150503  - ‘Girl Who Sees Smells’ Park Yoochun’s real boyfriend look…coexistence of charisma and romantic

Park Yoochun has been captivating women’s hearts with his real boyfriend look.

C-JeS Entertainment said on the 3rd: “Park Yoochun is showing various fashion with his ‘real boyfriend look’ each time in SBS Wed-Thur drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’. To this, he has been captivating women’s hearts with refined look in spite of being active in investigative and romantic-comedy genres at the same time.”

Park Yoochun had showed off the countenance of a romanticist with 100% of innocence toward his girlfriend at the same time he’s assimilating into action scenes where he’s brimming over with liveliness; undertaking the role of Choi Mugak, the detective who’s chasing after the criminal of the Barcode murder case in ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’. In addition, the fashion which his charisma and romantic coexists, captivates women’s hearts and has been capturing attention.

On this the person in charge as Park Yoochun’s stylist said, “He has the point where he is able to match with concepts both in investigative and romantic-comedy genres. Since a man is limited to having even a type of item than that of a woman; he expressed the appearance of a sentimental boyfriend, added with an active appearance of a detective and a sense of color, wearing a hooded T-shirt in a coat. By matching it with vintage sneakers, he has his shoes giving off an active and comfortable feeling, too.”

[NEWS] ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’ Park Yoochun, grabs women’s hearts with ‘real boyfriend look’! via Innolife

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  • @ SBS Tanhyeon Production Center
    A rare scenery that’s not commonly seen, 3 kinds of [flour-based] food cart.
    Chicken skewers, churros, burritos.
    #OfficerChoi #ParkYoochun fans from the Philippines
    Receiving energy; was supporting #Pacquiao but..ㅜㅜ#TheGirlWhoSeesSmells filming continues today, too.

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