you are more than welcome to message me

By the way, if you have Pokemon Rumble World you’re more than welcome to add me. Of course I’ll need your FC too, but mine is  2638-0256-0050. You are also welcome to message me talking about this game in any way shape or form because I absolutely love it. 

2500+ followers insanity workout

hey everyone ^^

i’ve recently met the 2500 followers, which is a holy cow how is this possible quota, and i dont follow that many people because

a) i can’t possibly check out 2500+ blogs 

and b) college doesn’t let me check anything at all (which is also why i haven’t been online that much)

so, what i am proposing is that the ones of you interested in being mutuals, or me just checking their blogs, to send me a message, and this will result on the following:

- rating from 1-10

- promo (basically, i’ll answer all asks publicly)

- me following the blogs i relate with 

The rating and promo are for everyone. Those who i already follow and wish to send me an ask are more than welcome. I’ll probably do this until Wednesday or Thursday, who knows

(keep in mind that my blog is a anime/manga/comics/series/movies/occasional DA blog and that it might take me a few hours to answer all the asks)

Thank you for the unbelievable 2500+ followers and hope to hear from you soon

anonymous asked:

I'm going through a tough time right now. I'm trying to hold everything together. I am only fourteen years old and I'm scared. Please tell me it gets better.

Sweetheart, from the bottom of my heart, it gets better. Not because life stops being so unpredictable and hard, but because every time these tough times happen, you have the opportunity to face them and come out stronger than you thought possible. You get better.

Don’t be afraid. You are not alone in this. When I was 14, I struggled with depression and I felt so empty and hopeless, but now I’m 19 and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt more at peace. Even though I’ve been going through a really difficult time lately, and these last 4 months have been the craziest and most emotionally exhausting of my life so far, I know that it’s going to be ok. I put my trust in God and I gave Him all my worried, stressed, overwhelmed feelings and MAN did it feel good to do that. 

My advice is to pray. Let God worry for you, and trust that He will help you through this. If you’re not a Christian and you’d rather not pray, then think positive. Let go of all that negativity that’s holding onto you; it’s weighing you down. Remember that it won’t be this way forever. Choose to make the most out of every situation, even though it’s hard. Either way, I’m praying for you, and I appreciate that you sent me this message. If you’re comfortable, come off of anon and talk to me confidentially. Whatever is said will stay between us :)


Pancake got new tile! It has much more texture than her last one did.
Also to the people who have been messaging me to learn more about tile to put in your own cage, consider joining Tiles and Towels on Facebook! New members are welcome to come and show off their tanks or even ask other members for help and general questions about using a solid substrate. 
(if you join to just start drama and assert your “pro-sand” views you will get a quick boot. This is an anti-loose substrate group. Asking questions about loose substrate vs solid is fine though)

brandivafl0wers asked:

yo im new like i literally just created my account and i think your blog is super rad, do u have any blog suggestions? hope you;re good, i look forward to being in the fandom !!

Omg absolutely! Welcome to the fandom! I’d love to know more about you / get to know you so honestly drop me a message any time :) In the meantime, I really recommend you follow the blogs below. These are just a handful of my favourite TK blogs (some/most of them do post things other than The Killers occasionally but they are largely fandom blogs):

wennkillz sunsets-and-neonlights talkstostrangers wordsoverpictures flowers-killers battle-born battlebornstudios battleborne callmethecontender thisfeelinwontgo thisdayandage wecouldgosailingonthesea take-me-over-this-spell pluginvictim purplegirlluniverse koenigsaurus thatblondevictim beautifulbrandonflowers leskillers lilarakeasheisakillersqueen je-suisamericaine readerknowsallplots vannuccisbitch i-dont-really-mind-im-a-victim- i-wanna-jump-out-of-my-skin danielleflowers neontigre neon-flamingo neonlisa markstoermer davekeuning davesapartment cinderellainaparty-dress aint-wealljustrunaways aintwealljustrunaways aintwealljustrunaway-s give-me-a-shot-at-the-night killers-flowers killerseyes killedbythekillers killersvictima thekillersnews thekillersspain the-battle-is-won thekillersvictima thekillerssluts ronnievjr u2lovethekillers unlcejohny ineedirectiontoperfection hotfusse we-are–dancer victimontop victimuserebelliousangel brandonrichardflowers brandon-flores brandoneflowers brandonflowersz flowercrownjess yayitsjessica oncharlestonavenue didtheybreakyourheart the-desert-rains

These are all the ones I can think of right now but there are undoubtedly more out there for you to follow! If you watch out for who people are reblogging you should find more TK blogs to follow that way too! :)

anonymous asked:

Dear Ellen, just thank you for your terrific blog ❤️ This is not a question, sorry, but i had to write this, because you helped me a lot. From Saint-Petersburg with love 🌸 Good luck!

wow, what a lovely message! you are more than welcome, good luck with your studies xo


I don’t care what you ship or don’t ship, what music you listen to or don’t listen to or anything else…we all need to band together and make this

more retweeted than this

by clicking this

and if you don’t…

will crawl up your bum…..unless you’re into that and then it will crawl up a different disturbing body crevice of your choice…..

Don’t do this for Larry, do it to help break a record….and for Larry…
and if you ship it and have already retweeted the tweet then these are for you to say “good job”…..

and if you didn’t ship Larry 20 seconds ago and do now:

1. I’m sorry

2. Welcome

3. Message me and we can talk about it

4. I’m sorry, once again


Kyo Birthday messages?

April 20th is the birthday of LEDapple newest lil’ member, and because of that they’re making a box for fans to leave presents and fan messages for him on next weekends music talk (18th and 19th)! 

Being in Tokyo and not having a life, I’m obviously going, and I thought if anyone wants me give him something on behalf of you, or want to write him a birthday letter or to welcome him to ledapple - I’d be more than happy to make sure he gets it.

He is an absolute sweetheart, really talented and also a little shy and nervous and it would be great if he got lots of encouraging messages, so please just leave me a message! :) 

I’m not interested in dealing with people who just want to be right and who want to insult people whose opinions differ from their own but I am interested in having respectful conversations and learning from each other. So if anyone would like me to explain my reaction to the Jurassic Park clip or talk about your reaction to it, you’re more than welcome to message me and we can talk in private!


Now that I’ve unfollowed over three hundred blogs— my apologies if I unfollowed you, shoot me a message if you want me to follow you again, it probably just mean that I haven’t seen more than a few posts of yours at anytime I come on— Anyways, now that I’ve majorly cut down on the number of blogs I follow, I’m ready for some new content:

Things I want to see more of:

  • Welcome to Night Vale
  • GoT
  • Harry Potter
  • OUAT
  • Nerdfighteria
  • Lord of the Rings
  • D&D/Pathfinders
  • Star Trek TNG
  • FMA Brotherhood
  • Psych

If you blog any of these things, please reblog this post and I’ll follow you!

okay guys so 

for my script writing class

i have to make a documentary

and i was thinking about doing it on Tumblr

but idkk what the story should be???

like i was tjinking about doing it on how it has changed people’s life or about the resason why people spend so much time on this website. 

but idkkkkk

so like

if you guys wanna help a homie out

you guys are more than welcome to do so

please message me

especially if you’d be interested in being a part of the documentary as one of the characters. 

I make a lot more political/ social justice posts on facebook than here since more of my people need the information there than on tumblr. feel free to add me, but I swear to Jesus if I get weird messages/ creepy vibes, I will block your ass so fast. but if you’re a friendly soul, I welcome you. (▰˘◡˘▰)

tiabwwtws asked:

Can I be Egeanin Tamarath, a seanchan?

Certainly! Welcome aboard! :D

Anyone else wishing to join the Wheel of Time fandom family, please message me with your character of choice (check the existing list that your choice isn’t taken, first, please).

People already in the family, if you have changed your url since joining, please let me know, because I’m not going to keep track of everybody and if I notice links to blogs that don’t exist, I’m more likely to just remove you than hunt down your new url unless you’re somebody I routinely interact with (which reminds me, I should update Barid’s url).

anonymous asked:

trans masculine anon here again: I just wanted to say thank you to both you and your followers for your support and stories and I just feel so much better than I did earlier and it may not seem like much, but it's been very validating reading everyone else's stories and just THANK YOU! I cannot even begin to put into words how much comfort I get from knowing I'm not alone out there.

you’re welcome anon. i’m glad you’re feeling a lot better now and i’m glad everyone sharing their experiences helped. :> it’s always nice to feel validated, especially in a fandom that can be so horrendously aggressive that it’s hard to speak out sometimes. if you ever need to feel free to message me again on or off anon and i will be more than happy to reply. :>


well, those of you who are awake rn… i just want to say that i have genuinely missed a lot of you and starting around now-ish i’m going to try to pick up my tumblr activity. i’ve only have positive experiences with fandom (maybe down to luck, maybe down to the stellar people i follow) and i want to interact with you all more. i know a lot of those who have been following me for a while or would want to talk to me are probably asleep, but i’m just letting everyone know that not only are you more than welcome to send messages again and except a prompt reply, but i will be actively trying to engage with you all more. i want other people joining in the fandom or in it already to have as positive an experience as i have. also i miss you guys. so feel free to send messages, questions, stories, etc. i would love to talk with you all and either reconnect or get to know you!

A Love Note to My Readers

“You are amazing person, thank you that I could meet you through your books.” —A message from an incredible reader who just finished the last Welcome to the Underworld book

My heart is so full of emotions from the heartfelt messages I’ve been receiving from readers who had finished The End of Gods. When I first started writing, I remember thinking that I would be so happy if just one person read my book and enjoyed it. I could’ve never imagined how fortunate I would be to have more than one reader to share my overactive imagination with.

It continues to astound me that people would open their hearts to my stories and characters, that they would spend their hard-earned money on my books (and therefore support my dreams to write and continue to share my stories), that they would recommend my books to their friends, and that they would be so kind as to reach out to me to write me such awe-inspiring notes.

To ALL my readers — In the words that my incredible reader said above: You are an amazing person. Thank you that I could meet you through my books.

It is a gift to have you come into my life. Thank you for making this writing journey all the more rewarding =)<3

With so much Paris,



Yes, that bottom signature in the note is my real name =)


And yes, it is instinct for me to draw those square head doodles when I sign my name =)<3

going to bed soon but

this week’s been a stressing exam week and tomorrow I have a lot of time, and drawing makes me feel better

so please if you want to, do send in things for me to draw !!

literally anybody from any fandom, i really don’t mind, i’ll google them. just send in the name

messages from followers I haven’t talked to are truly more than welcome!