*Is severely pissed*

Hey guys, so this is kind of a negative rant thing. I know that this isn’t what my blog is for, but I just really need to get this off my chest. For those who’d rather not read it, feel free to scroll past but I’m afraid I’m typing this from the app so I can’t add a cut XS

So there’s this FOURTEEN year old little b*tch (mabelling) who actually has the audacity to go around hating on other COMPLETELY INNOCENT people. She has the nerve to go around insulting people who I’m sure are freaking amazing and actually dares to go tell people to kill themselves. Now I don’t know why she does these things but it sounds like she had a pretty crappy childhood (mum’s dead, hates her father for goodness knows why) but that’s NO FREAKING REASON TO GO AROUND HATING ON PEOPLE FOR THE FREAKING SAKE OF IT!!! GAH!

What infuriates me the most, however is the fact that she’s ‘new to tumblr’. Tumblr’s a place for people with the same interests to bond and fangirl/fanboy together, for people to bond over similarities. It’s a place for people to go when they feel like they don’t belong. Somewhere to find reassurance that they matter just as much as anybody else. It’s a place where we can support and love each other…

At least, it should’ve been.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some oblivious happy-go-lucky lil sh*t - I understand that tumblr is NOT hate free. I know that innocent people are victims of assholes just having a laugh…and that is NOT okay. It will NEVER BE ok. But this girl is the first time I’ve seen an actual hate blog. She hates everyone. (Oh, and she’s homophobic by the way. Boy, I’m just loving this girl more and more(!)) she’s making beautiful people feel insecure for no reason and she’s telling everyone to kill themselves. I know that there’s not much I can do, but I hope you guys’ll be careful. If she has the nerve to hate on one of MY PRECIOUS FOLLOWERS then shiz is going down! D:<

…Ugh, sorry you guys had to read that XS

And remember, no matter what ANYBODY says, you ARE beautiful and you ARE perfect at being you. Anyone who tells you otherwise, is all kinds of wrong.

Stay Beautiful~


Headcanons that make me cry

1. Harry Potter becoming an advocate for abused children and removing them from dangerous living situations.

2. Laws improving the work conditions of house elves being named after Dobby

3. Laws that abolish discrimination against people with lycanthropy in the work place.

4. The wizarding world being changed by Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, and Ron Weasley in memory of their loved ones or their traumatic pasts.

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Friendly reminder that you're a wonderful rper and the depths to which you understand your character are just amazing like wow.