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“Killer Heels and a Chipped Cup” - Digital Oil Painting

When Belle wants to be tall enough to kiss the top of Rumple’s head without him having to stoop, she’ll even stand on a pile of books. That’s how much she loves him. ^_^

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

person-planning-world-domination asked:

Headcanon that whenever Prussia sees that Romano is getting jealous that his younger sibling is taller than him, Prussia just crouches down to eye level and ruffles his hair, saying, "At least you're taller than Latvia, short stuff." And Romano just lightly slaps the back of his head, more out of amusement or whatever. Sorry.


No bro don’t be sorry hhhh my poor shipper heart, I love this ;w;

You are worth the risk.

I took a chance with you; a chance that in a few months time you could take everything I have to offer and if you walk out the door, all of me will walk out with you too. I took a chance because your quiet calms me down, but when you open up its like a flood gate and I can’t get enough water. You make me drown in your words. There’s nothing more that I want then to listen to you breathe when you sleep next to me and listen to you talk when you have so much to say. Your laugh keeps the beat of my heart and your smile lights up even the darkest parts of me.



I cant even. If you’re a dance/ harry potter fan, watch this. its amazing