The only proper Christmas gift finished due to an achy back and internet acting up. It’s for my mother! She still rocks at Dr. Mario and Tetris after not playing it for at least a few years. 0_0

Anyhoo, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone and maybe if the day’s not busy, I’ll make more Christmasy stuff.


this is why i own a capture card


These customized Amiibos look sick ⊟

Whoa, that Light Suit Samus looks even more badass than the 2Cannonz factory defect we posted yesterday (and the 4Cannonz fanart!).

Props to Project Upgrade (Samus), Lenny (Infinity Gauntlet Villager), cbd31963 (Blue Yoshi), and chibisilverwings (Pikachu and bloody Villager) for the customs.

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