The northeast turned into Ben Wyatt’s ice town last night. Good thing my horse doesn’t care when I hang onto him for dear life to keep from slipping and dying


Yochie’s Island, Si ce jeu pouvait exister, il serait surement bien drôle !

Jeu de mot avec Yochie car il **** (il fallait y penser, merci à un camarade de classe ^^) 

Yochie is a little dinosaur who live in a little island, When a baby fall on it, he neglects it and continue to have fun with his friends, because he doesn’t have time for baby-sitting. The End !

This funny design was influenced mostly because of Kirby, watch carefully how he swallow ^^ 

Imagine if Yoshi’s Island could be like this, it could be soooo funny ! 

I took a big rest because I needed it a lot, really tired but I’m back for more (oh yeah !), and you, what’s up ? Everything is going :D ?