you are such a strong person and you deserve all the happiness you get


➸ Happy Birthday, Lee Howon - You’ve gone through so many hardships to follow your dreams, and you’ve only become stronger because of them. All of your fans, the biggest one being your father, are nothing but incredibly proud of you. You’ve made it so far, and your glowing smile is enough to brighten anyone’s day. Just keep smiling, because whenever you do, just know that… He smiles along with you. 

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I didn't know who Rumiko was until you reblogged that pic of her but I went and read about her and now I'm very upset

I’m so glad you found out about Rumiko because she is amazing and precious ;; as sad as the whole thing is I think it’s good in a way - you get to see how Tony really is with her, how he treats her and how she impacts him as a person and how that has a an effect on his character and his actions. She was a huge impact on his life. 

I think out of all of Tony’s relationships she’s actually been my personal favourite, for a number of reasons; she was fun, she looked out for him as much as he looked out for her, she was a strong personality that managed to put his in check - I think it was the perfect balance. Tony was so happy with her, and by happy I mean utterly smitten and wouldn’t hesitate to spoil her rotten (as she quite rightly deserved). :3 

What’s even more painful was that Tony was so, so very in love with her. Like I know Tony’s quite a romantic, and he does quite openly express his affections sometimes but he was always with her, always confessing his love. In the end he even said how much he needed her. Which must be a very, very hard thing for Tony to have to admit. 

So yes ;; it’s painfully tragic, and I wish we’d seen more of her. 


You’re beautiful just the way you are, I dont care how much you weight, I dont care how old you get, you are always going be beautiful in my eyes. I wish i could tell you that, I wish someone would let you know that, I wish you were more confident in yourself, I know its hard to build some confidence in yourself but if you saw what I see , if you see how beautiful you are inside and out maybe you’ll build some confidence. Himchan you are a talented person , you deserved to be in B.A.P like every other member, you are not useless at all, dont let anyone tell you otherwise, without you B.A.P wouldn’t be B.A.P. You are a very strong person and I admire you for that. You always smile even when things are tough but Himchan, dont ever stop smiling ok, I hope you always keep smiling cuz we BABYz need your smile in our lives. Himchan, I hope you have a great day, I hope you celebrate your birthday with your loved ones, eat lots of food and we love you very much. Happy Birthday Kim Himchan !!

I wish I could do more than helping only with my words.. I wish I could be there for him irl.. To hug him and comfort him and tell him everything Will be okay.. I dont know what to do guys.. I am scared and worried sick.. I really dont want to loose another friend.. He doesnt deserve all this hate he gets… He deserves the world.. He is worth more than a goldmine.. He is one of my best friends and I wish I could do more for him.. Im not going to say names here, but if You’re Reading this friend.. Dont give up.. You are an amazing person and you deserve all the happiness in the world.. I know things are stressful right now and that everything is piling up on you.. But know that You’re not alone friend.. You are strong and you Will get through this.. I am always here for you if you need to talk to me.. ALWAYS. That counts for everyone. I am always here if you need to talk to me, or rant About something, or just need help. If I do not reply, the only option is that it got eaten. I always reply to those messages. Always. But friend, please dont give up now, you have so much to live for.. So much..

I hope that everyone has a great start to their week! uwu You all deserve to be happy and you all deserve to feel good about yourselves. I’m always here to talk, and I just want you to know that things can get better and you deserve for them to get better.

Stay strong and know that there are always people that will be there for you, myself included. Keep your chin up, lovely, because you’re beautiful and stunning and happiness is something that you deserve.

Have a great start to your week!

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Hey so I'm really curious like do you have a penis now..? You're so manly and I'm a girl and I think you're so hot haha like I don't know you but it takes a truly strong person to go through all of that. I personally am happy as a girl but you're an inspiration to anyone out there who feels uncomfortable with their gender. You look amazing and you deserve every bit of happiness!

Alright anon, I did some thinking and I have got to answer this because there are some things you may not know but I got you. I’m guessing you’re a straight girl, I just wanna let you know when it comes to any, and i mean ANY trans* person..male or female.. don’t go the extra mile and ask whats in their pants unless you plan on a relationship or getting sexual with them because I’m sure you’d be offended if some guy got curious and just wondered what your vagina looked like since there are so many ways it can look. I’m not offended just thought I’d let you know for future reference. To answer your question, no I have no had bottom surgery so I do not have a penis attached to my body. I wanna say I do appreciate the love and support coming from you though and I hope you didn’t take the above paragraph offensively, my feelings aren’t hurt so your’s shouldn’t be either. But please continue to support the LGBTQIA community, we need all the love and support more than you know. 

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Don't let that anon get to you. You're lovely and strong and recovering and you deserve to be happy. The person who sent that is weak and insecure.

oh they don’t bother me at all, they’re just ignorant and its honestly sad how uneducated they are and how they feel they need to boost their ego by poking at people about subjects they clearly know nothing about. 

Happy birthday beautiful!

just-as-pretty I’m sorry I almost missed it and although you are probably having the worst day I have to say that I’m so glad that you were born today 22 years ago! I’m not just saying that either you are an amazing person who deserves all the best things life has to offer. You will do great things and I’m glad I get to be here to see you do them. I love you so much it physically pains me not to be hugging you right now. Stay strong I know shit is difficult right now but you will get through it. My offer always stands and I’m just a phone call away. Lmk if you need ANYTHING. Don’t hesitate to ask.

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Hey ^^ I just wanna say that you'll get through all the hardships because you're a strong person. Always make sure you don't skip meals, and make sure to eat chocolate ^^ It helps with being happy. Love yourself because you deserve all the good in the world~ Stay happy and stay strong. Don't doubt yourself for a second, you're too perfect for that <3

Thank you very much! I appreciate your words and will be sure to keep them in mind!

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I'm so sorry you're having to go through all this! Just thought I'd let you know, that you're an awesome person who deserves happiness and I'm sorry you're not getting that right now. Just hang in there! Your strong, you'll get that happiness one day! *internet hugs*

** hugs** thanks darling

Love to All

First: No matter who you are; you are important, deserving of love, capable of loving, and you are precious.

Second: I love you. Even though I may not know you personally or perhaps I haven’t even been acquainted with you, I do. I know that there are struggles and ordeals and there is pain, so much pain in life that at times it seems as though it will crush all hope there was of happiness and I just wanted to tell you this: that although you may be unable to change the situation surrounding you at this time, you have the power to gain so much from it now, and in the future and to teach others what you have learned and will learn. 

Third: There are others who are in similar spots, who may feel just as hopeless and powerless as you may feel now, and you will have the power to show them that there is a way to get through it because it was you yourself who was in that spot and it was you who was able to survive it.

I’m so content with myself it makes me want to cry. Just because I know it took me so long to get here. After everything I felt for you and the countless times you played with my feelings I can let go. I’ve always been a strong person but there was just something about you that I couldn’t let go of and after all this time I am finally done. I knew I was too good for you and I deserved so much more but I couldn’t wrap my mind around that. I want more than you can ever give me but for now I’m happy with just living and enjoying myself. And it makes me want to cry out of pure relief that I’m done.

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hi. i just want to say that i really look up to you, and it gets furious that you're in such a sadness induced by /him/. you deserve nothing but the best because you're such an amazing person. you deserve to be happy, not distraught. i kind of hope you can't recognize who i am (because it would be awfully embarrassing to show that i'm extremely worried), but i hope you feel all the support i have for you. stay strong.

I think I have an idea of who you are, but I could be wrong for all I know. But thank you. I really appreciate you taking the time to say this to me. I’ll be just as happy as when I was with him, without him; if not happier. I just need time. Again, thank you.

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you don't have to compliment me, but i just want to say that you are strong and amazing person, and i wish you the world ♥

a: this is so meaningful to me, you can’t know how much this means coming from you. i love you ♡
c: i’m still so grateful for that amazing summer where we talked every single day. you’re an amazing person, never doubt that. you’re very lovely and deserve all the happiness a person can get. also your art deserves to hang in a museum one day, i really hope it will.
br: 5/5

no more

like what sucks is months later youre still going to go back and read his stuff and remember all the good memories and it just sucks bc you think why couldn’t it always be like this why’d it have to change but then you remember all the bad things they did and you’re like right i remember like i don’t deserve to be cheated on just like you deserve someone who’s not going to use you. and then when you think that you’re like wow i am so happy i took this person out of my life. and even though at times you might miss that person you just gotta remember you miss who you thought that person was. like its so sad yet so nice to get a toxic person out of your life. but basically my point is months later it’s still going to hurt and your still going to cry but you just got to stay strong and remember what you deserve. as hard as that may be
—  part of a text i sent my bestfriend

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I know that life gets hard sometimes and it's difficult to keep going but you have to be strong and try to smile and be happy because if you're not happy then it's difficult to live because life sucks. And we all wish it was easier but sadly it's not and we just have to keep going. I'm sure things will get better for you and you'll be happy again. I'm sure of that because you're a great person and you deserve it. Just don't let the world bring you down. I hope this kinda helped :)

i really hope so and yes it helped, thanks (: but hey i’m curious who are you?

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Let me tell you. Based on your bio I can already tell that you're a strong person. I know life can be hard and cruel, but you are stronger and more powerful than any of the trials and tribulations that life has but you through. Death is not what you deserve. You deserve all the happiness in the world. U have the power and the strength to get it. U think no one's gonna miss u if you die? Your life is just as important as everybody else's. If u need to talk I'll come off anon just for u!

You are too kind you really are.
Thank you so much.
I am a little better but not better enough.

when you see this, i just want to say im so proud of you.

throughout this whole experience, when your will to live and your perception of reality were being tested and horrible terrible things happened to you, you stayed nothing but kind and caring, even to someone that we all knew damn well wasnt worth any of it, nor did they deserve it. you really have come a long way since i first met you, and im damn proud to call the person youve become my friend. you deserve all of the happiness in the world, especially after everything youve been through, and i hope it comes to you soon.

but for now, get some rest. spend time with your friends and the people that truly make you happy. continue to learn and grow as you have been. and above all, always stay strong. i love you so much, and so many other people do too. im so happy youre safe.