well that was unexpected

i don’t know if you’ve seen those warning posts going around about how some dickheads are sending jews pictures of slaughtered jewish people but

there are those warning posts going around

which i took the liberty of ignoring because as a comment pointed out whoever the fuck is doing this shit is trolling the notes section of those sorts of posts to find more people to send shit to

and seeing how i’ve posted about being jewish like twice ever in my life and i’ve never tagged it as anything jewish i figured i’d be left out of it anyway


and actually i have just figured out the most likely explanation. during yom hashoah i did tag some things i reblogged with yom hashoah. that is the only possible explanation, which means that these people are literally finding people to send these to in the tag for holocaust remembrance. 

isn’t that just lovely.

well fuck you, you fucking neo nazis. i don’t know why you get off on sending people revolting pictures but you’re fucked up and at this point i don’t think there’s any way for you to become decent human beings.

and this post i will tag because FUCKING FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING PRICKS.

We pause today to remember the millions of lives lost in, and to honor the survivors of, the Holocaust. #YomHaShoah

Today is Yom Hashoah (יום השואה), or Holocaust remembrance day. Today is a day where Jews around the world remember. They remember and commemorate the 6 millions Jews that were slaughtered throughout the holocaust, from 1939-1945. Out of the 6 million, around 1.5 million were children. 1.5 million children that had a future. 1.5 million children that would have had children, who would have had children. One of them could have had been the scientist who finds a cure for cancer. One of them could have been a researcher that discovers a groundbreaking technological breakout. All this was blackened out by the mass murdering of the Jews by Nazi Germany and it’s allies. Take a moment out of your day just to remember, and understand the horrors that one group can cause, and how many lives were lost, due to ignorance, hatred and racism. 

Never forget the 6 million that perished.

It's almost Yom HaShoah

And I just want to remind everyone that it’s a day that antisemites will be coming out of the woodwork to harass us

Nazis will send us threats and abuse

Leftist goyim will remind everyone that we weren’t the ONLY ones killed

Goyim of color will call it a white peoples genocide

Black goyim will compare it to slavery

Everyone will agree that we bring it up too often, and everyone will find a reason to bring up Israel

These things happen all The time already, but you can bet it’s going to increase dramatically on Yom HaShoah. If you dont think you Can handle it, i highly recommend staying offline on the 15th

Take care!

Selected News Stories About Antisemitism and Antisemitic Violence from the Past Year:

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Information about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (the date of Yom HaShoah was chosen for its proximity to the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising):

Last Year’s Post on Yom HaShoah

May the memories of all we have lost be for a blessing.

I lost my last name to hatred

In the years after the holocaust, my grandfather, a russian jew, wanted to go to medical school, but they refused to admit most jewish applicants. But he was determined to go, so he sumbitted two identical applications to the same school- one with his jewish last name, one with a bastardized, americanized version that completely non-jewish. The first was rejected but the second was accepted. My grandfather went on to become a doctor and helped so many people, but I will never forgive the antisemites who stole my last name.

Today, on Yom Hashoah, my last name is Balinski. I remember. 


Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah)

For more photos from the observation of Yom HaShoah, see the #YomHaShoah and #יוםהשואה hashtags and the a href=“Yad Vashem location page.

From sunset today to sunset tomorrow marks Yom HaShoah (יום השואה), a day to honor the memory of the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust.

Yom HaShoah is a national holiday in Israel, commemorated by speeches by the President and Prime Minister at Yad Vashem, the lighting of six torches by Holocaust survivors, prayers by the chief rabbis and two minutes of silence across the nation. While other countries have their own Holocaust days as well, many Jews around the world also observe the day at home and at important historical sites.

UGH, all over fucking Tumblr, everyone’s like “Remember the 6 million Jews today…but you know who else died?” and then talks about all the other groups.

Today is not for everyone.  It is for us.  There are days out there for everyone.  Some of the other groups, I believe, have their own days that they chose and set aside to mourn their own loss.

But today, Yom haShoah, is about the Jews who were brutalized, tortured, experimented on, and murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators.

Trying to make today about other groups, especially if you’re not Jewish, is antisemitic.  It is telling us that we don’t have a right to a day of mourning.  It is minimizing Jewish suffering, as well as the suffering of the others who died, because you’re using them as a cheap weapon against Jews.

In conclusion:

But you don’t HAVE to be.  Be better, and respect others.  Now get the fuck out of our tags for ONE FUCKING DAY.


Israelis stand in silence as the siren sounds for Yom Hashoah.

Millions of Israelis paused for two minutes Thursday in solemn silence as air raid sirens wailed across the country to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The annual commemoration for the 6 million Jews killed in Europe during the Holocaust brought the country to a standstill at 10 a.m., with drivers standing alongside their cars on highways and normally bustling city centers freezing for the funereal event.


This is Rosa Spier, born in the Hague in 1891.  Recognized as a great talent from a young age, Spier would become the harp professor of the Amsterdam Conservatory in 1925, and later the harpist with the Netherlands Radio Orchestra and the Concertgebouw Orchestra.  In 1941, all Jewish musicians in the Netherlands were forced to leave their jobs.  Although she continued to play with the Jewish Symphony Orchestra, she was soon forced in to hiding.  She was eventually betrayed, and her home emptied, though before officials could confiscate or destroy it, her neighbor noticed her harp and removed it from the home, storing it themselves.  She was deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp, but in 1945, during a prisoner exchange, she was able to escape to Switzerland.  When Spier returned to her home after the war, she had lost all of her possessions, except for her harp, kept still by her neighbor.  After the war she continued to give many concerts despite her failing health.  In her late life, an idea came to her for a retirement home for elderly musicians where they could live out their older years while still contributing to the arts.  Although she would not live to see the opening, the Rosa Spier Huis in Laren, NL has been host to numerous elderly artists and scientists of great standing. Rosa died in 1967.  She is remembered for her dedication to music and the arts and her unbridled tenacity.

May her memory be a blessing.

Today marks holocaust remembrance day. Today we remember the innocent souls that died because of their religion, their sexuality, their race, their   disability and because they were different. 11 millions souls perished in    this genocide (6 million of them were Jews). Let this be a reminder of   the outcome of where hatred and  ignorance can lead. Let us learn from     history and bring light instead of darkness into this world.

Most importantly, let it serve as a reminder that If humanity has the power to destroy 11 million lives, it also has the power to save 11 million lives; the power to turn ashes into trees.

Look at this picture. What do you see? You might see ordinary people.

I don’t.

These aren’t ordinary people to me. These people are my relatives, my family.

Everyone, let me introduce you to my great-grandparents, Jonas and Eleonore (Rothenstein) Steinhaus, the people in the right and center, respectively. The woman on the left is my great-aunt, Margarethe “Grete” (Steinhaus) Kaiser.

Jonas was born on September 13, 1877 in a city then called Tarnopol, in what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire. (It is now known as Tarnopil’, in the Ukraine.) Eleonore was born probably sometime in early January 1879, in Tarnow, also in the same Empire. (It is now Tarnow, Poland.) When they were both young, they moved to Vienna, the capital city of the Empire. They got married in the Staadttempel in May 1904. The next April, they had their first child, a girl, named Margarethe, whom my entire family refers to as Grete. They also had a son, named Hans, who was born in January 1913.

From the little bit I do know about him and his family, they lived in District II of Vienna which was known then as the “Jewish District.” He also owned a leather goods store on the first floor (the ground floor for those of you in England) of his apartment building while he and his family lived up on the second (aka first) floor. From what I do know, I think they had a happy life there.

In 1926, Hans had his Bar Mitzvah at their local synagogue, the Leopoldstaadter Temple. And in 1929, Grete was married to Siegfried Kaiser also in the Staadttemple.

In 1938, their world turned to hell.

The Nazis marched into Vienna in March of ‘38, and life began to get worse for them. Siegfried was arrested in June of '38, got taken to one (if not two) concentration camps, which lasted for a year. In August, Hans fled. And in November, Kristallnacht (“The Night of Broken Glass”) occurred. I’m guessing that probably Jonas’ store was broken into. That spring, Siegfried was released, got some help, and fled the country.

This picture was taken in the summer of 1941 and was sent to Hans who was in America by that time.

On September 13, 1942, Jonas celebrated his 65th birthday. The next day, the three of them along with almost 7,000 Viennese Jews were loaded onto cattle cars and taken to Camp Maly Trostinec in Belarus. There, 50 people were selected to work on the farm there. Jonas, Elenore, and Grete were not among them. They were taken with the rest of the people there to a ditch where they were shot.

Jonas was 65, Eleonore was 63, and Grete was 37. They were killed all for the sake of being Jewish.

Never forget.

Please share this. Please reblog this. I want their story to live on the Internet, to know that they have “lived” in some way in at least one person’s mind. Let this be a lesson, to remember what happens when we let hate overcome our world.