I mean, I guess we truly are…


I’m going to miss my besties forever…

Working on the MOTN novel

6k words into this month’s story (with YOTN’s Month of the Novel), and I think I’m actually starting to get somewhere with it. It’s a glorious feeling when you’re tossing your characters around without a clue what they’re doing, and suddenly they decide to go somewhere completely different. I didn’t expect my main character to get herself kidnapped any more than I expected her to sprout wings and purple antennae.

If I can manage it, I’d like to get to 10k today.

Do you have any goals currently?

Day 223:

Thankful for Youth of the Nation, and all the work they do for the youth of New Zealand. It has been such an honour and a privilege to serve alongside such an awesome team over the past few years. Had the opportunity today to come and watch, and see the awesome job that everyone did this year, so exciting to see the new faces involved, and catch up with the familiar ones too. Today I am thankful for the impact that these conferences have had on my life thus far, the awesome friendships I have made, and the place that has been provided for me to come and meet with the big guy himself!


mountain vista high school, home of the mountain lions. also home of the spoiled rich kids to the brainy poverty stricken. teenagers from all over the country are sent by rich parents, teenagers are occasionally sent a letter in the mail that extends an invitation with paid tuition for exceptional grades. they live the high life with their fancy dorm rooms, clean school, and student lounge. though, they would never admit it - especially to their rivals - it’s not as special as it may seem. dirty secrets hide in every squeaky clean corner.

seaside high school, home of the spartans. also home of the over crowded and under-staffed. try your best and you may get by and graduate, but most kids don’t get the help they need. they barely get by during the testing season and have some of the lowest grades and lowest graduation rates in the state. they envy the clean and high class look and feel of mountain vista high while they sit in their over crowded cafeteria and class rooms.

two high schools, complete rivals. some of the more brilliant students have been torn from seaside to learn at mountain vista, their parents not allowing them to turn down such a chance at a better education for something so petty as high school rivalry. some mountain vista students have been booted to seaside without a second glance, their parents unable to pay the tuition or they weren’t able to keep their grades high enough. there are even rumors of the teachers at mountain vista losing their jobs and being sent to seaside when the skeletons began to fall of their closets. friendships can end where rivalries begin, secrets can either make or break you. but what is the secret to making it through high school in one piece?