you're so gay i want to cry

Re: my duplicated cervix so tmi warning to all
Dan and I went to get a test (sonohysterogram) for this shit yesterday just to find out that a: the insurance people ordered the wrong test (hysterosalpingogram) and b: the doctor never wrote a prescription or noted on my file what I needed so like whatever we drove all the way to fuckin Newark Delaware for the scenery I guess.
So they call me back today and told me that I was wrong for asking for a completely different other test that I haven’t even heard of before (hysteroscopy) even though I didn’t????
And then put me on hold for ten minutes before the call just dropped????
And then the doctor called me back annoyed about it all like
I’m sorry you’re my doctor and that you never did your job or thoroughly explained what was going on or returned my calls? My fucked up cervix must be extremely inconvenient for you????
Like I’m just trying to find out what’s going on so I can get fucking birth control or find out I can’t have kids what an inconvenience????