Shipping This Ship To The Undying Lands

Harold Finch/John Reese, Person of Interest

Causing unfortunate events from hours away...

Sorry I’m so clumsy and annoying and left my yogurt in your car. Sorry the yogurt spilled on your carpet and your coat. I’m sorry I’m so far away and you can’t throw me dirty looks in person and that I can’t throw back an “I”m so cute and so sad I messed up” look. Maybe if I was closer to you nothing annoying would evereverever happen. yeah, exactly. Life would be perfect like a cupcake with just the right amount of sprinkles. (But technically this is my mom’s fault; she knows I won’t eat yogurt that isn’t fat-free) LUV U SRY BOUT MY RAZBRY YOG! - Legs

Mr. - I’ll accept this apology when I get to lick something creamy and fruity off of your warm, barely salty, extremely sexy, skin :).

Legs - Can I spill yogurt everyday then? Okay. Spill some now, blame it on me.

Omg, guess what???? I was in a very bad mood like minutes ago and then I opened Twitter and BEN BARNES just showed up om my frickin’ timeline. OMG I just can’t!!! He has joined Twitter and he’s verified and I’m crying rn.