Exotic Sausages

YO, I love sausage. I already know what you guys are thinking and you’re all creeps. Test FAILED. I have the weirdest readers ever. 

Wurstkuche, as the website says, is an exotic sausage grill. OK YOU GOOBS STOP FOR REAL NOW. 

When I’m an adult, I’m going to host the weirdest Thanksgiving gatherings. Like inviting everyone over, even the meanest relatives I have. The whole meal will be catered by some odd completely untraditional place like Wurstkuche that will make the whole family question where they went wrong with me. Can you imagine the look on grams face when you serve her a variety of exotic sausages and crispy fries?? I’ll also be wearing this undercover hoodie I blew a half g on just for the sheer amusement of pointing to the “NO SIR” in response to just about everything that night. Yea, that’s what I’m gonna do.


Tip: The fries are a must. So crispy- get extra sauces 

Tip: Make sure to try all of the different mustards. They have them on the tables. 

Tip: The beer selection is wild. If beer is your thing you’ll be happy.

Pricing: Sausages $6-$8.50; fries $3.50.

When to come here: casual lunch, fun dinner, for beer, low key date.

Where: http://www.wurstkuche.com/Ordering%20Location.html

Times: 11am-12am (arts district location)

Phn: 213 687 4444



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OOC: so Daran updated his profile pic and I wanted to pay him a compliment… Like I said above hes a good look’n dude.

Thanks a lot Steve you would swoop in right after and say something like that you brat head!

no but seriously… I can’t stop laughing right now! XD 


oooooooh… +