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You're a guy and I'm sure you've seen NIAN on your dash so how would you interpert it?

Yes I am a guy thank you for noticing. Well where to begin? Lets start with the position of their feet. Isn’t there some gossip crap people who’s job is to interpret body language? Nina and Ian were sitting close, but their legs were each towards the other, pointing towards the other, practically playing footsie, any closer and her foot would have been up his pants (I tease) They also lean into each other a lot. They pretty much mirrored each other. 

There’s also the fact that Ian was slyly staring at Nina’s breasts, but then again I did too and I wasn’t even there, can’t say I blame the guy.

They touched a lot. I’m not saying they were taking their pants off on stage, but they seemed to find every excuse in the book to touch. Brushing shoulders, fist bumps and high fives. 

Distance my ass why don’t you just put her on your lap? 


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I just really need to rant about Grey's Anatomy right now. I'm so upset that people are supporting Bailey after she gave that kid the injection without parental permission. It was absolutely wrong and unjustifiable and I can't believe she hasn't been fired or arrested and instead REWARDED with a spot on the board. How do people not see how serious what she did was? I'm so disappointed that people still think she's a great doctor after she did that. How do you feel about her?

Honestly I feel like people forget about her giving the child the injection because 1. they barely pay attention to her and 2. because it ended up curing the kid. But I feel the same way as you, it was completely unjustified! 

I have been really on the fence about Bailey for the last couple of seasons. She’s changed, a lot and while surely people can change and some might call this character development, I think the writers changed certain things about her that don’t make sense. For instance how she took a selfie with a wounded patient when in the early seasons she would do anything  to give her patients privacy and respect including throwing people off the case (like with their overweight patient).

But what disappoints me the most in her is that when she heard Cristina gave her shares and seat to Alex (Richard didn’t have any business promising her a seat in the first place) instead of being proud of her former student who accomplished more than any other character in the last 10 years, she turned into an immature, bratty child who made Alex out to be worthless when all he had done was being professional and mature about this. 

Anyway I don’t get Grey’s anymore.

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What were Misha and Mark laughing about?

Oh man this is gonna sound really weird but…i’m not even 100% sure. it started with a fan asking a question about theatre and what roles they would want to play on broadway…and it devolved into them laughing about the wind in the willows and foxes and stotes…the adrenaline of being there has kind of turned the whole afternoon into a giant happy blur, i’m sorry!!!!!!!!!

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So I was rewatching Grey's and I am on season 8 episode 15 and around 25 minutes in Owen says to Cristina "How about you stop thinking that you're the sun and that I revolve around you?" and I realized that's where she got the "he's not the sun, you are" thing that she says to Meredith and I instantly started crying. Have people already made that connection and I'm just late realizing it? I was going to request a side-by-side gif of him saying that vs. cristina saying it to meredith! x

You rule it. Sure thing anon!

Also can I just say how this an A+ example of a request; polite and specific. 

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What do you think about the assumption most people in the RK fandom make that the Battousai and the Rurouni are two different consciousnesses with different personalities entirely?

I’d think that would be obvious.  It’s a load of crap.

Kenshin displays none of the symptoms of MPD, which might be a made-up disorder anyway.  He does seem to have dissociative symptoms, having quite clearly detached himself emotionally in order to cope with the repeated psychological trauma of killing people night after night; however, he never expresses anything less than full awareness of his capacity for murder as a part of him, not an alien entity inhabiting his skin.  The wanderer and the manslayer are both aspects of his identity as Kenshin Himura; however, they were aspects he viewed as mutually incompatible and hostile until Hiko knocked some sense into him.  This is what caused his emotional imbalance.

Furthermore, if you paid any bloody attention whatsoever to the Remembrance arc, you will note that Kenshin, when he went by the name Battousai, was not remotely the aggressive, murder-happy sex god that entity is normatively portrayed as.  During his time as a shadow assassin, he was an awkward, lonely, tormented adolescent, wracked with self-loathing, who had no fucking idea how to talk to women.  Afterwards - once Tomoe had died and he had taken on a new role as a soldier - he was still tormented, albeit less awkward, still lonely, and still wracked with self-loathing.  We can presume from his interactions with Kaoru that he never actually did learn how to talk to women.

So, you know.  It’s bullshit.  Of all the bullshit fanon that runs rampant in ruroken fandom, MPD!Kenshin is the biggest, stinkiest pile, and I wish it would go away.

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Can I ask your opinions on the 11th season so far, just in general? I'm really on the fence about it right now.

Sure you can. In general I’m confused as heck. I have no idea what the fuck the writer’s put in their coffee that makes them come up with these things but I’m not appreciating it. The only good thing coming from this is probably Maggie who has been the sweetest, fierce lady so far. Same with Amelia who deserves about 50% more screentime than she’s getting right now, April Kepner who as usual is her flawless self and Jolex + Stephanie have been true sweeties as well.

Then under the cut everything I dislike which is like a lot so

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✿ oops. forgot the character name. Fenris.

Fenris has never had a blowjob.  See, the Tevinter Imperium, being based on Rome/Byzantium, shares Roman hangups about sex: real men, citizens, don’t allow cocks to penetrate them.  And Fenris, for really obviously reasons, was not considered a real man (no, seriously, look it up: Rome was weird about cocks, and what they could and couldn’t do if they belonged to a True Roman Man)

Anyway.  He’s never had a blowjob, although he was forced to give them - something which Tevinter culture would have framed as humiliating, a task fit only for a slave, for a subhuman non-entity.  It freaks him right out the first time his partner tries to give him one, and he resists the notion for a long time.  This is his lover, someone precious to him.  He won’t degrade them like that.  He just won’t.

But slowly, slowly, his partner talks him around on the issue.  And the first time he gives permission, it’s… a revelation.  Not just the pleasure involved - he knew there was pleasure, otherwise the act wouldn’t be demanded.  But the difference in tone, the change.  And it’s then that he starts to realize what sex is, and what it isn’t - that it’s not a violent expression of dominance, or a struggle for power.  It’s two people enjoying themselves and each other.  A gift, not a violation.  Pleasure is the point and also not the point.  It’s the unity of two selves, two people coming together for a night or a few years or a lifetime and making something beautiful.  A sacrament.  Not a sacrifice.

Afterwards, he tries in a fumbling way to explain it and his partner laughs, teasing him lightly for having a spiritual revelation over a blowjob, of all things. 

It is not amusing, Fenris insists, grumpy and snuggled with his lover in the sheets. 

It is, they tell him, turning to face him and stroking a thumb along his high cheekbone.  And also very sweet.  And true.

A kiss, light and soft in the sheltering dark of the bedroom.

Thank you for sharing it with me.

His fingers twining with theirs below the covers.

Always, he says.

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What are your thoughts on gun control?

The problem is criminals will still have guns. The only people who won’t if we have gun control is law abiding citizens. Plus we have the Mexican borders so people can still get guns and still shoot up malls or schools. 

If we were anywhere else I’d be completely for it.

I do think there should be more restrictions on guns though, definitely.

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Please stop talking like you are fucking British... not cute!

First of all thank you for watching my video that is really nice of you. Second of all that’s really cool of you to say this on anonymous, all hiding behind those cool shades instead of actually revealing yourself.

Third of all you better hope and fucking pray you speak a second language other than your native one PERFECTLY before you even /dare/ judging me on my non-native language. Fourth of all I was taught British English in school so forgive me for putting my education to use. 

Fifth of all I’m not /trying/ to do an accent, when I speak it just comes out of my mouth, I cannot help it. I’m influenced by tv shows I watch and my friends I talk to online. Us non-native speakers /have/ to choose an accent and we’re judged either way.

And sixth of all how dare you call me cute, have you seen my badass eyeliner? 

Now pack your bags and get the fuck off my blog. 

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Describe a romantic evening date of kenshin and kaoru as newlyweds

This is a flawed premise; it presumes that romance is something they section off, that exists in some parts of their life and not others, and this is not the case.  One of the things that surprises Kaoru the most about her marriage to Kenshin, in fact, is how much love is involved - not that she thought he didn’t love her (how could she, after all that had happened?), but she’s heard from other women what marriage can be like - that it’s work, that it’s hard and dry and men change, afterward - women, too - but you carry on.

And given how reserved he is, she hadn’t really expected much to change, and she’d expected that those changes that did happen would be small, contained to private moments.  And it’s true that he’s not much more demonstrative in public than he ever was, but…

When she wakes up most mornings, there’s a cup of tea waiting by her bed, and when she pads into the kitchen (Yahiko will be along soon, but not yet; now the morning is still and new and theirs) he somehow always knows she’s coming and turns as she enters, smiling.  At first she wasn’t quite sure of herself, but as time passes she stops hesitating and steps up to kiss him, softly; he kisses her back and presses his forehead to hers, whispering good morning.

Their days pass as days always do, training and laundry and errands to run, but she knows, now, when he’s watching her (I was always watching you, he told her once, shyly, I just never let you know) and she watches back, greedy for the lean grace of his form the way he is for the hard curves of hers.  He knows when she’s watching, too, and every now and then their eyes meet, bright with love and wanting.

(I was watching you too, she’d confessed back, and he’d hugged her close and smiled.)

They eat lunch together, when they can, and their hands twine briefly together when they do.

Dinner is variable: home alone, home with friends, home at a friend’s, the Akabeko… what never changes is that they sit together, knees touching even as their upper bodies stay politely apart, and sometimes his hand will stroke her lower back, or her fingers will trace the knobs of his spine, and everyone pretends, politely, not to notice.

(there’s a clique of women in the market with bitter lips like lemons who take great pleasure in watching them and waiting for Kaoru’s happiness to end, for the day that she starts walking three steps behind as an obedient wife should.  It never comes; the women click their tongues and decide that she’s a harridan, but no one cares what they have to say)

After dinner they sit together, drinking tea, and sometimes they talk and sometimes they don’t, but always, eventually, they kiss - soft and sweet and growing fiercer, tasting tea on each other’s lips.  Sometimes they make love, and sometimes they only kiss, but always they stumble and tug each other into their bedroom, into their shared bed, and they drift off to sleep entangled in one another, his head tucked close in the curve of her neck.

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Do you think if Hoji hadn't turned into a fanatic (ie not "baptized by the flames of hell" via Shishio), that he would have not committed suicide in prison and have taken the Meiji Government's offer to be a planner?

Probably.  One of the things I feel that epilogue about the Juppongatana was meant to show is how ultimately feeble Shishio’s philosophy was.  He talked a good game, but in the end, almost every one of his ‘followers’ were willing to sell their so-called ‘ideals’ to save their skins.  The only people willing to follow Shishio into hell both did so because they had some sort of personal relationship with him.  Yumi loved him (god knows why), and Houji was ‘baptized’ by him - driven mad.

What that indicates to me is that Shishio was essentially a charismatic cult leader.  His philosophy was not the point; what gave him power was his ability to manipulate others.  Once he was removed, the remaining followers had no particular reason to carry his banner into death.

Contrast Kenshin’s allies, who all kept fighting even after Kenshin had fallen, because they believed in him, and in their respective ideals.

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I'm so confused as to where this "thong" speculation started from, and the Danny being a stripper!

Mindy said in an interview that she finds a mysterious thong at Danny’s apartment and also said that the first episode would be called “Danny’s Secret.” Obviously the title changed, but the mysterious thong combined with the episode name and Mindy’s comments about seeing Messina in “various stages of undress” led to speculation that the thong is actually his. Also backing this up is the report of Chris saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me” when Mindy called to pitch him the season opener ideas. The stripper theories basically evolved from that. But that’s all they are—theories/speculation. At least until the episode airs, when they will confirmed or disproven.

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REALLY COOL questions about comic books #3 if you please :D

3. favorite female character?

As my icon probably indicates I love Kate Bishop. She’s badass and snarky and can take care of herself. She’s super smart and talented, but also so very human. I love that she makes her own way as a hero. From the very beginning she dove in head first and made the other Young Avengers take notice. No one made her into a hero, she made herself. 

It’s also super fun watching her handle Clint and I love, love, love, that she isn’t his sidekick and isn’t treated as second best like so many legacy characters. She’s her own Hawkeye and he respects her skills completely. If anything she’s often the more competent of the two. 

She isn’t Lady Hawkeye or Hawkeye 2.0. She’s Hawkeye and her skills speak for her. Oh! And I love that Cap gave her the name because she stood up to him like so few people do. She isn’t intimidated to speak her mind to Captain America and tell him when he’s wrong and that’s awesome. 

Basically I have all the feelings about Kate Bishop.

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this fandom gets dumber and dumber i swear. the japril/jackson fandom wasn't this unbearable when i first joined tumblr over a year ago. i'm so glad i'm going on a mini vacation this weekend. i need to get away from fandom!

Literally same, the Grey’s fandom has been driving me up the wall lately. It’s like some people don’t accept that their favourite character has flaws. Japril got married a bit too fast, and have gotten pregnant too fast. But it happened and their fans can be excited about it because god knows I would’ve been excited if it was my OTP’s storyline. But don’t deny the fact that it’s all a bit too fast? Like you don’t see me going around defending Addison for cheating on Derek and I fuckin adore her. You can be a fan and root for a character but pls don’t deny their flaws, they were purposely made this way. thank you this has been a psa that everyone will give me shit over. 

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If Soujiro was emotionless and believed in survival of the fittest, why do you think he formed a special bond with Yumi, who didn't have any fighting skill at all? If anything, it seems like he should have found her repulsive since she relied on Shishio for protection.

As with several of my anon asks (and what’s with that influx, lately?), this question is founded on an inaccurate premise.  Soujiro did not form a special bond with Yumi despite being a emotionless avatar of Shishio’s (bullshit) philosophy; he formed a bond with her because he never was emotionless, although he did cling to Shishio’s philosophy.

If Soujiro had been the emotionless child he claimed and Shishio believed him to be, Kenshin never would have been able to reach him.  He was disturbed by Kenshin because he always had emotions, but had been repressing them due to years of abuse, first at his foster family’s hands, and then, frankly at Shishio’s.  Yes, Shishio never hit him, but neither did he show him any particular love or hesitate to send him out to do horrible things i.e. murder people in the face, which is a rather traumatizing experience for a youth.

Soujiro bonded with Yumi because Yumi was the closest thing he had ever known to a mother’s love.  And Soujiro, make no mistake, craved love.  Love, and acceptance, and safety.  That’s why Kenshin was able to reach him: because underneath every cold, hard, edged wall and weapon he’d used to protect himself, he was really just scared, hurt little boy waiting for someone to save him.

"The strong live, the weak die.  This is the truth that Sir Shishio taught me.  But is being weak so wrong?  I killed, but I didn’t really want to kill them.  Yes, I smiled then, in the rain… but I was really crying."

After all, he’s only seventeen.

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3, 16, 19, & 7? ^__^


Have you any idea how hard it is to doodle a recognisable copy of someone’s icon with a fountain pen? Particularly one with a broad calligraphy nib…. ;-)

3. List your top three statistical Tumblr crushes and draw their icons.

16. What brought you to Tumblr?

19. Write an autograph version of your URL.

7. What is your current mood? Write and/or draw.

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What do you think of isaiah Washington returning to greys?

I am completely against the return of Isaiah Washington. He’s a disgusting human being and what he did was unacceptable and it was a good decision to fire him. But having Burke come back is something else. I did not enjoy his character at all but I think it might be interesting for a storyline for Cristina.