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I don't understand how you could possibly be a part of the whole meninist 'joke.' There are women who have acid thrown in their faces by their husbands, young girls who are forced into arranged marriages, women who have virtually NO rights and are treated as property, and yet here you are making a joke out of 'meninism.' I honestly don't know how you even remotely think that's okay. It's EXTREMELY disrespectful and quite frankly not funny at all.

Do you know what meninism is? It’s not saying women deserve to be mistreated. It’s fucking satire. It’s a Twitter account that literally gender flips the hateful shit third feminists say. It doesn’t campaign because it’s not a movement.

And guess what. Third wave feminism is a joke. It doesn’t protect the women you speak of because it’s too busy campaigning against men who sit comfortably and complaining about a wage gap that has been repeatedly disproven.

You assume I don’t care about women, but I do. The only crime I seem to commit here is caring about men, too.

Self harm is not a joke

Self harm is not a joke

Self harm is not a joke

Self harm is not a joke

Self harm is not a joke

You know what is funny?

You know what I find kinda funny? RBers like to use the quote ‘You’re not his mother’ in their Regina and Henry gifs/edits/whatever, right? It was a thing for a while.

But the only person on the show who has ever said ‘You’re not his mother’ is Regina. She said that to Emma. She said, specifically, “Miss Swan, must I remind you that genetics mean nothing. You’re not his mother.”

And every time Emma was faced with the fact that Regina is also Henry’s mother, she’s conceded the fact and said she knows. She’s always respected the fact that Regina, however awful a parent she might be, is Henry’s mother as well. There was only once she even insinuated she wasn’t and that was when she thought Regina had killed Archie.

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You know what I find funny? The fact that CAA thought "ever notice how no one obsesses over sex more than the ace community on tumblr" was an absolutely /appalling/ slight to asexuality. It seems like a pretty tame statement to me, especially by your usual standards. If he wants to make the case for you being acephobic (still laughable) it seems like he probably could have found a better example.

last night we saw a bad liar in a panic start flinging any random object he can think of at me, in a last-ditch effort to be seen as the good guy and not some low-level scuzz who gets all tingly from hurting people.

me, i’m openly not a good person. i think it’s funny and awesome that he ended up thinking he was the victim of his own rapey revenge fantasy scenario. he shoved a hot glass rod up my urethra, and i laughed instead of screaming. i took it away his power and turned it into a mirror he can’t stand to look at. 

how dare i be so cruel. :)

 you know what would be funny? if Game of Thrones episodes read like seinfeld plots

“Petry Baelish is caught picking his nose by his new model girlfriend. Daenerys sends a revealing Christmas card out.“

“Gregor Clegane meets an old rival, who suspects that he cheated in a high school race.  Tywin becomes a department store Santa.”

“Tyrion makes an off-hand remark to a married couple with a rocky relationship, leading to their breakup. Jon Snow starts wearing jeans that are too tight that he cannot get them off. Jamie and Cersei make plans to move in on the separated couple.”

watch in the flesh they said

it’s an amazing show they said

no queer baiting they said

fascinating female characters they said

cutest otp they said

i caved in (pun intended)

they were right


You know you’re getting old when