I honestly dislike when a couple is having problems and when one of their friends start filling up their heads saying how they need to let them go because there is better people out there and it causes them to end the relationship. Like no, not every relationship is going to be perfect or filled with happiness all the time. Maybe one of them isn’t ready for a relationship, but you know what? That’s the beauty of it, because at the end of the day after they went through the worse and best together, they gave up so much of their own pain for the other, they spent nights crying days laughing. But there is always one of them who is influenced by one their friends and let’s their friends put words and ideas in their heads that aren’t suppose to be there, you don’t give up on a relationship because there is “better” people out there or because you “deserve better”, you do you. Don’t let them put ideas in your head because only you know how the person makes you feel and you’re the one who decides who you’re going to be with. Love is so much more than those “goal” pictures and quotes, love is going through everything and still defying the impulse to jump ship.
—  ( susxnadxme )

Hey, followers! Some of you already know that I’m writing a supernatural serial. Today and for the next four/five days, the first part of the serial is free while the second and third books are on sale for only a dollar. The links I provided are for the US kindle store but the books should be available internationally. Unfortunately, I have a contract that keeps me from selling my e-books anywhere else outside of kindle but if you’d still like to read the story, it’s up on fictionpress for free

The series follows Sonya Fletcher as she is violently pulled into the world of Monsters and those who hunt them. Discovering that she herself is not fully human, her loyalties will be tested as an unseen force prods her life down a dark path that could lead to the destruction of mankind. 

I swear the pigment of a leaf, 
Fine breathtaking gemstones, 
The burning passionate fire
Of copper when scorching hot,
A bright future, hopes, and 
Dreams all shine within those
Beautiful green eyes. 

  I swear the Mona Lisa would
Be jealous of the curl of your
Lips forming into a smile that
Would knock anyone off their
Feet, even those that firmly 
Refuse to believe that love
Could ever exist.

  I swear your bravery plus
Determination could exceed
Alexander the Great, Genghis
Khan, and Vincent Van Gogh,
For they fought off their
Enemies whether in reality
Or in their minds. 

I swear your sweet words 
That flow from your lips will
Remain embedded into my 
Brain just as the works of 
Thousands of ancient authors 
Have failed to fade away over
Decades, centuries, millennia.

—  L.S | I wrote this for you

Ok so this isn’t even an isolated thing
You wouldn’t directly use my name if you weren’t trying to start shit tbh I’m surprised me or someone else didn’t catch it sooner
Funniest thing is that long tagged one is along the lines of what I said to you! What a coincidence coming from the person who guilt tripped me to Hell and back over and over again!
Glad to know you’re blatantly lying about me to whoever still talks to you to make you look like a saint :y


Another average non binary/gender queer teen selected to do the 20 beautiful people taggy thingy(thanks broadwaypunk). I’m not going to tag 20 that’s too much… I guess I tag… jeonjungnico jellibells sloother edlinklover shelbycragg theinsignificantsnail fuckingr3ckless if I didn’t tag you feel free to do this anyways.

I was tagged by cantfitmyobsessionsinmyurl! (thank you ^-^ Also we haven’t talked in ages!) 

1. My nickname: Wiki, although I kind of see that as my actual name as basically everyone calls me it??? idk

2. Eye colour: Blue/Green

3. Hair colour: Brown/Blonder in the summer :)

4. One fact about me: I dislike the texture of bananas (idk, like, I like banana chips and sometimes banana flavoured stuff)


6. Favourite place: my room or London

7. Favourite celebrity: Louis Tomlinson, Alex Gaskarth or Laverne Cox

8. Favourite animal: Penguin <3

9. Favourite song: There are too many, but I’m listening to ‘I’m Not Okay’ basically on repeat right now.

10. Favourite book: There are so many! But my favourites include The Sky Is Everywhere, The Age of Miracles, Looking For Alaska and the collection of Hans Christian Andersen stories I have <3

I can’t think of 20 people, but I tag solongandthanksforallthemmrs colin-the-caterpillar sugarskulls-and-rockabilly clarryfied hey-there-internet  overlyobcessedteenager

Humor me this and imagine being Delphine Cormier for a second.
Imagine falling in love; but imagine falling in love under the most dire of circumstances.
Imagine being the outsider, deemed untrustworthy and dangerous and then imagine constantly living with the opinion that others have of you; as being the enemy.
Imagine realising you’ve been played, had, manipulated, used and then imagine trying to rectify problems that shouldn’t be yours to rectify.
Imagine being pushed aside, locked out and kept in the dark by the one person you love more than anything.
Imagine then, sacrificing your happiness, safety and heart for that person. It is the least egocentric thing anyone could ever do.
And then, dear friends, imagine finding out that the very person you sacrificed so much for, has moved on. Imagine how that would feel. Imagine the betrayal you’d feel. And because, you’re naive; or stupid; or optimistic; or genuinely in love, you think that if this other person had even an ounce of the love you have for them, they’d understand your move. That they’d realise what you’d given up. That they’d wait for you.
Just maybe, they’d wait for you.
Because you’d wait for them. You’d wait for forever for them.
And then finally, imagine realising that perhaps this person doesn’t love you in the way you thought they did; or the way you wanted them to love you.
Imagine being Delphine Cormier, just for a second. Imagine it.

I call on Britain to bring back regicide

“I dread to think where I’d be without the army”

eh… you’d probably be in a fucking palace living in obscene luxury you repulsive leech