and a garland of blood-soaked petals arranged around the pillow of their wailing but unharmed infant son, Michael Vincent. They were gassed to keep them asleep while the psycho went about his work, and, fearing that computer-whiz killer Pelant is back, they tell nobody but Booth and Brennan. After Booth and Brennan get baby Christine to safety, they arrive at Hodgins and Angela’s home to examine the corpse, and concur that this is Pelant’s work. At Booth’s insistence – and with Hodgins’ grudging assent – they call in the Jeffersonian team instead of trying to deal with this on their own. They take extreme measures to keep Pelant from finding out about the investigation, including forbidding any use of computers and only using burner cell phones. Interference from Agent Flynn is a worry, but he turns out to be a help when the victim turns out to have been a mercenary. Pelant killed a highly trained professional soldier? He’s upping his game. As an angry and spooked Hodgins becomes obsessive about catching Pelant, Sweets begins to worry about his state of mind… but Cam won’t remove him from the case. As everybody scrambles to catch the killer, Pelant, unable to keep from gloating, sends them a gruesome clue. As the search intensifies, the FBI readies for an all-out assault… and Pelant has a nasty surprise waiting for Hodgins.

Source: I-Bones


"One minute I’m publishing this book on how long-term potentiation initiates the creation of a slow-moving protein synthesis, and the next, there’s an agent trying to make me the next Dr. Oz."


honestly guys i am absolutely so shocked to have gained this many followers in a matter of six months. that’s huge for me honestly, being as most blogs i’ve had have never seen past 500. i remember making this blog and slowly gaining the numbers and now i’m almost to my first thousand, and i’m literally freaking out. so many of you chose to follow this sad excuse of a blog and join me on this ride called life and acceptance of tris prior. and honestly? i don’t know what i’d do without you guys. you are all so sweet to me and so friendly and welcoming and i don’t think i’ve ever had a better experience in rp before. so i want to thank you for that.

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divergents ——- these guys are the people that have encouraged this blog and me since the beginning, and these guys are such an amazing and supportive group of people and they’ve made this whole thing worth it.

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OMG so today Frank Iero was at a new music store in the next town over, so we waited two hours in this hot sweaty room waiting for him to come and he shows up and everyone screams and he plays all these songs and omg they were amazing and his voice is perfect. Then afterwards we got into a line and waited a half hour in the sweaty room and we got a picture and he signed my paper. Our conversation was basically “omg I love you so much can you please sign my paper and omg I really really love you so much sorry for fangirling right now I just can’t get over I’m meeting you” we took our picture then I accidentally ran into the wall the end.
but yeah now I wanted to get my shoe signed but we couldn’t. :c

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Songbird 🎶

meagan! you’re one lucky duck, because the first song i got was:

i like you by ben rector

(why do i have so many cute songs??) (this is sheer fluff in an au and i don’t even know what i’m doing anymore)

Emma smiles as she walks down the sidewalk with a paper bag in one hand and a carton with two cups of cocoa in her other. Her hair is tied up in a ponytail, swaying as the breeze blows and with her each and every step. The sun is warm today, adding to the lightness she feels as she continues toward the docks.

Leroy smiles and waves at her, asks if she’ll be at dinner at Granny’s for her mother’s mayoral election party, and she tells him she will be with a happy laugh.

It’s a good day, she thinks with an even wider smile.

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"he fell in love with his best friend."

i love these two <3

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omg paige ur fab ilysm <3333 thank you so much for all your selfies- seeing you so confident in your body has made me more confident too <3 i can't wait to buy stuff from your shop when i have the money!

oh goodness, thank you so much, sweet anon!!! i’m really glad that i’m able to help you to be more confident in yourself!!! like that’s the highest praise ever, seriously, and i really hope i continue to inspire. 

i feel like being confident in your body has a lot to do with fighting for it sometimes, and selfies are a good weapon against bad body image days. like you can look back at that moment on bad days and be like see brain, i’m cute!!! we have proof! it’s always going to be a work in progress, and there will be good days and bad days, but eventually there start being way more good days than there are bad. :3 

i never thought anyone would thank me for the number of selfies i post though, lmao. so THANK YOU. that actually makes me feel better about myself as well! 

and thank you for the shop comment as well—i’ve got a lot of plans for things in the works and am thinking about having a little mini sale on things in my shop for my followers on here and okaywowcool to get some capital together so i can afford materials for the new things i’ve planning, so look for that soon!