you don't understand how much i love him in this episode


also jesus CHRIST but the more I see of everyone’s parents the more they make sense to me. Of course Brittany thinks that giving a toast means calling up a department store, of course she knows that she’s the hottest one there and to inform everyone else.

And just… seeing drunk handsy Blaine’s mom - Pam Anderson? I felt like I understood him SO MUCH in just those few seconds we saw her. Because I could see her, drunk after yet another boyfriend left her, clinging and crying to her son that at least you’ll never leave me. Telling him how he’s perfect,how she doesn’t need anyone else because he’s so perfect! Honestly trying to be kind and loving while Blaine learns to smile even when he doesn’t want to because he has to be a perfect son for his mom. Learning to take care of her when she cries and to swallow back his own anger because she gets so hurt, so easily. Hearing stories about love since before he could understand them - glamorizing love, making it something so beautiful and perfect and wonderful that he was desperate for it.

But remember what Blaine said in his vows? “I honestly thought that I would never find real love”

Because he’s seen his mother destroyed over and over again. He never thinks that he’ll ever get that love. But he doesn’t know, just like how his mother doesn’t know, how to not crave it anyway

(but then he finds Kurt and it’s all works out in the end <3)

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I don't understand how anyone can be excited about stories that don't involve the original cast when there's only a few episodes left. Sorry but this makes no sense

Well Sam and Blaine aren’t original cast and tons of people enjoy stories about them?

And since I assume you’re actually including them in your original cast and just angry that there are new kids who have stories… well. I like the new kids! And we’ve gotten loads of stories about the “original cast.” There are new kids that I would much rather see stories about than some of the characters who have been on the show since day one. It’s a personal preference, we like who we like. But also I just want to learn more about the new characters before the show ends. Y’all know my favorite character in the history of the world is Kurt, but I know tons about him! So to get a few episodes with stories about brand new characters is exciting to me, not in spite of the show ending soon but because of it!

Listen up y'all

I hope everyone single one of you have a wonderful day filled with lots of fun, delicious food and just good times in general. If you’ve done something boring or something you really don’t wanted to do but had to I am so proud you’ve did it anyway. Please drink plenty of water and try to get some fresh air today. If you’re still in school please stop procrastinate and study for that upcoming test or essay, I know you can do it. Also remember to be as nice as you can be and show respect to as many as you want/can and to those who deserves it. If someone’s hurt you real bad it’s okay to feel mad and maybe not be as nice to them, your feelings are valid please know that I’m here for you if you want to rant. Eat well today and watch that episode of your favourite show. Do something that’ll make you feel good about yourself and that’ll make you forget every troubles of yours for a while. Please take your medications if you take any and remember that i love you to bits. You are beautiful. You are important. You matter. Please stay safe.

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i didnt understand coliver in the last episode? does connor love/like oliver, besides sex? does he genuinely care about oliver?

yeah that’s why he didn’t have sex with him (well also he’s a decent adult who knows consent)

but also he was like “yeah i want you too but when you’re sober” and even though it wasn’t said, you could see it through the episode (and that scene) that connor likes oliver

and also connor said to laurel, michaela, and wes “i really like him and i really like getting laid by him so be on your best behavior” like idk connor has never looked for approval with people he’s had sex with before so i feel like him suddenly wanting his “friends” behaving around oliver and not doing anything kinda proves how much he means to him

and also in the episode “best christmas ever” it was pretty much said that connor liked oliver

so yeah connor likes oliver for more than just sex