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I reached a follower milestone earlier this week and I told myself much earlier than that I’d try something special-like for it. So I’m doing a sketchy giveaway thingy, just because I like all y'all so much and I do really appreciate the support! This is me trying to “give back” in the only way I know how and it’s random so everybody gets a chance at a request, hah!

I’ll announce the winners sometime Monday afternoon. Thanks!

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Chocolate milk!

“EEP!” Ruby fell off her floating scythe because her balance was thrown off. But she was caught by the very thing that knocked her over in the first place. She got up and dusted herself off, before feeling her chest. “Whoa, so this is what it feels like to be Yang…..Except Yang doesn’t wanna eat a lizard.”


Florent Dorin (x)

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I hear all these rules about how to tell the difference between alligators and crocodiles and apparently there is actually no clear way of doing so? Can you please shed some light on this D: I'm confused

The rules for distinguishing between alligators and crocodiles are not very helpful in most of the world, because in most of the world either (a) no crocodilians are present, (b) only crocodiles or only alligators are present, and you should not need to tell the difference between anything, or © whether or not it’s a croc or an alligator doesn’t matter, you still shouldn’t be anywhere near it. (also caiman and dwarf crocodiles confuse things a bit)

That being said, to the best of my knowledge, most of the rules are in fact true. The tooth thing, the head shape thing, etc. The important thing to remember is that alligators are stub-faced chubby bunnylizards, whereas crocodiles are snaggletooth goober-monsters.