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Credit Card Sized Toolkit

This pocket size toolkit is as thin as a credit card so it can easily fit in your wallet. Aside from being as thin as a credit card, this toolkit includes a knife, compass, magnification lens, tweezers, screwdriver, bottle opener, and a toothpick!


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Book Lamp

Light up your bookshelf at home or in the office with this cleverly designed lamp that is in the shape of a thick library book. Made with a white plexiglass shell, the book lamp uses a small 9 watt light bulb to illuminate itself and will look great anywhere you decide to place it.


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Honestly growing another head on my chin


Happy 29th Birthday, Mother Monster! ♥ < 28.03.1986 >

“Thank you 28, every year I get a little tougher. A little stronger. Even if at first I feel weary, or weaker. Beautiful life always challenges us to see that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of who we are. I’m just getting started. I gotta a whole lotta fight left in me. Bring it 29!“ @ladygaga

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Octopus Candle Holder

Add character to your seaside home with this octopus candle holder that features eight highly detailed tentacles, with four of them functioning as candle stick holders. Perfect for setting the mood, these octopus candle holders will look great in any home.


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so my dad made a comment while watching the promo for next weeks aos about “how did new shield find skye that quickly?” and I didn’t think much of until an hour ago when it hit me-

anyone remember #TeamKindOfConcernedAboutWhatWasPotentiallyInTheBagBobbiGaveSkye ?

the theory goes that Bobbi’s “quarantine survival bag” wasn’t just a friendly gesture, but had hidden intentions. for example. a tracker? ;)