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we hit the 420 followers like almost 3 weeks ago and are currently at 450 CutieCakes!! We went really far considering this blog started at the beginning of 2014 with 70 CutieCakes! Now I do admit this blog could be even farther if I would be tagginf things but meh I’m happy for how it is now! Enjoy the picture! Credit goes to ninjamika thanks man!


Decided to do a follow forever for Christmas and shit and like I literally follow under 100 people but here anyway is Razer Athane’s follow forever.

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You’ve all moved me in some way. With words or laughter. With support or general fandom stuff. Thank you for that and I hope you all have a great Christmas/New Year.

— Razer/Corinne


where is all the love—love you never even knew you were capable of—supposed to go?

—Ted Michael, Crash Test Love (2010)


NEW VIDEO: “Flossing My Buttcheeks??? - I swear there was a reason why it’s called that. Reblog if you watched and now know why. Stalking people who share this by reblogging! :]

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in my lunchbreak today i drew gross old men in a strip club, thanks radiopappa

i think the first ever thing i saw of this game was a gameplay demo that had michael saying this line as a "flirt" and it’s burned into my brain, so i had to think of that when i saw your beautiful drawing

that totally wouldn’t fly with T

i’m so sorry everyone you’re welcome no actually i am sorry for ruining the moment god damn i t 

And then I saw a comment about how Jared could kill himself, Gen, and Thomas and everything very suddenly stopped being any shade of humorous. I saw a comment about how Jared was probably cheating on Gen and Thomas wasn’t even his. I saw a comment about how 250, two hundred and fucking fifty people, follow that blog and agree. 

I wonder if they can even contemplate how inappropriate, horrible, disre-fucking-specful that is and on how many levels of ‘not okay’ they’re breaching. On the level as a fan, as an audience member, as a human being. 

There is nothing to this but blatant delusion, misrepresentation, and assertive group polarization and I’d very kindly like to ask all of you to go here, punch in ‘destieliseverything’ and report them for harassment because there isn’t an ‘unbearable, offensive, undeniably horrific individual who is making this website an uncomfortable place’ button.   

Chalk it up to slander and the encouragement of suicide, murder, and infanticide. Chalk it up to being a decent human. 

//double thumbs up