I Had The Life Of Ordinary, I Spat It Out by TableForThree | 22k | general

Thought The Song Was Sung by 100percentsassy | 12k | explicit

i got my eyes on you (you’re everything that i see) by balanceds | 11k | mature

But I’ll Still Take You Home by LoadedGunn | 9k | explicit


Nah. You talk big. Nah. You’re ordinary. You’re ordinary. You’re on the side of the angels. 

Jim doesn’t like destruction, he likes distraction.

He doesn’t blow people up or have them shot because ‘he’s a sadist and it’s fun’, he does it because it’s a means to an end.

Jim isn’t like Sherlock, who takes it upon himself to verbally abuse everyone he comes into contact with. Jim doesn’t blatantly hurt people because 'it's fun'. In fact, when he’s not brutally murdering them, he’s actually quite pleasant. That’s this Moriarty’s weapon - you’re too charmed to notice the knife being slowly driven through your spine.

It irritates me when people make him out to be this ridiculously vicious monster. It’s almost as bad as when people draw him with a six pack. I mean oh my god. What. Even.

Not only does he look like a complete twat with disproportionate abs of steel, but the whole point of Jim Moriarty is that he doesn’t need a physical advantage to completely annihilate you. Notice that when Sherlock chases or grabs him (such as when he threatens to drop him from the edge of the roof), he never once fights back. That’s because he’s better than that. They aren’t animals. Having them fight it out like a pair of angry cavemen just doesn’t fit. Jim’s the kind of man who leads to believe that you have him cornered right up until he feels the cold of the barrel against his forehead - only then will he tell you that if he dies, then so will everyone you’ve ever cared about.


This gif deserves a post of its own.

Part of me believes that this entire time, this entire game, from the beginning -one of the end goals was to make Sherlock physically attack Jim. I think Jim had been hoping for that from the start, had wanted to antagonize Sherlock to the point of lowering himself to a physical assault. Remember, Sherlock may never have even known the name “Moriarty” had he not been willing to stoop to extreme physical violence against an unarmed and dying old man. 

Sherlock. Our “hero.” Our “good guy.” What a fairy tale.

Yet, he believes himself to be a higher power. Because he’s damaged, delusional. As much as he claims not to be a hero, a part of him has always believed that he is. Believed that he would be. Jim Moriarty knows better. Has always known better.

Jim didn’t want to be touched at Kitty’s apartment. He went to great lengths to avoid it. It wasn’t time. Even that must’ve required such self-control for Jim. To run. To not let Sherlock grab him, attack him. Make a monster of himself, in front of John. 

Jim didn’t want Sherlock to do that. Didn’t want anyone else to see that. Especially not John. (It’s remarkable to me that the fandom doesn’t talk more about the fact that Jim never went after John. If he really wanted Sherlock tormented, he could’ve gone after John. Jim left John alone. He went after Sherlock’s reputation, his career, his life, even - but not John. This was between Jim and Sherlock, and it was never about destroying or corrupting Sherlock’s bond with John - which everyone, including Jim, knew mattered to Sherlock - more than anything else.)

Jim wanted to be the only one to see the monster that Sherlock was capable of being. After all, Sherlock was the only one who ever saw the man that Jim really was.