The Miles In Between part 2.

A/n Rae is attending University of Leeds, Finn meanwhile is back in Stamford working at a local record shop. 

Part One 

Red  rimmed eyes, warm hands and cold tea. Finn sat at the kitchen table A large brown package with familiar looped handwriting taunted him from across the table.

‘Jedi mind tricks wouldn’t work, just open it’ without acknowledgement or a glance at his father. Finn picked up the soft envelope running his thumb along the gummed seal. A scraping sound rang through the kitchen as Finn bolted from the room and bounded up the stairs. Looking over at the package Finn’s Dad saw a worn familiar plaid poking out from the package.


September the 3rd 1998- three months earlier 

The drive to Leeds wasn’t an arduous one but when the long road was the knife driven between you and your loved with your hand is wrapped around the hilt. The A1 soon becomes a march to the gallows. Rae was brave leaving everything behind in search for something more when I moved to Leeds I was a coward. Rae’s knees were knocking out an unsteady rhythm, she was chewing on the loose skin around her thumb, a bad habit acquired from Finn. Leaning across Finn placed a steadying hand on her knee and mumbled something trite, she smiled tersely in response. God I’m crap at this I wish I could hold her still forever.Sitting back into his car divested of his check shirt, the sadness that he held at bay while he lay with Rae broke over his back like a crashing wave. If the journey to Leeds was a march to the gallows then the return journey was a funeral procession; long, slow and trailed with tears. Pulling into Stamford everything seemed dull and grey, the colours were muted. A light a had been turned off.                    

The weather turned bitter, Finn found for comfort in the fleece and flannel of his lumber jacket. Hugging it close to his body as he walked to the record store, aptly named Stamford Discs. It had always bugged Finn that Vern put no effort into the name with the multitude of puns he could have used. Finn got his A levels, Rae made sure of that but University didn’t call him.  Vern, the local ageing pothead who owned the record store offered him a job, a favour he owed his Dad he suspected. Finn sat hunched over the counter, having swept, dusted and alphabetized the bargain bin. He sat writing out imaginary set lists and dream concert line ups. Writing lists was a good habit he had acquired from Rae. As the clock struck one, the door chimed, it  was Vern bleary eyed and scruffy. 

‘What’s up Finney boy’ he winked as he slipped into the back room flopping down on the old rotating leather chair, creaking and groaning under his weight. Finn was lapping at heels through the cloud of hazy smoke that seemed to linger near Vern wherever he went.

‘I’ve stocked the shelves. Sorted and alphabetized’

‘Ah righteo lad. Erm well job well done’ Vern muttered absently as he began his afternoon production of spliffs.

‘Anything else I could do for you’ he asked bouncing on his toes eager to do some work.

‘Nah man, you’re cool’ Finn shoulders sagged as he turned  back to his stool.

‘Oi Finn, mate you could make us a brew’

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anonymous said:

Same anon who asked for Osric advice: I got to meet him!!! Thank you so much for the advice!! I never imagined him to be so sweet!! Everyone else in the line said the same thing about him QwQ I was so nervous! I got a photo op with him and a autograph. I got many amazing Osric hugs! He is so easy to talk to and ASDFHSH I still can't believe it!

THAT’S GREAT and see!! i told you! he’s just a little ol’ sweetheart! i’m glad he went up and over your expectations. i’m sure he’d be happy to hear this


Anonymous said:

my parents sometimes filmed me when i was a kid and today i found this video tape where i was three years old and I didn’t know shit about religion and stuff bc my parents both are atheists but i aggressively INSISTED that I came down from heaven(or more like from the sky), sent by a weird man with a full beard. I completely forgot about that and i asked my mom about it and she said i would always tell that story over and over again and i am really concerned rn

oh man

what if you’re from an alternate universe filled with angels

and SOMEONE forgot to tell you he was sending you here

I love Sousuke and all, but a lot of the time it makes me sad because he wasn’t even in season one, but he was introduced into this season as a main character and has gotten more development than both Nagisa and Rei.

Sunday Six(-ish)

Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project — published, submitted, in progress, for your cat — whatever.

This is from my in-progress, unpublished FitzSimmons “Crime AU,” tentatively titled At the Sound of a Gun.

An excerpt from Mission Day Sixty-Seven

“That toe-curling kind of… passion. And I’m concerned that we won’t be able to act that.”

“I could make your toes curl, Jemma, don’t you doubt it.”

He’d spoken quickly, without thinking about to whom he was speaking, somehow having reverted to their lab banter at the worst possible time, and he could feel that flush start to creep up his neck. But something about the reckless high of having just bugged a crime boss’s inner sanctum and gotten away with it made Fitz keep his gaze level with hers, watching her mouth drop open and eyes dart away and back again. Even the flecks of gold in her irises seemed to darken as the tension between them thickened, and Fitz found himself taking a step towards Jemma, not having a bloody clue what he was doing but wanting to do something. His pulse sped up as he realized that she wasn’t looking away, wasn’t avoiding his gaze, and he wondered if, maybe….

stlil thinking. hogwarts aus.

you know you’re too tired when you make too many typos than usual. so with this, i shall bid you all a good night. i answered a few stories a while ago so if you want to read those look through here. if you want a more immediate response (if you’re asking for advice or smth), message me off anon because i’m answering those first then i scroll until the earliest story i received and start there.

I hope you guys all enjoyed the new episode! Here’s the full painting I did to celebrate the season premiere, officially commissioned by the Doctor Who: Earth Conquest documentary!

I had the amazing opportunity to present this artwork to Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Steven Moffat themselves, so this piece really means a lot to me. (Full story on that meeting here!)


inspired by this post.

Masterpost: Classical Texts in Translation

The most common question I get on this blog is “can you help me find a translation of [Classical text]?” So in honor of reaching 900 followers, I’ve compiled a list of favourite translations for your reference. Thank you for making this possible!

Below, you will find links to complete, well-written English translations of 100+ ancient Greek and Roman texts, organized by genre and author. Some of these translations are free on the internet; others are books available on Amazon. In almost all cases, the translations for sale will be better than the free translations, but I’ve tried to select the best free translations available on the internet. I have also included a few audiobooks, which are available for free on youtube.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the texts the Greeks and Romans ever wrote, but it’s a start.

Greek Epic and Early Lyric Poetry:

Greek Tragedy and Comedy:

Greek History, Oratory, and Philosophy:

Hellenistic Lyric and Epic, Various Greek Lyric Poetry:

"Golden Age" Roman Epic and Lyric Poetry:

Roman History, Oratory, and Philosophy:

Roman Tragedy and Comedy:

Roman Novels:

Miscellaneous Classical Works:

*Translations marked with asterisks are hosted by The Perseus Project and require you to click through by paragraph, by scene, or by poem.

If you’re looking for something that’s not on this list, I might not know a translation off the top of my head, but I’d be happy to try to find you one. If you’re looking for the original Greek or Latin, try searching The Perseus Project or The Latin Library.


"Is that dirty enough for you?"

Just a reminder

5 years from now you won’t feel so bloated or sick.

5 years from now you won’t have such a significant fear of food.

5 years from now you might live in a new town with an amazing job and a huge house and you might be with the love of your life.

5 years from now you might love your life.

If you relapse, 5 years from now you’ll be dead or miserable, and you’ll never know what potential you had.