I love the way you tie up your hair, I love the way you look in hats, I love the way you look in hoodies, I love your face shape and the way you look when I wake up and see you’re still sleeping, your peaceful face. I love your skin. I love how you feel comfortable enough to show me your insecurities now, I love your eyes and how they look slightly Asian, I love your eyelashes and how long they are for a boy. I love when you look at me the way you stare and you put your hand on my leg or you go to tackle me because I said something silly, I love all the marks and freckles and moles on your body. I love the shape of your arms, I love you’re height and how you’re only just taller than me, I love you facial hair, and the way it feels on my face, I love your lips and how the lock with mine just like your hands do, I love the sound of you’re breathing when we stop kissing but are still face to face and our mouths are open and we just feel so deeply after kissing, I love your body, I love how I lay my head on your chest and lay together with my hand wrapped around your tummy, feels like we just fit, I love the sound of your voice, I love your adorable laugh and I love the way I’ll be in the bathroom while you’re out in the kitchen singing to your self, I love when you sing, I love how you’re so passionate about music and other people’s singing, I love your neck and when I squish my face into it, I love your hands, I love your demented fingers, I love your legs and how white the skin is on them, how all your thick leg hair intwine with one another, I love how you tangle your legs with mine when we sleep, I love you’re cheeky smile, and that cheeky look you give me, and the smirks you make, I love how you talk so much rubbish, and make up so much crap but it makes me laugh, you always make me laugh, I love how you always make me happy, always make me smile, always catch myself with a dopey look on my face, I love how nervous you make me feel, I get jungles of butterflies in my tummy every time, I love your touch, it’s like god reaching out and puts his hand on me, I love your cuddles and how some nights we sleep basically glued to each other, I love how you have been my first and you have been my last New Years kiss, I love your family, I love how they accept me and call me Aunty to all of your nieces and nephews, I love how they thank me and check up on me, and tell me to see them when ever I feel sad, I love how you ruin every good song I hear and I refuse to listen to them again when I’m alone cause it makes me think of you, I love the way you have all these silly names for me and you simply can’t just say my name, I love how you cook for me, the food was never the best but I loved it anyway,I love when you kiss my forehead, I love how you come up from behind and cuddle me, I love how you play fight me and tackle me, I love how your a mystery and that I can never know what you’re thinking or how you feel, I’ve never found it this much of a struggle to understand someone, I love the colour of your eyes, so different, I love how you were my first love, and that I’ve never felt this way with anyone but you, I love how I was 14 when you came into my life and we now have years and years of memories, I love how affectionate you are, I love how you like to please me. I love every piece of your body, I love everything about your personality, I love how you’re such a big goofball, I love how I try not to call you my baby all the time, I love the way you moan and breathe and kiss my skin, I love how you get all hot and sweaty from being intense, I love that I’ve watched you mature from a young clingy teenage boy with feelings to this quiet keeps to himself man, I love that you’re so family orientated, I love that I feel lost without you, I love that everything I do reminds me of you, I love EVERYTHING. But most of all I love you! I love you with every piece of my heart, every inch of my body, every breath I take, every word I say, every thought of you I love you! You are what’s perfect in my eyes to me. I know I keep to myself a lot and don’t open up. I know I never really compliment you like you always do to me, I know I don’t show that I love you, but it’s because you’re not mine, and I just wish that one day you realise how much you mean to me. I told you I do have a lot I like about you, I guess you can’t help what the heart wants, you make me feel alive. IM IN ABSOLUTE LOVE WITH YOU.
—  everyflowermustgrowthrough-dirt.tumblr.com