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An enormous THANK YOU (and a little thank-you gift)

You guys may or may not know this, but I find it incredibly difficult to ask for help. Simply asking is hard enough, but I’ve asked for help a few times in my life (usually in a fit of desperation) and been ignored or given a frank and unapologetic “No,” which makes it even harder for me to ask the next time. So when several of you sent asks and/or left comments on my recent posts wondering whether you could make a donation to help out, I just couldn’t bring myself to mention my GoFundMe page. (I got an overwhelmingly nasty anonymous message - by way of a review on WtM - when I posted about it last fall, trying to raise the enrollment monies for school, which was the icing on the proverbial cake of not-ever-wanting-to-ask-for-help-ever-again.)

Also, when things are really, truly bad I tend to just blurt out what’s happening before crumbling into tears and hiding in a dark, quiet place. :(

But then came Friday and this incredible, almost unbelievable post from sothereff, accompanied almost immediately by a flood of donation notifications from GoFundMe. I couldn’t have imagined the like. I think the only reason I didn’t cry was because I was so stunned.

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Also another quick life update 
Tomorrow I start radiation therapy for the next six / seven weeks, so I have to head into the hospital every day, except for weekends I believe, for twenty-ish minutes 
Side effects aren’t really supposed to set in until a week or so in but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up if I’m just kind of ghosting around for awhile / even worse at replying to any messages ;;;u;;;/

“Denny’s isn’t even that good!”

I made a comic about Clef and Rights. For u, scp-l4-clef-alto-001

I don’t know what possessed them to go to Denny’s (nobody wants to go to Denny’s. You wind up in Denny’s through a series of terrible events and get sick shortly afterwards) but it surely ends with Clef throwing up in the parking lot of Denny’s while Rights rummages through her purse for some TUMs and wet-wipes.

I’ve decided to make a follow forever for hitting 100 followers :3 I’m so honored to be accepted into this community and getting to know you guys. I know some of you better than others but I’d love to be friends with all of you! 

*note: some of you may be following my main blog instead, please unfollow it and follow this one :)

The first ones:

These are the lovelies who introduced me to roleplaying from ask-mckinley-gleeks!

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Roleplaying friends:

Everyone else that I’ve had the pleasure of roleplaying with :)

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People that I talk to:

I don’t roleplay with you, but we talk sometimes on the dash ^-^ or on skype!



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“Thanks for the help” promo!!

Here are a bunch of awesome blogs that helped me with my contest here and are super cool and you should go follow them!!!!

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Love at first sight doesn’t exist. Love takes time and love takes work. At the very least, you have to know the other person. And you literally have no idea who I am.
—  Garnet, “Love Letters”

Okay, like, can the rest of 2015 be more about Xiumin…?

He’s not even my bias, but I need some Minseok in my life.

He gets like, noooo spotlight. He got a lil spark when the abs came out, but we need an explosion.


okay so this is my video for the compliment thing. i’m sorry it’s so bad - the thumbnail is terrible, i say ‘um’ too much, and i wish i’d said more about everyone - seriously i could write essays on how much i adore each of you (me being weird again lmao). i had stuff pre-written and can send it to you if you’d like, because i missed bits and added others and yeah.

i’m planning on writing compliments to a list of urls i have later today and writing compliments for each of those i didn’t mention in the video, because as i explain, i haven’t been part of the fandom long, haven’t had the opportunity to talk to everyone i’d like to, and as a consequence feel like i want to be inclusive?? my long list wouldn’t have fit in a video, hahaha.

anyway, in this video i talk about the fandom as a whole and then those who have mentioned in some capacity or talked about me in their list or video. so, in the order i talk: stagmania, northsfire, palepinkgoat, poisonousdame, montygreening, mickeysupsetcaspersbastardchild, and wehangout

THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS seriously i cannot stress that enough. i was moved by everything that’s been said.


HAPPY TROYLER KISS ANNIVERSARY! I hope this is a wonderful day for everyone! I can’t believe it’s been a year since they kissed. Honestly I thought the livestreams in 2014 would be the best thing ever to happen, because they were great, but then they kissed and life couldn’t get any better. So to troyesivan and tyleroakley thank you for giving this to us and for killing the whole fandom. It was honestly one of the best days of my life. <333



I’m so sorry for taking forever AND for ALL THESE SKETCHES I JUST



I hope you like these! Thanks for all the great comments you’re always leaving~ YOU ALWAYS MAKE MY DAY OKAY-