The Kardashians are so fucking extra. 

Oh yea AFTER your dad’s interview, you’re all of a sudden so proud of her and love her so much but where were you DURING the interview? All of Bruce’s kids were there and shared their opinion on the matter and made it very clear that they stood behind their father and supported her…..but where the fuck were you? You couldn’t take a couple hours away from Twitter and Instagram to support your dad? You couldn’t stop taking selfies for just a couple of hours to be there for her and to say 15 seconds worth of something to at least pretend like you cared about something other than making yourself money? Really? Wow. So cute how the whole family can show up to watch Kendall walk down a runway but not a single person can show up in support of their transitioning father? Adorable. 

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Hey there! I just wanted to take this time and say thank you for being a divine human. I've been following your instagram lately and I must say you've made a mark on my soul. Keep spreading the good vibe, my friend. 💗✌🏼️🌞

Aww thank you 😊😊

but what twisted view do you have to have of the world for your only purpose in life to be stalking other human beings? yeah, we all want to have a pic with the boys. but what kind of sick pleasure or whatever it is that makes them spend countless hours day after day does it have to be just so you can what, show another photo on your instagram? they’ll never remember your name, they’ll never be your friends. what do you do it for?



After a lot of encouragement and thought, I have decided to give my beloved foot guys a chance to buy me a birthday present.  I do not know that I will keep these Wish Lists available after my birthday on May 4th (Star Wars Day hehe).  I will of course take pics to post with any gifts that I receive.  I have categorized the wish lists for ease of use, and gift giver preference (by now you know how Type A I can be).

If you would like to be entered into the Nurse Lizzy Birthday Lottery, please provide me with the information that I will need to contact you (Instagram, Fetlife, Tumblr, OKC, Twitter username, or your email address), as well as “Post”, “Don’t Post” on the gift message.  

I will allow an additional week to pass, to account for possible shipping discrepancies, and on May 11th, I will place all of the gift receipts (items generally ship separately with Amazon, each package contains a gift receipt) in a hat, and choose 3.  I will announce the names of the 3 lucky winners (assuming that all 3 gift receipts say “Post”), and their prizes that evening at 9pm, pending private contact by me.

I wish I could say no purchase necessary, however, there are many wish list items that are only a couple dollars.  


There are also several items mixed within the wish lists that I have marked as trade items.  What I mean by this, is that should someone choose one of these pre-selected items, they will be contacted by me upon receipt, and they will either receive:
A.  Similar used version of the item purchased
B.  The used version of the item that they purchased (receipt of trade item by the gift giver will be dependent upon the nature of the trade item)


In addition, if you would like to receive the used version of an item that you purchase, please write “trade?” as well as contact info (necessary for lottery entry) on the gift receipt.  These items will be considered on a case by case basis.  In order to be considered, the gift giver must also purchase another gift that would account for the price that I would be required to pay to ship the proposed trade item.  For example, the additional required gift cost for me to ship a proposed sock, nylon, or lingerie gift trade item, will be much less than the expected additional required gift cost of a used pair of sneakers, flats, or heels.

Steps to Enter Nurse Lizzy Birthday Lottery
1.  Go to and search Wish Lists for Nurse Lizzy, or click the links provided
2.  Choose a gift or gifts to give Nurse Lizzy for her birthday
3.  In the gift message portion, provide: contact information, “Post” or “Don’t Post”

Trade Gift Option (To be determined on a case by case basis by Nurse Lizzy)
1.  Purchase an additional gift to account for the estimated shipping cost of trade item that is being requested
2.  In the gift message portion, provide: contact information, “Post” or “Don’t Post”, as well as “Trade?”


Nurse Lizzy’s Dominatrix Wish List:

Nurse Lizzy’s Lingerie Wish List:

Nurse Lizzy’s Shoe Wish List:

Nurse Lizzy’s Accessory Wish List:

Nurse Lizzy’s Nylon Wish List:

Nurse Lizzy’s Sock Wish List:

Nurse Lizzy’s Wish List:

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Hi! I'm sure you saw that Dan DeLuca posted a picture of your artwork on instagram!! That is SOOOO awesome!! You are such a talented artist! :)

I SAAAAAW!!! (I personally don’t have Instagram, but a friend of mine emailed me to let me know stephanie posted her drawing that night… XD *squeals*) I didn’t know about Dan though! 



It’s so awesome!! (And those likes are insane!)*fangirl squealing intensifies* 

I was wondering though if one of my dear followers would be so kind as to comment on one or both pictures with a link to my tumblr?? I know it’s kind of selfish self promotion, but a girl only gets a chance like this once in a lifetime right? ;D

Anyone here have 10k+ followers on Instagram?

If so, message me and I’ll do a never deleted shoutout for you on here to my 120,000+ followers in exchange for a promo for my instagram @charlottekosc on your instagram (insta is diff tho so obvs you can delete my promo in like an hour or so lol) :)

It’s oddly unsettling, the way a person’s cell phone can reflect them and everything that they are.
“My life is on my phone.”
Well, sure. You’ve got your calendar, your alarms, your facebook notifications to let you know it’s your cousin’s birthday, your instagram to save all your precious memories, your memos to keep track of your thoughts, and of course, your twitter feed to keep you in the loop. But thats just on the surface. Thats just on the flesh of your home screen. Dig deeper. You may come to find that the deeper you dig, the clearer your reflection becomes in your touch screen. The conversations between your friends and family never uttered through teeth. The screenshots of messages between you and her from the time you’d probably be better off forgetting. The extensive search history on mental disorders in an attempt to diagnose yourself. The pornographic evidence of all your fetishes. The gifts you wanted to buy the one you love. The less expensive gift you reluctantly had to settle for. Your poetry. Your art. Your school work. The names of everyone you know. Your horoscope. Your financial records. Your diet. The meditation how-tos. Everything you thought was only concealed by the folds of your brain and the blood in your veins, also travels through the circuit board in your palm. Look into your reflection and wonder if you’re looking at it, or if you’re the one looking back.

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Your instagram is so lovely!! Can you give tips on making friends on Instagram and getting your art more noticed? love you dev <3

Awww thank you! :D it takes time but when I started out, I had people from my pjo account follow me, which even then, I made friends by continuously posting, talking to others, idols, etc and gradually developed friends over a time :). When I made my art account I also followed and made friends with those who were on the same boat as I was and just starting, and we grew improving together! & I already knew some rad art accounts from when I was only a pjo fanaccount and followed them as well, so keep posting what you love, follow & talk to people, especially those on the same boat as you, and just overall enjoy! It takes a while but you’ll be noticed & have friends over time! :) have fun!! :D

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If you delete your tumblr do you at least have an instagram so that we can still have you in our lives and keep up with ya? I'm gonna be so sad but I totally understand too. It's been rough lately.

Haha well yes, I do have Instagram if you wanted to follow me there. My username is ‘jessicakkelley’ (two k’s in there bc jessicakelley was already taken 😒). But I’m not going anywhere. It’s just been a rough day and I’m overly dramatic. I couldn’t live without you guys and I mean, who else would stroke my ego? 😂 I’ve had a handful of meanies say rude things to me, but there are almost 3,000 people who follow me and love me. And the messages I get from people, telling me that I’m making a difference in their lives and showing them that they don’t have to change in order to be loved and to love themselves, are why I’ll never leave.

Learning this on guitar made me relove it, well done to Green Day on their induction to the rock and roll hall of fame :)