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Himuro Yoshiteru “Our Turn, Anytime” 


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Song: Yukitoki
Artist: Nagi Yanagi
Anime: Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru (My Youth Romantic Comedy Went Wrong as Expected)

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Dingy Dysu - Bon ( Himuro Yoshiteru Remix )

good experimental dubstep

Quick soiled art again. >///>;; Yoshi-kou for SenBasa4 Sumeragi. (*´▽`*)

[ Edit: Thanks to nii-san for quickly telling me that I’ve forgotten his mustache the first time I posted this. x’D Yoshi-kou got a little younger at that moment. Ahaha. >u>;; Tell me no one else saw that. ///A///;;;]

KobaP hinted this morning that some news was coming but I don’t think anyone was expecting quite such a major announcement! Famitsu.com has posted details of an exclusive scoop they’ll be running in this Thursday’s magazine and it turns out they’ll be announcing the latest title in the Sengoku Basara series.

The new game will be titled Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi and it’s due for release in ‘summer 2015’ on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

The word ‘sumeragi’ indicates the emperor so I’m guessing that Yoshiteru will be playing a major part once again. It’s a majestic name which matches the atmosphere Sengoku Basara 4 had.

The article also teases that a ‘new character’ will make an appearance (due to the nature of Japanese it’s difficult to be sure about whether this means that there will be one newcomer or several). The magazine will include an interview with series producer Kobayashi ‘KobaP’ Hiroyuki and series director Yamamoto Makoto, so hopefully they’ll provide lots of details.

It’s good timing; the article is due almost exactly one year after Sengoku Basara 4 was released and the summer date means the game will come out around the series’ tenth anniversary.

I’m going to make my Weekly Famitsu acquisition arrangements as soon as I get home, so hopefully there’ll be some solid information this Thursday (or Wednesday night, depending on your time zone and the amount of content I need to translate). How exciting!

Edit: BlackKite has supplied more information over at Koei Warriors courtesy of early Japanese leaks. Summarising the same source material here for my records - please bear in mind it’s based on leaks so might not be 100% accurate (even though it probably is).

  • The PlayStation 4 version will run in 1080p at 60fps.
  • There will be forty playable characters in total, the highest number in the series so far.
  • Ashikaga Yoshiteru will be playable. He’ll use his shaku weapon and switch between his sword, spear and bow depending on the attack. He has a technique which will involve a roulette; the outcome of this affects his fighting style.
  • Kyougoku Maria will be playable. Her weapon is cloth, which she controls like a whip.
  • There will be a new character: Sen No Rikyuu. He’ll be voiced by Sakurai Takahiro and his weapon will be a sensu (folding fan). He has a split personality and it changes according to the move he’s using.
  • There will be a new ‘battle roulette’ system which makes a roulette wheel appear onscreen and gives you medals depending on the result. The medals can be traded for a total of 167 special items (this sounds like an advanced version of the camp roulette from Sengoku Basara 3 Utage to me).
  • To accompany the Tales Of Zestiria collaboration, there will be DLC costumes including Sorey and Mikleo.

Ehh, another character with a fan? It doesn’t look good for Yoshimoto (or indeed, for Ujimasa, given the character count). I guess there won’t be any other completely new playable characters unless they remove some from the roster…

Perhaps we’ll get the first video at Basara Matsuri on the 1st February, which usually means they’ll release it online for everyone to see one day later. It’s quite a long time until summer so I hope there will be plenty of updates to keep the excitement high.

Sengoku Youko

Chapter 46: It is amazing how after so much build up pieces simply fall into place. I can’t wait until we see Senya (literally) subdue his inner demons and gains control of their powers. Yoshiteru is also a surprisingly amazing character. How can one person ever come up with such amazing and unique powers?