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Framework / Brainstorms for Classroom Awareness Page
  • Understanding your classroom demographic and the strengths that come with that
    • Instead of taking a more neo-liberal approach to understanding and taking into account diversity in the classroom we should all be applying Yosso’s argument using CRT but also considering the community cultural wealths that people different from us bring to the classroom
      • Highlight Yosso and perhaps also briefly critique the standards that college professors are often holding us all accountable to and how that does in many ways support white middle-class standards but basically completely erases these wealths that we should be celebrating and learning from
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Maywood Education Fair 2014

Description:  The Maywood Education Fair was an opportunity for MSHE students to partner with the city of Maywood, CA to critically develop a day of education, workshops, and resources for the community.  The conceptual framework for this fair was based on Yosso’s Community Cultural Wealth (1996).  Students worked together as a class and also in small committees to develop educational plans and interventions for specific learners.  I was part of the middle school committee and together developed interventions to fit the specific needs of Maywood middle school students as well as emphasized the community cultural wealth within the community.

Term: Fall 2014

Learning Outcomes:

  • SWiBAT… partner with the community to learn, understand and integrate CCW framework to developing interventions and educational programs for middle school students.
  • SWiBAT…work together as a cohort to plan, organize, promote, develop interventions, and successfully implement the 2014 Maywood Education Fair. 

Assessment Rubric:







(Please click on the image above to see the Middle School Committee report presentation)

Self-Assessment & Reflection

For learning outcome 1, I think my rating is advanced because I took the time to learn from the community before developing interventions, and I allowed my reflection and learning on CCW to inform my interventions.  I also listened to feedback from classmates to better integrate CCW into my interventions.

For learning outcome 2, I think my rating is advanced because I consistently collaborated with the cohort to plan, promote, provide feedback, and helped out in many capacities to make Maywood Education Fair successful.

I learned and grew a lot from this Maywood Education Fair experience.  Firstly, I learned it is important to partner with community, and to include the community as many aspects as possible.  To really appreciate CCW, we must have the community at the center of our framework.  We must also be careful to not see ourselves as doing charity or saving a community.  It is easy to go into a community and bring all our resources and throw a fair. But it is much harder, yet more meaningful, if the community is part of the fair in whatever capacity.  By involving the community, we bring recognize the CCW present in the community and we help the community recognize and advance their CWW.

I also learned that such a project is not easy, but require the collaboration of everyone.  This collaboration also must take place in providing and receiving feedback.  I was particularly proud of myself for really engaging my classmates in asking difficult questions and helped contribute to an environment of support and challenges for each other to grow and learn.  This experience has taught me more about programming development, curriculum and intervention designs, and working collaborative with each other and the community to have a lasting impact.

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Critique the assumption that Students of Color come to the classroom with cultural deficiencies.., In examining some of the under-utilized assets Students of Color bring with them from their homes and communities into the classroom, this article notes the potential of community cultural wealth to transform the process of schooling.

Tara J. Yosso, “Whose culture has capital? A critical race theory discussion of community cultural wealth”