you just have a really nice face

It’s a new day and you are so alive.


Connor + Monroe (feat. Miles and Rachel) | 2.11

"Adios, Connor."

date by ~aruma

*doesn’t straighten hair today so it’s all curly/wavy/flowy/half a mess and wears lipstick with slightly more eyeliner than usual to overcompensate for this at work*

"wow, sam! what are you all dressed up for today? looks good!"


Ready, set, goooooooooooo:

• I woke up and i grumbled and rolled around a lot and then I grabbed my phone and talked to my best friend which made me happy and my roommate got up and left and then I got up and got dressed and I went to the bathroom and I guess when I left my room the door shut behind me or something and I fixed my hair and when I went back to go to my room I was like 😱 No, no, no, no. I tried to open the door and I couldn’t and then I was like man I can’t even call the RA on duty because my phone is in the room so I walked to my RAs room in my socks mind you because I have no shoes because they are in my room and I knocked and her roommate answered and said she was sleeping and I was like yeahhhhh well I can’t call and I’m stuck and she got up and went and got me a key which was really nice and I thanked her loads and then I grabbed my shoes and my bag and brushed my teeth and left.
• I got to class and talked to my best friend again and worked on my prezi with Bri and we made some progress and then I uploaded some funny videos for my other half.
• I went to my fiction class and we discussed the two short stories we were suppose to read and they were incredibly short so she asked which one we thought was easier to read and I told her the first one because it had more of a story structure where as the second one didn’t and then we discussed the second one and got off topic onto slut shaming and stuff and it was interesting and she made us laugh a lot.
• Then I went to the student center and grabbed a pizza and some fries and walked back home and got my bags ready because my mom was there.
• We visited on the way back in town and talked about the week and I ate lunch and what not and then I got home and read my mail and I got my left over money from school and then my paperwork from the honor society just saying once again I was nominated and what not and that was cool.
• Now, I’m getting ready for work though because that time is coming close and what not. Yippppeeeeee. Oh well money is money. 😄


Whaaaa? I totally wasn’t inspired by kujiraghost’s selfies and decided to take some of my own on the crappy laptop camera…pfft. I have no clue what you’re talking about….be quiet.

any of y’all who follow me who’re going to assassins again/at all before it closes best give david some love otherwise i s2g

i should make a business card or something but i dont have a business lol

but i think its cool when people hand out business cards

some lady did that to me at the bus stop, they just handed out business cards with their soundcloud url and email address to like everyone

it’s really forward but i thinkmaybe is also kind of cool and admirable and would be good to have with you if you’re having a really good convo with a stranger and you want to keep in touch with them but they have to leave very quickly, to just be all like “oh, you can reach me here, here’s my card *dramatically whips out business card from hidden pocket*”

Kiss me and make be breathe like I just went up a flight of stairs

anonymous asked:

Hi Jean! How are you doing today? I am doing very well; I had a college interview today, & I think it went well! (I hope!) Anyways, I'll definitely let you know the moment I get a blog! I apologize that it's difficult getting to know me at the moment, but I'm very glad we can still communicate through this way as well! Before I forget to say, I like your new theme! It looks nice, & Niall's smile for your icon is a great representation of the smile your blog puts on my face! Have a good day! :)

uhitsveronica asked:

😒 hey lol

1. First impression: i thought you were…really smart, and really dope, and i was really envious of that swisher wall. 
2. Truth is:  the truth is you should be thinking of excuses to get me out of this class! 
3. How old do you look: three. seven. ten. depends on the day. lmao.
4. Have you ever made me laugh: every day.
5. Have you ever made me mad:  multiple times every day, lmao. 
6. Best feature: hmm. you just have a really nice face. but more than that, you’re smart as fuck so brain too. 
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: duh. 
8. You’re my: fake girlfriend lol. 
9. Name in my phone: V.🚀💫
10. Should you post this too? uh yeah sure! 

Me and my friend went shopping today and I spent almost £70 TT.TT Sweet Jesus, that’s like a weeks worth of money just gone, on the plus side I have nice dresses and socks and clothes and stuff, and my crush said a new top I was wearing was really pretty so excuse me while I go make weird noises and try not to blush stupidly or act like an idiot around him.

anonymous asked:

you should post more pictures of yourself ! i dont want to make you uncomfortable or try to force you, but i just think you have a really nice face !

That’s very sweet of you, thank you! I ain’t all that confident, but it’s definitely something I’m working on