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9/12 Tegan & Sara - 45 Second Interpretive Dance @ World Pride, Toronto, ON 6/29/14 




Why I Love Toronto Reason #177

Yonge Dundas Square

Oh, Yonge Dundas Square, the little square that wishes it was Time Square, but that’s why we love it! Anyways yesterday Erene, Ariel and I went to go see a movie at the AMC Complex, and the movie was The Vow with our favorite Canadian Girl Rachel McAdams!! Anyways it was such a nice evening yesterday, so I decided to wait for them at Yonge Dundas Square.

Now Yonge Dundas Square is a multi-purpose area that holds a ton of events every year. It has concerts (I’ve seen Beyonce (I have pictures but they’re still boxed up from when i moved like 3 years ago - guess i have something to do today), John Mayer, Karl Wolf and many other artists there), It once held a Live@Much (Nickleback), I once saw a Bollywood dance competition, there are pop-up markets, films, Nuit Blanche exhibits, TIFF and when there is nothing they have  chairs, tables as well as squirting fountains. Since the square opened it has hosted 200 events and 1,250 festivals.

Located on the SE corner of Yonge and Dundas it is surrounded by the AMC Complex on the NE side, Forever 21 on the NW and The Eaton Centre on the SW side. The square opened in 2003 and was designed by Brown and Storey Architects. I won’t lie, but I honestly cannot remember a time when the square was not there. Mind you I don’t really remember anything prior to the age of 12 which I’m not sure whether or not I should be concerned about that. Regardless, plans to build the square were from the late 90’s as part of a revitalization project for the city. So since I could not remember what was their prior I had to consult one of the best sites on the web about the city (next to mine of course) which is BlogTO who did a visual history of the square and it is amazing the many different looks that corner went through. The last occupants before the creation of the square were a COLES book store and other little stores.

Now just because the square can sometimes be empty doesn’t mean it isn’t a great spot to hang out in. I mean it is just amazing to stand in the middle of the square, because you have all the bright lights of all the billboards shining down on you. It is like a mini time square, but not as crowded and if you want you can still have an intimate romantic moment without being in tourist pictures, or having that weird couple come up to you while making out and saying “excuse me can you take a picture of me and my family?” – but I digress.

I even recommend going into the AMC complex and maybe the WOO (reason #80) or the Jack’s and eat there just so you can grab of view of the square for high above.   

So Yonge Dundas Square, we love you for trying to be the Canadian version of Time Square and let me tell you – you’re on the right track baby! But for your numerous events and the fact that I got to see Beyonce there (which was – wait for it – EPIC!), you have the best location for events and hangouts in the whole city simply because you are in the cities heart.  

That Is Why I Love Toronto.