When I leave this world, I’ll leave no regrets,
leave something to remember, so they won’t forget

I was here


favorite lines // Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now! (part two x)


Secret Santa for the awesome Jules who I was like 400% positive I kept not selecting anon for messages.  Seriously you almost gave me a heart attack one time omf.  I HOPE MY IDENTITY SURPRISES YOU FRIEND, because getting you as my Secret Santa assignment gave me the biggest dumbest grin ever acckghama.

Because errybody loves a good Hogwarts AU, I made a bunch of manips based on the house sortings you usually use.  Hope these inspire you with more cute fics like Pranking Lessons~  (I’m sorry if the house sortings for characters outside of the main four aren’t what you usually sort them as I was literally trying to pry that shit out of you but I didn’t want to be too obvious - also hope you don’t mind that I took liberty on the professors ;u; )

Youichi's confession
  • Youichi's confession
  • Morikawa Toshiyuki x Kondou Takashi
  • Hana wa Saku ka drama CD vol2

❈ Youichi’s confession (track 7 from the 2nd volume of Hana wa Saku ka drama CD).

I was the one to embrace you first. You told me to think about what it means, but I can’t think of anything else after all. I have the same words floating over and over in my head. Sakurai-san, I… I like you. I like you even more than I did when you asked me about my feelings before. Your interpretation wasn’t wrong at all, so… that, um… I don’t know how to say it well after all. I understand if you have doubts, Sakurai-san. I mean, between men… it’s weird, right? It’s weird… that time you broke off in the middle, you must’ve been collecting yourself. But… it might be a bother, but I…


[history meme10 moments] — freedom rides

challenging the non-enforcement of the public transport desegregation laws, as pronounced by the boynton vs. virginia ruling, freedom riders were civil rights activists who rode buses into the heart of the racially segregated south in defiance of local jim crow laws and customs.

despite facing brutalization and mob violence in birmingham, anniston and montgomery, these rides successfully attracted national attention to the disregard for federal law, gruesome violence and racial discrimination used to enforce segregation policies in the south, and bolstered the wider civil rights movement.

many of the freedom riders, both black and white, and a great number of them students, were arrested, mobbed, jailed and, in some cases, hospitalized. however, despite the violence they had suffered, the riders were unwilling to stop, and new replacements appeared for every rider who could not continue. 

 ”it was clear to me that if we allowed the Freedom Ride to stop at that point, just after so much violence had been inflicted, the message would have been sent that all you have to do to stop a nonviolent campaign is inflict massive violence,” said diane nash, who led the freedom rides from birmingham, alabama, to jackson, mississippi. 

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Don't Panic Mashup
  • Don't Panic Mashup
  • All Time Low

don’t panic mashup (as usual) four pitches higher

i take requests

claim as your own and i hunt you down and eat your favourite band member

you can hold me to that;

(agents of shield // skye/ward // gen // ff.net // ao3)

// missing scene from 117 in which ward has an epiphany in an air duct.

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Master Post of all the AMAZING rotbtg cosplayers I met at Comicon this weekend! You guy’s were all brilliant and your cosplays were amazing! So Many Jack’s! :D

Personally, what I love most about the RotBTD fandom is, that there is no actual thing here, no canon, and the fandom just creates all these impressive manips, fanarts and videos and fanfictions telling the smallest but also most precious stories I have come across.

The fandom itself is pure creativity and imagination and it’s so beautiful that it exists and it gives me chills all the time. It’s one of my dearest fandoms right now and I just wanna say a big, massive THANK YOU to everyone who ever contributed something to it. YOU ARE AMAZING


for confessions and betrayal; a post “turn, turn, turn” skyeward angstfest