Endure and Survive - a Last of Us/Frozen AU 
Rating: M
Genre: Drama, Romance, Adventure, Horror 
Contains: (1) Character Death, Language, Violence, Sexual Content

The year is 2026. The world as we know it was lost 13 years ago, thanks to a cordyceps virus that turns humans into the deadly infected. Anna Bell and her sister Elsa have taken refuge in the city’s quarantine zone, where rations are scarce and executions of suspected infected run high. When the sisters meet Kristoff Bjorgman, a fellow survivor with plans of escaping and finding a cure, they must choose to stay in the zone, or risk it all in hope of finding the one thing to ensure their survival. Endure and Survive is a story about love, hope, loss, and fighting for what’s still worth saving.

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Art credit: (x), Gifs:merida-straighthair

No Other Road, No Other Way, No Day But Today

I think a few words could and should be spent on Dean referencing RENT, and particularly those lyrics, in last night’s episode - especially if you’re a musical theatre geek like me! ;)

I feel it’s very poignant that RENT was referenced, that THAT song in particular was referenced, and that it was referenced by Dean, of all people.

So, for those who don’t know RENT, I’ll give you a quick summary, although I absolutely recommend you watch it, because it’s a thing of beauty - and if you can find it, I personally think the filmed live on Broadway version is better than the film. I believe it should be on youtube - it is!! x Oh, and just so you know in case you do want to watch it, this meta contains minor spoilers. Anyway. On with the summary:

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