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hi andrea i looked at the pac navigation and i couldnt find one for the pros and cons of a scorpio/virgo relationship!! do you think that you could possibly make a list? thank you!!

Sure thing! Thanks so much for checking to see if I had done it first! Saves me a lot of time! :) here you go friend!

-Both are very observant, so they can really appreciate that in each other, and know that the other sees what they do
-Virgo is helpful, and can really help the Scorpio better deal with his/her emotions
-Scorpio is loyal, and Virgo is reliable, so they don’t have much difficulty trusting each other
-Virgo really likes the resourcefulness of the Scorpio
-Both are independent, and respect that in each other
-Virgo is cold in arguments, while Scorpio is fierce and heated; not a good combination, and leads to some intense arguments
-Virgo may find it hard to adjust to dealing with taking care of the emotional Scorpio
-Scorpio may become suspicious of the Virgo, who often nitpicks the relationship
-Virgo may fuss about the Scorpio’s jealousy and obsessiveness
-Both become obsessed over small details, which can mean a negative attitude on both sides of the relationship

Ever wonder how much of their future Kaneki and Hide had planned out? They obvious planned out going to the same college together but what about beyond that? Its not like they were gonna go, “Well we both finished college and got our degrees. Peace sucka.” They probably had more in mind.

Once they finished school and got their degrees, what would they have done at that point? Maybe each would find a job in their field and they probably wouldn’t be too far apart from each other. These two have been together since grade school and they have stuck together since university. I don’t know about you guys but even my best friend and I aren’t going to the same school but I do know couple that plan on going to the same school.

Hide and Kaneki obviously have each other in mind when they think about their future. Even when Kaneki was gone for 6 months he still had Hide’s future in mind and it was mainly for Hide to stay safe and continue living and Hide had Kaneki’s future in mind too and it was to get him to come back home so they can continue their future together.
#3 - The Morning After

Ashton: “Y/N, let me in!” You hear your best friend, Ashton, banging on the door to the bathroom. It was 8:30 in the morning and after you had woken up in bed next to your best friend in the entire world you had fled into the bathroom and locked the door behind you. After he had realized where you had gone, he had done nothing but bang his fists on the door and beg you to come out. You had yet to relent and let him in, burying your face in your arms and covering your hands with your ears. “I know this is a little weird for you, it’s weird for me too. But obviously this happened for a reason, there’s something here and we both know it’s more than just friends.” He falls quiet and you lift your head, scooting over towards the door. Once you reach it you unfold your legs and stand, reaching out and turning the knob slowly. The door swings open and you’re face with Ashton’s brilliant light brown eyes looking back at you, a concerned look painted across his face. “I’m just scared,” you whisper and he furrows his eyebrows. “What are you scared of?” he whispers back and you lean your head against the door, looking up at the ceiling. “What if we do this and it turns out bad? I’ll lose my best friend and I don’t know if I can handle that.” He reaches out, pulling you into his body and wrapping his arms around you. “I can’t promise you that that’s not going to happen but I can promise you that I will try my hardest to prevent it. You may be my best friend but I’m in love with you and we’re going to make this work.”

Calum: You woke up to an empty bed, slightly disappointed. You sit up in bed and stretch, wincing at the slight discomfort in your muscles. Last night wasn’t your first time with Calum, but he was very rough when it came to sex, almost animalistic and each time was just as intoxicating as the first. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and the strong scent of cinnamon wafted through the house. You smiled, throwing on one of Calum’s shirts you got off the floor and followed the smell downstairs. In the kitchen stood your boyfriend slaving away behind the stove in all his glory. “Like what you see?” Calum asks without turning around and you smirked. “Definitely.” Calum turned around with two plates of french toast in his hands, but the sight of his shirt hanging loosely off your petite frame stopped him in his tracks. “Shit, my shirt looks good on you,” he says placing the food on the counter. He makes his way towards you, placing a finger under your chin and tilting your head up towards his. “But I think it’d look better on the floor.”

Luke: You woke up to the sun shining in your eyes through a crack in the curtain. You groaned in annoying and opened your eyes to check the clock on the bedside table. 8:37 am, too early for your liking. You turned over on your other side and instantly you were greeted with Luke’s baby blues, a shit-eating grin plastered across his face. “Last night was amazing,” he whispered, peppering his lips to your forehead. You closed your eyes and relished in the memories that were flooding back to you. Last night was your first time with Luke, and amazing was an understatement. It was passionate, magical even. You felt a closeness with Luke now that you’ve never felt with anybody. “I agree,” you breathe out. “God damn, you’re beautiful,” Luke whistles lowly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “I love you so fucking much.” You can feel the heat rise to your cheeks. “I love you too, Luke.”

Michael: You wake up slowly, struggling to force your swollen eyelids open. They’re gummy, sealed shut and you can already feel your head pounding, your brain feeling like it’s rattling around inside your skull. Needless to say you had a little fun last night and now your body was repaying you. You finally managed to open your eyes, forcing them into small slits and the first thing you’re greeted with is a bright shock of red. Confused, you blink your eyes all the way open and your breath catches in your throat when you take in the boy laying next to you. You lift up the covers and wince when you see that you’re completely naked. You try your hardest to remember what happened last night but you can’t. Shaking your head you begin to move slowly, trying not to wake the sleeping boy next to you. He begins to make little noises in the back of his throat and roll around slowly and you know your efforts were wasted. You freeze, watching him with wide eyes as he blinks awake and smiles when he sees you. “Good morning.” Not answering, you just continue to stare at him and he laughs. “You look totally freaked, you clearly don’t remember anything that happened last night.” Propping himself up on his elbow, he studies you for a few seconds. “My name is Michael. Your name is Y/N.” A wide grin stretches across his face and he tilts his head, giving you a considering look. “We should do this again sometime. You know, when you’ll actually remember.”

A/N: this preference has been a long time coming and we really apologize for the wait, life has been busy. here is an update on what’s been going on lately. feedback is appreciated and we take requests!!


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How would the GOM and Yukio make it up to their girlfriends after a rather ugly fight? To the point that their GF screamed 'I'm done with you!"

Generations of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi would ask you out on a date, even if you were still mad, with the reasoning that anything could happen at any point in time, and that if you both lost each other in some way while you were still mad it would ruin you both emotionally. You agree to meet him on these grounds and the dinner is mostly quiet, though he does take your hand in his and, giving you a smile, letting you know that he does love you even if your disagreement had gotten too out of hand. 

Aomine Daiki: When you and Aomine get into serious fights, he wouldn’t know what to do to make it up to you, thoughts taken over by the fact he was scared that you were going to break up with him. He would avoid your phone calls entirely for that reason, not because he was still mad, but would try to remedy the situation by spontaneously appearing on your doorstep and ravaging your body for the night once he had finally gotten his confidence back.

Kise Ryouta: Kise doesn’t tend to stay upset for very long as he understands that things are sometimes said but not really meant while arguing. He would try to approach you with a large bouquet of flowers, comically large, and would have copious amounts of gifts in his arms as he apologizes to you. He would be a bit teary as he admits that he dislikes conflict greatly, and hates it even more when he’s fighting with you.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko would appear at your doorstep a few days later, after he had cooled down and knew he wouldn’t lose his temper with you again. It would be at an odd time, in the middle of the night, as he looks absolutely exhausted and as though he would fall over at any second. Entering your home and holding you against his chest until you forgave him, he would fall asleep in your arms while still standing once he felt like things were remedied.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima knows that the greatest way to get your approval again was to admit that he was wrong, even if he didn’t feel like he was. He could often act haughty and like a know-it-all, and despite that not being his most charming aspect, he appreciates that you put up with him most of the time. When he’s finally ready to accept his faults he would ask to meet on neutral ground, appearing uncomfortable but letting you know any ill spoken words to you were out of anger.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara doesn’t often get into fights with you as he normally doesn’t care to fight to begin with, but when he does, it stresses him out greatly to the point that he can’t eat. It would be up to you to talk to him again and he’d make it up by being as affectionate as possible when you meet up again, nuzzling your neck and telling you that he never wanted to fight again. You know that he’s not lying, and address his grumbling stomach with a chuckle as you ask if he’d like something to eat. 


Kasamatsu Yukio: Kasamatsu knows that at times his anger can get the best of him, and that he’s naturally loud without meaning to, which can make arguments even worse, but he wouldn’t stop calling you until you finally gave in and let him speak his feelings to you in a calmer manner. He would insist that you both not stay angry with each other as life was too short, promising to make it up to you in any way that you wanted, even saying he’d pull out the guitar despite the fact he was still shy about playing it in front of you. 

  • Male Coworker:This American flag cake tastes like freedom
  • Me:Really? Does it also taste like wage gaps?
  • Male Coworker:
  • Male Coworker:Why do you have to ruin everything?
  • Me:Why do you get paid more than me?
  • Male Coworker:
  • Male Coworker:You win this round

femme-gore​ said:Can you draw me Fem!mage warden x Alistair and fem! Inquisitor x Cullen, meeting and culling falling silent and so is the warden and they are both looking away really awkwardly and blushing like a hell of a lot bc they had a thing in origins before she was a warden??

omfg i  got kinda off topic but i couldnt imagine anything but the inq and warden getting together & gossiping about embarrassing things cullen has done. And alistair knows exactly what hes going through there is no way the warden hasnt done the same thing to him.

(the inq is naomi lavellan she was made by my friend & we are doing a playthrough together & the warden i kinda just made up bcs i never did a fem!mage warden game shrugs)

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[I can honestly say that Captain Janeway and Commander Kira are who I see as the most beautiful women on Star Trek, both in personality and in appearance, and with excellent work ethic to boot. I wish I had them as coworkers - good to look at, fun to be around, they know their jobs and they get their shit done. All this coming from an aro/ace female - love you ladies, stay classy ;)]

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I was surprised to find out Garnet had been looking for Malachite. I thought the crystal gems would have no problem with leaving her in the bottom of the ocean, but I guess Jasper's still a loose end even if she's trapped and doesn't pose a threat? Or maybe Steven wants Lapis back? I wonder what Garnet would have done if she had actually found them. Do you think she would've subdued Jasper? to use her as leverage or question her? Or she'd convince her and Lapis to join their side (I can dream)?

Well, I think Malachite, and both Jasper and Lapis individually, are pretty big threats to leave wandering unchecked in the ocean. Who knows what havoc they could cause to humans or otherwise mess with the ocean. Lapis built a tower into space before, she (or Malachite) could do it again. So its probably more of a caution thing, its better to have Malachite/Jasper/Lapis under control rather than just leave them out there and hope nothing bad happens. Not sure what her plan was if she found them, since she clearly would not be able to defeat Malachite on her own (she barely fought off Jasper), maybe she was just looking to find them and track their position, or just to get tabs on them so she could formulate a plan with the others


“Alright, what’s the definition of determinism?”, he asks. Dan had been helping you with a psychology exam that you had in a week but he honestly was no help as he did nothing but play around. “The definition of determinism is where an individual had no free will over their own action and it is determined genetically or environmentally”. He smiles, “Great. You got that right but can we take a break, I’m hungry”. You sigh, “Dan we just took a break and I really need to study”. He pouts, “Please? I’m really hungry”. You smile, “Fine but you have to help me study later”. He grins, “I promise I will”. You chuckle, “Alright”. You both make your way to the kitchen, knowing that no studying was going to get done today.

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  • Someone:Asami is asexual!
  • Me:Did you see season one, she's totally attracted to Mako from the moment they meet.
  • Someone:Korra is asexual!
  • Me:She was completely sexually attracted to Mako the moment she saw him, and it was clear she had the hots for Asami.
  • Someone:Korrasami is an asexual couple
  • Me:No they're really not, it's clear both are sexually attracted to each other
  • Someone:Woah guys wait, what if Korra and Asami are asexual biromantics!!
  • Me:They aren't asexual they clearly know what I'm done
  • Someone:We just want asexual representation
  • Me:Lin seems to be asexual
  • Someone:Nah Lin is so gay
  • Me:.............................*flips table


Imagine you went on tour with your bae Harry for a couple of shows, but you went as a friend of the boys because the both of you didn’t want to deal with criticism. You later walked out to watch the boys perform. They sounded very good and Harry, Harry was singing and dancing as he does in every show. But as a few minutes passed you noticed Harry was a bit distracted so you waved and gave him a look of ‘what’s wrong’. He nodded and mouthed nothing. And so the band started to play the music for “You and I” and Harry interrupted Niall’s part. You panicked because you didn’t know why Harry had done that or what he was going to do. Harry began apologizing for interrupting Niall and that he had something to say. He continued to say, “As you all no we all make sacrifices for the people we care about, but for sometime I feel like I haven’t been doing it the right way. Sometimes you don’t have to hide something from someone to feel like your protecting them. Instead you make it visible, without caring what happens because you know you’ll do anything…for that person. So what I’m trying to say is”. Your hands are sweating and you start panicking of what’s to come. You knew he was going to do it but not when. Harry makes eye contact but you break it and start heading backstage because you don’t want everybody to look at you. He continues, “So you all know Y/N is our dearest friend, and that she’s been touring with us for a few weeks. And I feel like it’s time to let everyone know that she…..she is my girlfriend, and has been for a while now. We wanted to tell you sooner but we weren’t ready so now that we’ve decided I thought why not just do it today and luckily she is here. I can explain how happy she makes me and how much I care about her. She is special to me. And I don’t expect everyone to like her because I know there is always negative people but just to respect her. Lastly I would like to thank Y/N for giving me a chance to be with you, for supporting me and for believing in us. Thank you all so much, I love you. So this next song I would like to dedicate it to my Y/N who is backstage because she is shy to come out.” Everyone began to make some noise and the band began to play the 'You and I’ again.

As the song was over the boys went to a quick break that lasted 1 or 2. Harry then came backstage and as soon as you saw him you ran into hims arms. He held you up and spun you around giving you a hug and put you down on your feet to give you a kiss. He said, “We can be ourselves now without being scared of someone seeing us together…I don’t know what I’d do without you Y/N, thank you for everything.” Then you guys kissed briefly and Harry went back on stage.

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Sehun and luhan were staring at some girl because they thought she was pretty. You caught them and got jealous. How would they reassure you that you're even more beautiful :3?

Sehun wouldn’t have done it intentionally; he would just be looking around while you both walk along the streets with entwined hands and he would suddenly focus his attention on a girl who walked past. He would try to subtly look at her but obviously, you would have caught him and Sehun would immediately feel bad. He would regret it and start tugging on your arms and pouting a little, he would apologize endlessly and you would still probably hold a grudge on what he did. “Jagiya, I’m sorry. You know you’re more beautiful.“ Sehun would state and begin kissing your cheek but you would probably use the silent treatment against him. When you both return home, Sehun would try to come up with a plan to get you to forgive him again; he would know that he had done something wrong and wouldn’t hesitate in trying to fix it. He might even call his hyungs for help and advice on what he should do. But overall, I think Sehun would plan a fun yet cute activity to make it up to you and he would start by beckoning you to sit in the living room and as you plop yourself onto the couch, Sehun would hasten to the rooms and gather up pillows and blankets. By now, you would probably be confused on his plan however you wouldn’t question him because you would want to see the outcome. After Sehun had heaps of the pillows and blankets, the poor maknae would attempt in creating a castle with them. It would be a disaster because most of the pillows wouldn’t be able to stand up properly in which Sehun would get annoyed and have a small tantrum. You would be so touched because he had gone through the effort and time in preparing this for you and hopefully, you would forgive him and tell him to stop. Sehun would feel relieved and say, “I can’t stop now. I need to build a magnificent castle for my beautiful princess. I’m sorry, ____-ah, for looking at that girl. I won’t do it again and please understand that in my eyes, you’re the most gorgeous girl.” Sehun would be sweet and pull you into his arms to show you his affections even though he might be a bit embarrassed on how cheesy he is but he would do anything for you. 

Luhan would be wrapping one of his arms around your waist and pulling you close to his side as you both wander around the pavements and he would unintentionally look over at a girl who was walking past. He would have a light smile but would try to hide it from you but obviously, you would have seen his reaction. You would get jealous and Luhan would instantly feel guilty and apologize. He would stop in his tracks and keep you in his hold, coiling both of his arms around you and pressing your body close to his. “Baobei, I’m sorry. You’re more beautiful.” Luhan would say sincerely and shower your face with kisses. “You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever met. Trust me, nobody can be compared to your beauty.” He would try to make you forgive him but actions speak louder than words. If you still didn’t forgive him, you would probably struggle out of his arms and continue walking along the street in which Luhan would rush after you and back-hug you. It would be a romantic moment as he buries his head into the crook of your neck and whisper his gentle apologies, he would be very genuine about it and he would promise not to do it again. He would be caressing your soft curves and kissing your skin to prove to you that he only loved you and only had his eyes on you. From that day on, Luhan would call you beautiful every day when you least expect it and on a special occasion, like Christmas, Luhan would prepare a romantic date and after dinner, he would walk with you around the empty roads with his hands interlaced with yours and suddenly he would halt and you would look at him with confusing eyes. A wide grin would be playing with his features and he would point over to a banner on the side of the road. It would be a huge banner and Luhan had customized it with a picture of yourself and the captions at the bottom would be written in bold letters saying, “you are beautiful.”

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Do you remember the words that we said were ours? Do you remember?
I remember wanting to ink them in repetition across my skin, and even did so temporarily. Writing and rewriting the words I never wanted to forget, for the person I never wanted to regret. As it turns out, you were temporary, too.
Now you have come and gone, gone out of my life. I should have seen it coming, for the ink would lighten and smudge each time I’d wash my hands. I used to regret such actions, but looking back I know it was better to be clean.
It’s all over now. I never forgot those words and I do not regret what we had, but you have done both.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #46 (book-scented-candles)
the sun

i understand that
you need someone like you
and i’m too cold and sickly sweet
hot flame and cold water don’t work
i put out your fire
it killed the desire

you have emotions larger than the sun
you fall fast and hard
it’s risky, but so much fun

you had to go because you love me
one day i’ll know why
we both needed to be free
the leaves fell and so did i
but unlike the leaves
i’m not going to die

i saw you in the heart of the city
two strangers with a bit of history
remember when i bruised your skin
you said you couldn’t wait for another night in

too late, it’s done
i lost another one to the sun


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aria was one of the few people that could have mariana on demand, and when she had excersized that right today, the girl couldn’t have been happier. she’s put on her pink lace underwear set, ready to be rewarded for being a good girl while they were apart. the only thing was, the girl has been lying on her friends bed for about an hour now, and they still haven’t done anything. “aria, i’ve been so good– i want you now, please. we both know i didn’t just come over here to hang out.”

Fine writing, smooth and in blue ink was a letter sent with the seal to Kairos.

Dear: Kairos, Tonight I had Revarik Valanthius come into the Hospital after receiving an urgent call from Sykaris that he was injured. The injuries were as followed, he had been weakened by corruption which was successfully purged from him, bruised ribs, a broken arm that is in a cast, his good eye is swollen shut, but has an ice pack over it with medical tape. I have written in his chart that each time the ice pack is replaced, his vision in both eyes must be checked. He has a blood pack flowing due to loss of blood and medications. Sykaris was told that he couldn’t have solid foods, it is to be liquid, this was put in his chart due to having had a broken jaw that is mending. Sykaris wanted to let you know that she wanted to hold off on the procedure that was to be done. No doubt she wants to make sure Revarik is back on his feet again. Rev must have bed rest, stitching was done to his cheek and other arm. If you need further assistance from me let me know. Light’s bless, Doctor Fire “Sparks” Jadeheart kairossunseeker revarik sykarisdawnshadow darksunguardians
Happy 18th >.<

Dear Huke Lemmings,

So. I guess it’s your birthday today Lukey. I guess I just wanna say thank you. Now I looked at a whole bunch of gifts that I knew you would love. So I’m sorry I didn’t get any of those things we just both know I’m broke. Okay enough of my sorry excuse for not getting you an actual gift. But I intend to make today the best day you’ve ever had. So I guess this is a part of it.

I just wanted to say thank you. And I know you hear me say that a lot but seriously. Thank you Mikenna. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.  You’re always there for me on a daily basis. No matter what you’re feeling you put it aside to help me and that just makes you more amazing than you already are. And I’m always going to be here for you the way you’re there for me. You can use this as written proof. If I’m ever a bitch because I’m on my period feel free to shove this up my ass all up in my face and tell me to get my shit together. But trust me you’ll never have to do that because if I was anything less than what you are for me I wouldn’t really deserve you as a friend.

ENOUGH OF THIS SAPPY CRAP. CAN I JUST SAY SOMETHING. AS OF TODAY WE HAVE 120 DAYS. 120. DAYS. Now. I realize that’s not that quick. But hear me out. It’s better than a whole year right? Right. SO be positive or I’ll choke you. BECAUSE IN 120 DAYS YOU CAN TOUCH MY BUTT AND WE’LL ACTUALLY LIKE SEE EACH OTHER AND WOW.

Lets make this a little longer. I’m putting off my law and english projects for this. Not that I can’t write this on Thursday but I’m just really cute so I wrote this on Sunday night and actually put thought into it.

I’m just gonna get to it. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for you. And I’m not going to say each specific reason. But yeah I can’t really describe how much you mean to me. You’re really important to me and I couldn’t be happier that I found a friend like you.

November 24, 2014 = The birth of Muke

Anyway, have an amazing birthday babe. You deserve it more than anyone and you grow more and more beautiful everyday. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Love you. Hope you enjoy the second part of your gift later today and everything goes smoother than Nutella :)

(Talk)/[FaceTime]/{Not falling asleep tonight} (to [you later]) Cinnamon Apple fangirls-and5secondsoffanfiction,

Bubba <3

P.S. Don’t get pregnant

BTS&iKon: When you audition to be in both groups’ music videos.

“Manager unnie~” you chimed cutely.

“Yes?” she asked, not looking up from her phone.

“Am I done with auditions for today?” you asked.

“Not yet. You have two more.”

“But I already had 5 auditions today!” you whined, pouting for a more dramatic effect.

“I know, but this is for your own good. You’re still a rookie actress, after all. It doesn’t hurt to try to audition.”

Your manager looked up from her phone, just to see you in front of her, still pouting. She rolled her eyes and heaved a sigh before she responded.

“I know you’re tired, but you’re going to like these last two. I’m sure of it,” she with a gradually appearing smirk on her face.

“Oh, really now? What’s it for?”

“They’re both to be the main actress in a music video for-”

“Oooh. Which groups?” you rapidly reacted, cutting her off.

“Whoa. Calm down and let me finish. It’s for iKon and BTS.”

Your inner fangirl, having a mind of its own, reacted in an instant and caused you to squeal in excitement when you heard that you were auditioning for a chance to work with iKon. You’ve been an active fan ever since Who is Next. You knew of BTS and have heard a few of their songs. You liked their music, but you didn’t keep up with them the way you did with iKon. The thing was that you tend to stutter around strangers and you hoped that wouldn’t affect how they thought of you.  

Your manager drove you to the YG building for your audition. There you saw other girls waiting to be called. You signed in and got your number. When your number was called, your palms were sweating like hell. In your hand was your headshot that was to be given to the director. When you entered the room you saw all members of iKon sitting at a table with YG in the middle, 4 computer screens on the table, a woman, who you assumed to be the director, sitting next to the table, and a cameraman.

“H-hello. I’m Choi Seoyun and I-I’m eighteen years old,” you choked out.

You continued to stand there and nervously glance anywhere but the staff members, when you heard someone clear their throat. Your eyes shot up and back down to your hands as you realized you were still holding your headshot. You walked to her and handed your headshot with an apologetic smile. The director explained what you were supposed to do, but all you did was blankly nod at her orders. Your overwhelming nervousness and lack mind/ear coordination were not helping you at all. When you turned around to walk back to your previous spot, you saw Bobby, your bias, already standing there and everyone else in the room staring at you. Having been zoning out for the past ten minutes, you were utterly confused and could only look down at your feet. Bobby sensed that you didn’t understand what you were supposed to do, due to your lack of movement and interaction with him. He then used his finger to lift your chin lightly. You saw him give you a quick smile, and you couldn’t help but blush a little. He brought his mouth to your ear and whispered, “Just follow my lead.”

You lightly nodded your head to indicate that you understood. The two of you remained silent for the rest of the audition - the focus was mainly on your expressions and actions, anyways. He then gazed into your eyes with a longing look. In the corner of your eye, you saw the cameraman near you two. You in turn gazed back at Bobby with an equally longing look. This scene reminded you of the countless dramas you’ve watched in your lifetime, so you used that prior knowledge to help you. You forced yourself to think of sad things to help you cry. You felt the tears running down your face and was taken by surprise when Bobby pulled you in for a tight hug. He put his left arm over your waist and used his right hand to wipe away the tears, with a sad smile on his face.

YG was the first one to speak up.

“Tell the rest of the auditioners to leave”

You looked up at him in confusion. The coordinator was also surprised by his request.

“Choi Seoyun?” he asked.

“Y-yes?” you stuttered.

“You,” he pointed at you, “have been chosen to be in the music video.”

You were shocked, but managed to choke out, “Thank you, sir.”

“Okay, I’ll leave you and the members to introduce yourselves and talk a little. Congratulations,” YG then made his exit with the director and cameraman.

You and the boys bowed and said your thanks. The moments following were full of silence and the exchanging of glances between you and the members.

Then B.I being the leader spoke up, “How old are you?”

“I’m was born in ‘97.

“What month?” Donghyuk inquired.


“Oh! So all of us are your oppas, except for Chanwoo,” he established.

“Oh…..but aren’t you and Junhoe also born in ‘97?”

Eyebrows were raised and questioning looks were directed towards you.

“How did you know?”Junhoe started, “Are you possibly our fan?”

You swore your inner fangirl just died and you wanted the ground to split and swallow you whole. Your eyes were focused on the ground, but you nodded to confirm his statement.

Everyone chimed in approval and contentment.

“So…noona, who’s your bias?” Chanwoo asked.

“Oh… Eheh. Bobby-oppa.” You face instantly heat up.

Bobby ran to your side and put an arm around you. You hid your face with your hands out of embarrassment as the members emitted a few chuckles. Their laughter was cut short when your phone went off. Your manager had just texted you.

[2:56 PM]

Manager: Are you done?

[2:58 PM]

Seoyun: Yep. I got the job! :D

[3:01 PM]

Manager: See, I knew you would like this. I’ll pick you up in five.

[3:02 PM]

Seoyun: Mmkay.

You slid your phone back into your pocket and informed the guys that your manager was coming to pick you up. They made disapproving grunts because they wanted to get to know you more.

Bobby then asked, “Can I have your number? Uhh, you know so we can talk…”

Encouraging cheers and whistles were heard from the other members.

“Sorry to interrupt your moment, lovebirds, but she might as well get all of our numbers” said B.I.

“Aha…yea…..” you awkwardly replied. Just then, your phone buzzed again, telling you that your manager had arrived and you had to go to your next audition.

“My manager is downstairs, so I guess I’ll see you when the shoot starts.” you announced.

As you made your way to the door, you heard someone call you. You turned around to be met with an overly excited Bobby jogging towards you.

“I’ll walk you down,” he said.

You saw the other members nudging each other and exchanging looks. You nodded lightly and waited for him to catch up with you. He opened the door and you said your goodbyes to the rest of the boys. You two waited for the elevator in silence.


The elevator door opened and you walked in. Bobby walked in right after and pressed the button to the first floor. Right when the elevator doors closed, Bobby started talking.

“It was nice acting with you.”

“Right… You too,” you stuttered.

“Sorry if I we scared you,” he apologized.

You shook your head.

“Oh! No no, you didn’t. I’m just kind of shy because you guys are my favorite group.”

“Aww. How cute,” Bobby commented, slightly pinching your cheek as he did so.


You face flushed red from shock and you bolted out of the elevator in attempts to escape the many embarrassing things that would continue. You saw your manager’s car outside and quickly bid him goodbye.

“Can’t wait to see you again!” he slightly shouted from across the lobby with a wink.

You blushed again and just walked out of the building with him waving. Right when you got in the car, you squealed with excitement, startling your manager. You just couldn’t believe that your bias thought you were cute.

Your manager looked at you with a weird expression that had a hint of disapproval.

“So how was it?” she asked.

You explained everything to her, starting from the awkward atmosphere to Bobby calling you cute. She was proud that you made it, but was getting annoyed from your numerous screams and abrupt shouts. You were pretty sure you made the car jerk a few times, for you distracted your manager.

By the time you were halfway to Big Hit Entertainment, your sanity had stabilised. But as you got out of the car, you were losing a bit of your control. All you saw were tons of tall, pretty girls in cute dresses and makeup. You looked at yourself and saw how “underdressed” you seemed. Your outfit consisted of a flowy tank-top, cardigan, skinny jeans and flats - nothing special or formal. You heaved a sigh, but decided to keep your head up and look confident anyways. You hurriedly bid goodbye to your manager and got in line.

After getting settled, you decided to check your phone as you queued for your turn. As you were sitting and listening to music, you heard ear deafening screams. You turned to see the infamous Bangtan Boys stepping out of their van. One after another, they came out, looking incredibly handsome. Jungkook was the last one to get out, and by the time he did, you were extremely annoyed with the fangirls. You couldn’t help but shoot glares their way. But honestly, who could blame them? There were seven incredibly attractive guys walking past them and flashing smiles. You decided to ignore them, though it was extremely difficult, and continued to play with your phone. Little did you know that Jungkook’s eyes found their way to you, and he ceased to look away. He was surprised that you were calm and didn’t pay any attention to the presence of him or the other members.

A while after the boys finally went into the building, the line started to move. It took about an hour until you actually step foot into the building, just to be greeted by a still excruciating long way to go. Jungkook was so bored in the audition room. He wasn’t impressed with any of the other girls, and ceased to pay attention to the auditions.

But that was only until a certain someone gracefully walked into the room. The moment you he caught the sight of you, his face instantly lit up.

The room was pretty similar to the one you’d used for iKon’s audition, except this one had a little stage/platform for you to perform on. The members were sitting on one table with three monitors, while the CEO, director and assistant were sitting behind a monitor that was located on a table next to the band. The cameraman was already ready to film. Having gotten the audition before, you used the last of your confidence to make your skills shine through.

“Hello. My name is Choi Seoyun and I’m eighteen y-years old,” you smoothly greeted. Well….that bit of courage didn’t last long enough.

You mentally slapped yourself as you gave your headshot to the director. Before you walked back to the center of the room, Jungkook whispered something to Jin. Jin let out a laugh. You slightly scoffed as you walked back to your spot, offended that he would do that right in front of you. The truth was that Jungkook was only pointing out your cute qualities to Jin, and his hyung was just amused by his actions.

The director continued and explained that you were to do a scene with a BTS member. Confidence flooded through your veins, for your prior experience with iKon had gone incredibly well. V was called up to act with you, but Jungkook stopped him from getting up.

“Can I act with Seoyun instead?” he asked.

Seeing no problem with his suggestion, the director let Jungkook proceed to the stage to act.

Jungkook walked up to you and winked. You raised your eyebrow at his actions: first he was making fun of you, then he was flirting with you? Who did this boy think he was? He walked around you and gave you a back hug, which made your blood boil. Your anger got the best of you, and you decided to play hard to get. You pushed away his arms and wagged your finger at him. Instead of feeling provoked, he just smirked at you and started to caress your head with his hand. You were still in character so you pushed him away with a smile.

Only one thought crossed your mind at the time: the game was on.

Your audition became a battle between you and him. Would you be the one to give into his ways, or will he break first? The members and staff were all watching you two with anticipation, the tension rapidly increasing as both you refused to give up. Seeing as this might take hours to settle, the director halted the production. Jungkook’s and your eyes locked on each other’s, the fire burning strong in both sides.

“Alright, that’s enough. You may go now, miss,” the director cut in, putting your headshot in what seemed to be the “rejected” pile.

“Oh… okay. Thank you for you time,” you bowed and left the room.

You strut out of the room, extremely frustrated that you let your ego get the best of you. Jungkook pushed you to your limit and letting it go wasn’t an option. You quickly called for your manager so she could come pick you up. When you got into the car, she noticed that you were pissed off and decided to keep quiet.

Later that day, BTS, the CEO and the director were deciding which girl they would cast for the music video. They had finally narrowed it down to four girls, and their headshots were laid out on the table.

“Which one of these girls would you boys want to star in the music video?” the director asked.

Jungkook looked at them and immediately expressed his distaste.

“None of them,” he mumbled, “I want you to cast the girl I acted with.”

“Which one?” Rap Monster asked.

“The one who was playing hard to get,” he answered.

“Ohhh…that one. What was her name again?” the director questioned.

“Choi Seoyun,” Jungkook recited. It was impossible for him to forget your name, and he couldn’t help but smile when he said it.

“Oh yeah! Her. I threw her headshot in the reject pile.” the director informed.

“What? Why?” Jungkook demanded with fury.

The director was instantly frightened by him, but gained the courage to hesitantly explain that he didn’t really like her acting.

“I’m not going to act with a girl unless it’s her,” Jungkook protested.

Everyone was surprised by his statement. The members sensed his interest in the girl decided to help him.

“I like that girl too. Her acting was incredible. She was the best we’ve seen all day,” J-Hope said.

J-Hope nudged Jimin. “Huh? Oh yeah. I like her too.” Jimin said.

“I agree,” V contributed.

“It looks like everyone agrees except you, director.” the CEO said while staring at the director.

The director shrank in fear. “O-okay. I guess she’s good…. I guess we’ve found our girl. I’ll have my assistant call her manager right now,” he hurriedly texted his assistant to call your manager and tell her the news. The CEO walked out and the director quickly followed.

“Yah! Kookie, what’s up with you?” Suga asked.

“Nothing. She’s just a good actress,” he replied.

“‘Good actress’ my ass. You like her don’t ya?” J-Hope questioned with a smirk. Jungkook started blushing.

“Yah! W-what do you mean, hyung? She’s just a good actress. That’s it,” Jungkook mumbled.

“Yeah, sure. Look at your, you’re blushing! It’s pretty obvious that you like her. You downright demanded to act with her. It’s okay. Hyung’s got your back.” Jin teased.

“Alright, alright! Fine. I’ll admit that I take a slight interest in her,” Jungkook confessed. Jimin immediately snorted at the understatement, earning him a smack on the head.


“Hello?” your manager answered. “Yes…Mhm…Okay…Okay…That’s great! Thank you. Goodbye.”

You wondered who she was talking to. “Who was that?” you asked.

“Big Hit Entertainment,” she informed.

“Really? What for?”

“You….Got the part!!” she stated proudly. “I’m so glad I made you go to those auditions.” She was really happy for you because you were doing really well.

“Seriously? I thought I bombed that audition…,” you thought quietly to yourself.

“I believe you have someone to thank? Hm?”

“Oh, right. Better go call my mom!” you teasingly replied.

“Yah!” she yelled as you dug through your purse.

“I’m just kidding~ Gosh,” you replied. The event of the audition replayed in your mind, and your expression instantly turned sour. Your manager noticed.

“What? What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy?”

“I guess. It’s just that I didn’t really enjoy the audition, if you didn’t notice earlier. That Jungkook guy was being a jerk. First, he was making fun of my stuttering, then he wanted to act with me and he got all flirtatious,” you explained.

You manager just laughed at you. “Doesn’t that mean he likes you, or something? I’m sure there’s a reason behind his behavior. He sounds like such a child.”

“I don’t think so. Whatever. That’s the least of my worries right now. Anyways, I can’t wait to act with iKon. Bobby is so nice,” you said dreamily.

The manager rolled her eyes at you, but giggled nonetheless. You arrived at your dorm shortly after, where you ate dinner and then went to bed. You were pretty exhausted. To make it worse,  the next few days were hectic and extremely busy. You had even more auditions to go to and didn’t have any free time. By the time you got home, you instantly knocked out on your bed without eating dinner.

Finally, after a few days, you had some free time. It was Saturday and you were able to do whatever you wanted. You had a good night’s rest, waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and happy.

“Morning, unnie,” you greeted a bit groggily.

“Morning. Have some breakfast,” she said.

“Mmkay,” you replied. You sat down at the table and ate the eggs and bacon your manager prepared for you. Your peaceful morning was interrupted by a loud ringtone.

“Hello?” you manager answered her phone.

“Yes…Okay…Well, she has a schedule that day. Can we reschedule that?…Okay. I’ll call you back after I talk to her about it,” then she ended the call.

“I have some bad news for you,” she said.

“What?” you asked.

“The filming for the iKon and BTS music videos are on the same day.”

“I’ll do the iKon MV,” you said without a thought.

“That’s your final decision?”


“Okay, I’ll call Big Hit and tell them then,” she said.

She made a call to Big Hit and told them that you wouldn’t be able to act in the music video unless they reschedule the filming date. They, of course, were disappointed about your decision, but completely understood. Your manager left to run some errands, leaving you home alone. You ended up spending your free day catching with your dramas. At around two in the afternoon, you got a text.

[2:13 PM]

Unknown: Meet me at the park outside your dorm building in 5.

You noticed that it was from an unknown number, and contemplated whether you should take the risk of getting abducted or not. You decided that it’d be pretty crowded around this time, allowing people to be able to help you if anything happened. Plus, you’d have your phone with you anyways. You quickly got dressed and went down to the lobby. When you got down, you looked outside. All you saw was the backview of a guy with his hood up. He turned a few times, and you noticed he had sunglasses on, covering most of his face. You slowly approached the mysterious figure.

“Um, hello?” you cautiously greeted.

The figure turned around and you immediately recognized his face up close. It was Jungkook.

“Oh. Hi. You actually came,” he answered.

You were the one that texted me?” you inquired.

“Yeah,” he awkwardly replied, rubbing the back of his neck.

“So…,” you simultaneously said.

“Uhh, y-you go first. Y-you were the one who called me out here, anyways,” you said.

His heart melted when you started to “cutely” stutter. The next thing that he was about to do was making him so nervous but he had to man up.

“I heard you were busy on our filming day.” he stated.

“Oh yeah. I have another MV to film.” you said.

He was taken aback. “For whom?” he questioned.

“F-for iKon.”

He instantly felt a pang of jealousy. “Oh. Congrats.”

“T-thanks, I guess.”

There was an awkward silence.



“I… I.. like you” He pulled out a bouquet of roses behind his back.

You were completely confused and speechless.

“I’ve liked you the day since you auditioned. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. The way you stutter is so cute. The way you challenged me was so bold; I’ve never met someone like you. I know this is really sudden, and out of nowhere, but I really like you. Would you please be in BTS’s music video?” he begged.  

You were really embarrassed - and, of course, flattered.

“I-I’ll t-think a-about i-it.” you replied. You moved your gaze towards the sidewalk.

He smiled. “Please. think about it. I hope you choose our music video,” he paused, “I should go before any fans see me.”

“Y-yeah, you should. Uh. Bye.”

“Bye,” he waved as he walked away.  

Once he was out of sight, you quickly ran back to your dorm. You heartbeat kept going up and showed no sign of going down anytime soon. When your manager got home you decided to ask her a very important question.

“Are you sure there isn’t a way to reschedule any of the music video shoots? Preferably the iKon one?” you asked innocently.

She looked at you in confusion. “Why would you want to do that?”

“Umm…no reason. Just changed my mind.”

“The answer is no unless you give me a reasonable response.”

You then shyly explained everything that happened when she went out.

“Ah I see… I told you so.”


“I told you he liked you or something. Haha. How cute.”

Your face turned as red as a tomato.

“So, can I?” you asked.

“Of course. In fact I’ll call YG right now to talk about it. I’ll do the best I can,” she decided.

“Thanks, unnie! You’re the best manager ever!” you ran up to her and hugged her.

“Anything for my lovely girl,” she responded. She gave you a quick wink and walked to her room.

It had been a month since that day. Plenty of things have changed since then. Your manager miraculously got iKon to reschedule their music video shoot, and you ended up being in both videos. Boy, were you going to be hated by so many fangirls.

You ended up becoming close friends with both of the groups and you talked often. You didn’t stutter around them anymore; you were comfortable with them. You treated almost all of the members of both groups like your brothers.

All except one.

*ding dong*

You opened the door.

“Coming in.”

He stepped into your dorm.

“Manager unnie is out with her boyfriend tonight.”

“So it’s jsut the two of us?” he asked.

“Mhm.” you replied.

You turned off all the lights and switched on the movie. You guys were cuddling while watching The Notebook. It was perfect. You couldn’t be anymore happier with your boyfriend Jungkook.

It had been a month since that day. Plenty of things have changed since then. Your manager miraculously got iKon to reschedule their music video shoot, and you ended up being in both videos. Boy, were you going to be hated by so many fangirls.

You ended up becoming close friends with both of the groups and you talked often. You didn’t stutter around them anymore; you were comfortable with them. You treated almost all of the members of both groups like your brothers, especially Bobby (and that relationship may or may not have resulted in jealousy from your boyfriend).

All except one.


It was another one of your free days, and coincidentally, your boyfriend had some time off too. The two of you were currently in your dorm, suggesting ideas on what you were going to do for the day.

“Where’s your manager?” he questioned.

“She went out with her friends. She won’t come back until later.”

“I see.”

“So what do you want to do today? You want to watch a movie? Go shopping? Eat?”

“I don’t care. As long as I’m with you, I’m okay with it,” he said as he pecked your cheek.

“How cheesy are you going to get, Jungkook?”

[A/N] Hello everyone! Sorry this update took so long, and the length of this is extremely long. For some reason, we thought it would be totally reasonable to make this eight pages long. You guys are lucky we did not ruin it with a plot twist by saying Bobby was your boyfriend lol. I hope you like it! Sorry if there are any mistakes me or Juju didn’t catch; I hope they’re bearable.  I hope you like it! ~Mish the Bish

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Do you honestly believe the universe is 5000 years old?

Nah, I know this is a tense point between Creationists and everyone else, but it comes down to what “day” means when God created the world in seven days. Seven “days”; nobody said it was our version of a day or 24 hours. It could be a million years for each day, for all we know, and it had to have been because we have proof that the earth is a lot older than just 5000 years or whatever number have you. So, in a way, I agree with both sides of the argument. Sure it could have been done in seven days, but it’s a lot to pull together, I think God wanted to do it right, so He didn’t rush it :3 

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Tagged by imkait. Y’all are so lucky that my sister left me in the room long enough to record this, as I don’t know what you would have done had you been deprived of my sweet tones. Questions below!

  • Your name and username.
  • Where you’re from.
  • Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY.
  • What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
  • What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?
  • What do you call gym shoes?
  • What do you call your grandparents?
  • What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
  • What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
  • Choose a book and read a passage from it.
  • Do you think you have an accent?
  • Be a wizard or a vampire?
  • Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?
  • End audio post by saying any three words you want.

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