Baraou no Souretsu vs Otomen (Aya Kanno)

King Henry vs Asuka Masamune - They’re both good nature guys. Henry desires peace over war. Asuka decide to suppress his girly hobbies for the sake of his ill mother.
Anne Neville vs Ryou Miyakozuka - Both admire manliness. Anne prefer battlefield rather than sewing at home but her father don’t let her. Ryou loves manliness because of his father influence.
Edward IV vs Juuta Tachibana - Both carefree guys who loves women. Edward used to flirt with a lot of women. Juuta loves all women equally.
Queen Margaret vs Kiyomi Masamune - Both strong and scary women. Margaret can lead an army and annoyed to Henry’s kind  side. Kiyomi pretends to be ill so that Asuka, his son will stop being girly.
Richard II of York vs Hiromi Yoshino - Both has a soft spot on their son. Richard loves his children tenderly and specially kind to his youngest, Richard III. Hiromi watch over Asuka even if he already left their house.

(Note: I changed Richard III to Anne Neville because I think Anne is closer to Ryou.)

May Japan Trip 2015: Day 2

May Japan Trip 2015: Day 2

I’ve now had my second day of training in Japan, and my brain is already full.

Like yesterday, the classes were Nagato and Noguchi. I kind of hit the wall in Nagato’s class and recovered in Noguchi.

Nagato went over the technique Umesato from Takagi Yoshin Ryu. The technique itself is pretty straight forward, but as the class progressed more and more variations were presented to expand on the…

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