marianaagrons asked:

tbh youre my favorite friends blog because every other one is so serious they never actually talk in the tags and thats something i really love. i like knowing what you think of the gif youre posting or reblogging lol. sorry im rambling.

aw this is so lovely, you just made my day! thank you, it’s very nice to know that somebody actually reads my tags haha :)

anonymous asked:

hii if you have time can you check out blogs? ;;

sure, like this and i’ll check out your blog :)

superrocknrollnatural answered your post: “Guys, is there anyone who has East/West by S. Rushdie and is willing…”:

If I had it I definitely would. Idk where you’re going, but ask your professor?? In my experience a lot of them have it on PDF, or check school/local libraries?

I have already asked but she’s not willing to give us her book to make copies :( I don’t know why. I’m gonna ask a few people to come with me to ask her again… maybe she’ll change her mind.

Problem is, I live it Italy, we don’t have many English books available, especially in libraries!