you just have a really nice face

lonesecretdreamer replied to your post “You are really warm…”

“Mmm… no other reason. I just wanted to cuddle with you.” She mumbled, just wanting someone to hug.

Lucina chuckled softly. She didn’t expect the redhead to be one for affection, but maybe she was assuming wrong. Lucina cuddled into Severa, just going with the nice feeling hat accompanied the action. She moved slightly more downwards so their faces were closer together. 

“Are you alright? I didn’t expect to have you come cuddle up with me. Not that I mind.” Lucina sighed in contentment. “It’s rather nice actually.”

if you look up #KatyCatsAreHereForSwifties on twitter there’s like thousands of really nice posts… it brightened up my day and brought a smile to my face. 

reminded me that it’s not always about the drama, and that we don’t always have to slice and hate each other… and i’m hoping that our fandom can be just as supportive and look past all the fighting and drama we made and look at whats more important.

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Oh my god... your art, literally, gives me life. It's just so freaking cute. I love all of them and you're one of my favorite artists in the entire fandom <3 May I ask for a Kaneki/Haise dress like a banana and Hide hug him? I dying to see that. Please, take care and I hope you have a really nice and beautiful day (like your drawings <3)

Please give me a moment to process all of the nice things you’ve said  (///ω///)
//continues to buries face in hands
Thank you so much~!! ;A;

Gemini rude thoughts on the signs

Aries: gets to jealous when I hang with other people, like seriously get over yourself I’ve got other friends

Taurus: sweet and everything nice until they find someone better then they act like you don’t exist, but i don’t really care

Gemini: we have a problem with just getting up and leaving whenever and then acting like nothing happened also 2 faced

Cancer: really emotional like shut the fuck up I told you like the last 1 billion people you liked that they were all fuckboys btw your clingy

Leo: likes to be the center of attention also your not as smart as you think btw the world doesn’t revolve around you honey so stop acting like you’ve got it all

Virgo: tries to be perfect but you try to hard, people can’t stand being around you , it’s funny rly, but mostly annoying and stop trying to 1 up people

Libra: stop flirting with everyone, not everyone is hitting on you btw, and you like everyone make up your damn mind you can’t like 1000 people at once

Scorpio: damn your fucking weird, yet very fucking arousing, but your rly romantic and tend to be clingy and desperate sometimes, plz stop, your friends hate me cuz all you ever do is talk about me

Sagittarius: down to earth as fuck, rly cool but I can never tell if your serious or not like i can’t tell if you love a bitch or want to kill a bitch

Capricorn: let anger out, you can’t hold it in, it makes you look stupid, all red faced, and stop being so boring and monotone, u suck

Aquarius: I’m trying to think of one, idk your funny I think, pretty boring I never read your sign

Pisces: can’t handle their fucking feelings like a normal person, I just asked if you like cheese bitch calm down I’m glad your not clingy like cancer tho

(Sorry Aquarius, your to perfect to be rude to I guess 😂)

i have tried to sleep like three times today and tonight and each time leads to a spiral of I’m Mad For No Reason So I’m Mad That I’m Mad crying and i am so tired and so mad


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i see that you are having some nasty anons but also that you are continuing to draw that soft babe so could i maybe please request cronus hugging his chubby kankri and just reminding him to ignore the meanies and that he is great and beautiful just the way he is. reading some of the mean comments just made me a bit sad about kankri and even a lil bit about my own figure so just seeing happy kan with cro would be really nice. love the art style and your cute face u//w//u <3

The perfect pair! <3 Thank you so much!

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How would Taehyung and Jungkook say "I love you." for the first time?


Tae Tae would probably just say it out of the blue, quite unconsciously I might add. The two of you would be spending time together one weekend, in a park or just staying at home watching a nice movie. 

There would come a moment when a funny scene comes up and Taehyung teases you about having done a similar act and you slap him playfully, the two of you starting a giggle of fits.You’d be laughing and shaking your head at him before going back to the movie.

Only Taehyung doesn’t.

He stares at you, a smile still plastered on his face, his eyes still sparkling as he realizes just how lucky he is to have you and how beautiful you look when you laugh, smile or…do anything in general, really.

“I love you.” he sighs and you look at him in surprise, seeing the dazed look on his face.


Upon realizing what he just said, Taehyung would blush a bit before looking away and sitting up straighter. “Um..” he cleared his throat, a smile threatening to escape from his lips once again. “You heard me.”


If Kookie were to say “I love you” for the first time, I feel like he would’ve thought it through and through. I can imagine him even practicing it in front of the mirror and planning everything out as if he was going to propose. 

I just feel like saying “I love you” would be a big deal for him because that’s like taking the relationship to another level. Plus, he’s putting his heart on the line here…

He’d probably take you out on a nice date, a picnic or dinner at a fancy restaurant. You’d be a little surprised by the romantic gestures, of his sweetness throughout the night and when he takes you home, he’d walk you to your front door and the two of you will share a hug or a peck just like you always do every time you say goodnight.

But just as you’re about to go, Jungkook grabs your elbow to stop you. “Y/N-ah…”

You look back at him questioningly, seeing an expression on his face which you haven’t seen before nor can you begin to decipher. “Yeah?”

He takes a deep breath before puling you close and hugging you tight. You were a little surprised at his actions and your arms remain limp on your sides but when you felt his lips move from your shoulders to your neck, you soften and hug him back.

Only to feel your heart skip a beat when you suddenly hear three magic words whispered in your ear.  <3



Aries: Mars in Aries enjoys excitement and adventure. You react really quickly, you are angry very quickly, you are happy very quickly and then very quickly it goes away. The best thing about a Mars in Aries is that normally they don’t hold grudges. I just would say Mars in Aries needs someone as forgiving as they are. People like the Mars in Aries. A Mars in Aries is upfront, direct and is gonna say what they fucking want to say. They find themselves having crushes a lot. You might like someone and make out with them right away and then not really find it exciting anymore. They like a little bit of a mystery.

Taurus: when you’re angry you stuff your face with food, obviously. If you put fiery planet of Mars into an earth sign it don’t like to express its anger. A Mars in Taurus they really just want to be touched and they want to touch. They like things to smell nice, they like things to feel nice. They probably want their lover to shower and they probably won’t have sex if their lover doesn’t shower. They also don’t want a bunch of quickies they want something to take its time.

Gemini: they need constant movement in order to stay afloat. They don’t have the ability to hide their anger they need to let it out, whoever is in front of them at the moment their will be anger at them, even if it’s not their fault. You can find yourself able to have sex with anybody, you can really definitely separate yourself from the emotion in sex with certain people. (Unless your venus is Scorpio or Cancer etc) and you can also deeply be in love with somebody and not have sex with them.

Cancer: if you move too far the wrong way people might think you’re crazy. You may not give up all of yourself in sex, it might be hard for you to let go. They can be very argumentative. Some of the most argumentative people have Mars in Cancer

Leo: when they’re angry they’re just like I really don’t want to upset the flow and the beauty around me and the excitement and I don’t want to be angry bc that gets too scary bc they wouldn’t be able to live a pleasureful life, so they’re not gonna get very angry. So what’s really gonna piss of a Mars Leo is if you say something’s that not true or bruise their ego. If your Mars is in Leo then I’m probably gonna say you love sex more than anybody else. A Leo can have sex, they just want to have excitable sex. Sometimes no strings attached sometimes strings attached.

Virgo: people with their Mars in Virgo aren’t gonna be aggressive by nature it takes them a long time to be aggressive. You hate when people say “because I said so” and for the most part what upsets them, is stupidity. Mars in Virgo people may watch porn or get very interested in other peoples sex life. They want somebody to do whatever to them in sex.

Libra: when someone is mad at a Mars in Libra they’re gonna be like okay let’s try and figure out why you’re yelling at me cause I don’t want to have to yell back I don’t want to have to fight. And if you keep yelling at them then they’re gonna be like okay I’ve held back for this long then they will verbally rip your face off. And when people are mad at you and say something they don’t like about you or how you’re rude you’ll be like “aw I’m rude I don’t want to rude I’m sorry I won’t be rude again” you like to be charming to people who are mad at you so they forget why they’re mad at you. They try to destroy people behind their back. Libra’s will be balanced in sex and will please you and want that in return. Sex games are fun for you. You like to role play.

Scorpio: you are a fighter, you know how to channel aggression into a complete Thor hammer. A Mars in Scorpio feels as if they are very strong. They can refrain from sex. But when they do they’re deeply connected and deeply able to release themselves.

Sagittarius: a lot of people think you are full of shit, they don’t want to offend you and sometimes they might offend you because they’re not really paying attention to what they are saying. They don’t want to deal with emotions and anger of other people. In a way they seem a little bipolar or like they can dish it but they can’t take it. You just get a little scared when things become seriously too quickly. You do have feelings, that get hurt because you’re not paying attention to the way people are reacting to you. They get offended when people don’t believe what they’re saying. Mars in Sag doesn’t want to be serious in bed they don’t want to have to deeply connect with somebody. They can be very connected but they don’t want to be.

Capricorn: Mars in Capricorns fucking love sex, probably the most and they’re probably the kinkiest. You want to be in control in your sexual situation. In sex you are completely adventurous and down for anything. Some say if you have a Mars in Capricorn you have a stick up your ass. It’s true. You don’t like to express your anger. When they’re mad they don’t want to talk to anybody and they don’t wanna hear anybody.

Aquarius: Mars in Aquarius likes to talk out their feelings, they may never raise their voice, they may never explode with anger. Tell a Mars in Aquarius that they’re predictable and they might really get pissed off. A Mars in Aquarius is not aggressive. They don’t jump all over your shit when they don’t like it. They allow you to be different, they allow you to embrace your freak flag. The worse thing you can do is allow them to be angry. You aren’t getting angry, you’re just getting everybody else angry. They like detachment sex. They might like phone sex and cyber sex. They aren’t cheaters “per-say” but they really do like detached sex. They like the act of sex and they like to know that they can have sex. They like that they don’t necessarily have to make love and that they can have fun with it.

Pisces: Mars in Pisces can get what they want through manipulation. Pisces Mars generally don’t know what they want. They have a lot of fun in bed. And can become many different things. They go with the flow.

The Signs According To People I Know
  • Aries:Really sweet, kindhearted, gets annoyed easily
  • Taurus:foodie :)
  • Gemini:you talk way too much but I like it because you can keep a conversation going. But the split personalities drive me nuts
  • Cancer:emotional but really adorable and goofy when with friends :)
  • Leo:self centered omfg you have no chill at all, you love getting attention from people but you have a really bad temper
  • Virgo:really chill, intelligent, and you're like funny and shit idk
  • Libra:you flirt with almost everyone but it's fine, it's just who you are I guess, oh and eyebrows stay on point
  • Scorpio:bitch face always activated, you hate almost everyone, no chill whatsoever, really funny and a good liar
  • Sagittarius:sassy, sarcastic, nice, you have a great way with words and you're really honest oh & babe asf ❤️
  • Capricorn:mommy af you Caps keep me focused when Scorpio got me about to lose my shit
  • Aquarius:I'm sorry for your future children... Jkjk um you guys are funny as hell, you like being alone when your upset but then again so do I ;)
  • Pisces:I'm sorry but I don't trust most of you, you guys enjoy getting high, you're usually really bubbly and happy, most of you I know daydream a lot, shortest attention span ever.

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I love your blog for the obvious adorable fluff faces, but I also love it because you're so lovely and nice to people! Hope you're having a great day x

That’s so sweet, thank you so much for this lovely message! I try to be considerate, and it helps that this blog has super awesome followers so almost every single message or comment I’ve gotten has been fun and nice :)

I’m having a great lazy Saturday with Skookum, hope you’re having a lovely weekend as well!

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hellooooo. is tyler as nice as people are saying?

I can say without a doubt that he is. I have personally met him (this is MC answering) and I got to spend a few minutes talking to him while taking his autograph at Alpha Con, and he’s an incredibly nice and sweet person, he is just so genuine and happy. I honestly felt really special while talking to him because he dedicates his full attention to you only.

He is also REALLY cute, like I’m not talking about his good looks but that he’s just a really adorable person. He smiles so big and the scrunchy face is even worse in real life.

I could keep talking about him all day long to be honest haha but yes, in summary, he definitely is as nice as everyone says.

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1. “Come over here and make me.” AND/OR 40. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” SouHaru :)

“Not that I’m complaining,” Rin says as he settles onto the edge of the pool and kicks water towards Haru, “actually it’s a nice change of pace, but why are you being so nice to Sousuke.“  Haru floats past him, eyes closed and a serene look on his face, and Rin rolls his eyes.  “Come on.  You can tell me.  You got a crush on him or something?”

Haru grabs Rin’s ankle to anchor himself and cracks open one eye to give Rin an incredulous half-stare.


“So…?” Rin pulls his ankle back and tugs Haru closer to him.

“Right now I get more enjoyment out of his confusion when I’m nice to him than I do out of irritating him.”

Rin waits a few moments.  “That’s seriously it?”

“I don’t need any deep reasons do I?”

“I don’t even know why I’m surprised at all,” Rin pushes Haru away and frees his ankle, shaking his head as Haru drifts away.

Haru hands Sousuke a towel while they’re all standing around the edge of the pool deciding what to do for supper.  Sousuke takes it with a murmured thanks before he notices who gave it to him.  Haru smiles at Sousuke and nods in response before turning as Nagisa bounces cheerfully beside him.

But now that he knows to look Rin notices the confusion flash across Sousuke’s face as he glances down at the towel and then eyes Haru suspiciously, fingers turning the towel over again and again.  Rin also notices the smile that slips onto Haru’s face when Sousuke finally takes a cautious step back and uses the towel to dry his hair.  It’s not the same smile Haru flashed Sousuke.  This is Haru’s genuine “I’m a little shit and just got exactly what I wanted” smile.  Usually reserved for midnight swims and extra long baths.

Haru catches Rin’s eyes and raises his eyebrow slightly.  Rin shakes his head slowly and steps up to Makoto’s side to join the conversation.

He had the weirdest friends ever.

Don’t you hate the feeling of being physically lonely. Like you’re taking to someone one you love greatly, but the next moment you just start bawling your eyes out because they rent there. They are hundreds, maybe even thousands of miles away from you and you’re just laying there cold and alone in your bed lying to yourself you’re fine and you can make it. But there’s a dread hung up on one’s shoulders whenever you have to wait Years just to remotely speak to them in person, face to face. Speaking to one another with complete awe and possible tears that you have waited so damn long to just say, “Hello ___, I love you. I hope you had a nice trip here.”
But that’s just a fantasy you want to happen. You can never know what was really true to what they’ve told/shown you over the time about their height or some physical things. They don’t looks as good as they did in pictures. They don’t sound the same they did over Skype or the phone.
All things for sure granted is this although: They cared and loved you enough to come all this way to see you and you should feel like the most significant thing in their life and hopefully, oh so hopefully, spend the rest of it with them as a lover or friend.
—  Midnight thoughts while its raining
EXO REACTION - How they react when you tell them you're pregnant

Sehun - ‘I-I’m gonna be… a dad?’ *large smile on his face*
Tao - *Isn’t really paying attention* 'That’s nice baby… wait, what?’ *Shocked*
Baekhyun - 'Jagi, stop kidding with me.’ *Thinks you’re joking*
Chanyeol - 'Holy shit. Are you serious? Like actually serious?!’ *Is super excited about it*
Jongin - 'What? Are you sure? Do another test just to be sure!’ *Panics but is really happy inside*
Yixing - 'Oh my god… we have to tell the others right now!’ *Is really eager to let everyone know*
Junmyeon - 'It worked? Oh my god, Jagi! I’m gonna be a dad!’ *Picks you up and spins you around*
Kyungsoo - *Stares at you speechless before a smile creeps onto his face and he pulls you into his chest tightly*
Luhan - 'OUR baby? We’re gonna be a family?’ *Tears begin to form in his eyes*
Yifan - *Isn’t listening but immediately looks at you when you tell him* 'Really? You’re not messing with me, right?’ *He gets excited when he realises it’s real*
Minseok - 'We did it? We finally did it? Oh my god, jagiya. We’re gonna be parents!’ *Is amazed after how long you’d been trying for*
jongdae - *Immediately starts to well up and smiles widely* 'Come here babe.’ *Pulls you in and cuddles you tight*


selfie tagged by cutie shoulder-hyung /shys away/ ahhhh idk who to tag i have no friends no one loves me ;~; no but really idk who to tag because i think everyone has done this so if you want to do it just tag me~

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@ the username url thingy, ohcaptainmycaptain1918 and snowingonstucky? Can i ask for two?? Idk. Sorry.

Wow, anon. You just picked my two main tumblr crushes… Like… Did you do this to embarrass me??? Omg. But okay, now that I’m at a computer, I can give this the detailed response it requires. So yeah, okay. Let’s go!

Well, you see, Fallon aka Cap,( ohcaptainmycaptain1918), is like. Idk man. I just really like her. She’s really awesome and really into comics and stuff so I know I can go to her and ask her all sorts of questions and not feel like a lame-o. She’s really personable and super nice! AND SHES CUTE AS FUCK LIKE HAVE YOU SEEN HER FACE????? 



But like, no, really. I’m tellin’ you nonnie, this woman could step on me and slit my throat and my dying words would be “I love you, thanks.” Ugh, don’t even get me started on that frickin’ voice. LIKE NNNNNNGGGGGHHHH.

I’m not going to go there in the event that I accidentally make myself horny. But like, I’m sure you get the point. All in all, I love Cap, man. I love her, I love her writing. I would love for her to sit on my face.


So onto Kennedy ( snowingonstucky)! Ah. Okay. Sometimes I really forget how much I like her and then I kind just burst into flames with it like

Cause she’s so adorable. Like. Mega fuckin’ adorable. She’s this big frickin’ comic lovin’, science studyin’, asthma havin’, pneumonia catchin' nerdball who is insanely alluring. Bruh. Like I cannot tell you how many times I curse the distance between us cause like.. I wanna take that nerd on a date so bad but I can’t.

Ugh. Kennedy’s basically the Steve to my Bucky.

^Like, you see how Bucky looks at Steve? That’s how I feel about Kenn, when we’re on Skype.


As you can tell I’m very heels over head for these two ladies and I’ve embarrassed myself enough now. So I’m just gonna go crawl under a rock and hope they both never see this.

Peace out, nonnie! Thanks for stopping by.

Awkward exchange with my really nice coffee girl this morning, she started being super sweet and friendly and I just thought she was giving me good customer service, you know? So I chatted with her. Eventually she’s like, ‘Well what are you doing for lunch?’ and I truly honestly thought it was a fun sales pitch so I was like, ‘Well, I’m eating at this cafe, of course!’ and then she’s like, ‘I look forward to it…………………..’