is there any life like the one you live on sundays? you could string sundays together and get the whole of a person’s dreams. sundays i sleep too late and eat something bright for breakfast — a yolky egg, some blueberries, lox. walk to the store instead of taking the train just because i’ve got the time to move my body in the day. remember i too am an animal on this planet. the light in the kitchen windows is softer, slower, still fades before you’re ready. i don’t remember the luxury of that runny egg but at the other end of the day i’m going to take a bath just for the sake of scent. something is going to make me cry but because i saw the sun today it will be the good kind, not creaky but gentle. not desperate, but honest.

there are things i still want, maybe more than ever, but it’s not time, yet, it’s okay, let the water run until it’s hot, put on some jazz but change your mind at the last minute and indulge in a pop song on repeat, it’s sunday evening and the living is hard but it’s never been easier.

endarkculi said:

Boiling eggs didn't quite pan out last night, did it? Was the sandwich you had instead made with egg salad, or did you decide to just not deal with eggs anymore that night?

nah I just took the watery remains of them, tossed em in a pan and scrambled em.

Apparently I was supposed to have them in the pot *while* I heated the water up to boiling, then leave them in for 10 mins or so while off the fire.

Just putting them in to simmer after it was already boiling was not enough to harden them, and when you try to peel them they will leave a yolky mess all over your hands.

Back to breakfast prep today! Hashbrowns and yolky eggs. Yesterday was just too much emotionally. I could have ate a pizza, chugged a bottle of a wine, and topped it off with an ice cream sundae but I didn’t. I did have tortilla chips and because I was on the go and had no options my lunch and snacks weren’t whole30 friendly. I’m not saying I’m giving up or giving in but life happens. And I’m doing the best I can!

Mmm lunchamunch was DELICIOUS!!!
Boca burger, a yolky egg, green beans, mushrooms, and spinach and tomatoes! Sprinkled with cayenne and turmeric! 😍😍😍 super tasty!

Yolky eggs (my fav!!!), sweet potatoes, and bacon. Happy Tuesday everyone!! My legs are a little sore from my 50min uphill climb! Love it! I need to do school work like that every time!

I’m a big fan of @chefsymon and his restaurant, Roast in Detroit. Had to try his Lola Burger cooked perfectly medium. The bacon was a little too crispy but the lightly toasted brioche & yolky mess helped soften it up. I had to try each one of the pickles from the pickle bar & Tony Packo’s pickles were my fave! #bspotburgers #NationalCheeseBurgerDay #bspot #yolkporn #eggporn #lolaburger #kimchi #tonypackos #pickles #rochesterhillsmi #vscocam #vscocamfood (at B Spot)

Ew, as a vegetarian and borderline vegan (no milk, seldom eggs, but always cheese), I have to defend the right of vegetarians and omnivores alike to consume eggs.

Eggs aren’t meat. They’re unfertilized. They haven’t formed into an animal. You can’t say an egg is a chicken, just as you can’t say a period is a child. I mean, I can’t even go as far as to say a fetus is a child, so I’m sure as hell not antagonizing people for enjoying the yolky, rich goodness of eggs.

But, cage free & local is the way to go.

Meatless, Simple, & Delicious Recipes:
You can get all these ingredients from TJ’s!

Anti-Bread Patty Breakfast ☆☆☆☆
■ Soy Meatless Breakfast Patties
■ Cheese (Havarti is the best)
■ Eggs
■ Basil
1. Cook an egg (I like mine a little yolky)
2. Microwave the patty for 1 minute (you can also grill or pan fry)
3. Add a slice of cheese to the patty
4. Add the basil & cooked egg on top

Soy Sliders ☆☆☆☆☆
■ Soy Meatless Breakfast Patties
■ Cheese (Again, I do Havarti)
■ Guacamole
■ Caramelized Onion Dip
■ Basil or Baby Spinach
1. Add a slice of cheese to each bottom bun
2. Toast the buns in a toaster oven
3. Cook the Soy Meatless Patties: again, either microwave for 1 min, grill or pan fry
4. Remove the buns once the cheese is melted and place the patty on top of the melted cheese
5. On the top buns, add the onion dip, your greens (basil or spinach), & guacamole
6. Combine both halves & they’re ready to eat!

in case an egg encased

And I was Feeling

                  not ok.

I wanted to envelop myself
   in a shell
                    that would separate me
                    from the world.

For some reason,
             my thoughts went right to an e g g .

If only I could will a protective barrier
             to materialize around my squishy yolky self:
jiggly and floating directionless in a vast sea
             of viscous albumen …

But then it occurred to me
    , that egg shells are so fragile.

What a poor choice of protection -
  yet also so fitting


I fall from my nest of hand

And splat on the floor

I’ve been making a TON of savory waffles, but I thought I’d change it up and make a version of my favorite @wh_1955 order: chocolate chip waffle with #yolkporn on top. It tasted like a fluffy cookie or yolky crannies.

1 T coconut flour
1 T spelt flour
2 egg whites
1 T @so_delicious lite coconut milk
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp vanilla
5-6 drops @nunaturals vanilla liquid stevia
Chocolate chips

Whole local farm egg

This is going to fuel on helluva workout with #TeamHouseOfPayne!