Make Me Choose : Free! or Shingeki no Kyojin

And suddenly, a wild (tweet from) Richard appears!

My favorite thing in the W2H tag is when I see people contemplating Jonathan cosplays. Like

"GUYS. Jonathan has a grey hoodie and blue jeans.

I have a grey hoodie and blue jeans.

SERIOUSLY MIGHT BE CONTEMPLATING a cosplay what do you guys think Y/N???”

activity status update;;

my queue broke and didn’t post anything, which was slightly irritating. however, I decided to put all of my queued posts into my drafts. for the next seven days because i decided i didn’t want anything posted on this blog. i wanted a legitimate hiatus. so, nothing will be posted on this blog other than this update, for the next seven days. i apologize to all of you waiting for these meme responses, but i absolutely need a solid break from derek. i feel that if i don’t cut him off for at least a week, it’s going to end up doing more harm than good. please know that i am more than appreciative of the support, understanding and impressive amount of patience many of you have given me. thank you so much, and i love all of you <3

{ important note } in 24 hours i will be temporarily closing my askbox. so if you’d like my skype or kik information please message me in the next 24 hours.

                            other than that i will see you all in one week.

anonymous said:

YOU ARE AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY, YOU ARE SO COOL AND YOUR ART IS AMAZING. also, it's so touching seeing a really close friend group on tumblr, i wish you all the best and hope you all do cute stuff when ur 80.. like skydiving perhaps... but really, you are really inspiring and.. wow, just an amazing person! <3

This is so so so so cute and up there with the cutest asks I’ve ever gotten. EVERYONE IS MY FRIEND, YOU TOO ANON! I hope I’m doing that when I’m 80, too.

I am going to keep all my sentimentality and gushy feelings in the tags.