#Perth, if you were looking for a healthy Easter egg, I think I found it for you. Plus more deliciousness on top. 😍😍😍 #Regram from @RawbyChris. ‘This is so EGGciting!! Because we received emails asking about our EGGceptional ‘traditional’ Easter treats from last year, we’re offering you a Traditional Easter Basket, fully #raw and delicious as eggspected. There’s a big big #chocolate egg (fully full!! 😆), assorted truffles in many flavors, white and pink chocolate pyramids with passion fruit and berries, hot cross buns with chocolate and chocolate berry cookies!! Hare-y up and hop on our online shop to book one! 💕
Un oeuf is un oeuf with all the yolky puns (as inspired by our friends at @iamfoods)’
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From Gastroposter Yvan Tran, via Instagram:

Reimagining the Bibimbap with a 72 Hours Beef Kalbi Short Ribs & a Yolky 63C Egg. This is my second time around trying sous vide short ribs. 140F x 48 hours was slightly on the dry side, but the fatty part of was tender and silky. This time around I used 130F x 72 hours: the meat had tender parts and parts that were still quite chewy, probably because the collagen was not fully broken down. Next time I’ll try 135F x 48-72 hours

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do your gems have yolky tentadicks. dO THEY, WHEN THEY GET TURNED ON DO THEY GET HARD BOILED


Don’t emote about us at me.

On my way home yesterday, I got a message from Mark telling me he and Tran were going to cook pancakes, eggs, and bacon because he’d gotten home and was hungry. I had wanted to make kale salad and oven-roasted garbanzo beans, but since Mark was home first and I was stuck in traffic, I told him to go ahead and do his thing. 

When I got home, Mark and Tran were just finishing up the pancake mix. I made the rest of our bacon (six slices) and fried some garbanzo beans with paprika and salt in the bacon fat, and brought it out to the dining table. Mark had made poached eggs at my request, so one perfectly yolky egg was sitting on my plate along with two almond milk pancakes.

Tran had started on her second pancake; Mark was working through his first. 

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Some interesting things are happening!!!! Brunch with @_brujeria at outerlands, sweating our faces off. Open faced chicory sandwich with bacon and chermoula, and for me, congee, jook, chao ga, rice porridge, (whatever you wanna call it) with pork belly, soft egg, pickled vegetables and furikake. #brunch #breakfast #food #foodgasm #foodporn #eatergram #goodeats #onthetable #coffee #eeeeats #outerlands #outerlandssf #igfood #foodgram #foodpics #instasize #instapic #instagood #instafood #vsco #vscocam #vscofood #sf #sanfrancisco #igerssf #thisisf #insf #sflove #eggs #yolky (at Outerlands)



My only true friend has never left my side
From the yolky crack of dawn
To the inky blot of night
A companion is always following my footsteps

In the bright glisten of day
I walk down the path
Right turn, left turn
I’m not alone
I’m never alone

In the dark gloom of night
I walk in the middle of the road
Right step, left step
One foot in front of the other
Perfectly centred

Two lights glare at me
Beady and cold
Metal and blood
Blaring alarms and shattering screams

Even when I’m not here
She is still with me
Forever by my side
My best friend
My shadow


rainy friday

desperate housewives and coffee in my bed with my sickie love. 
gonna make some yolky eggs in a bit ^-^
maybe some cherry yogurt !
Yoga tonight and maybe I’ll finish cleaning the rest of my room !

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Alternative to egg smearing; Pearl stepping on the eggs, feeling that soft crunch and yolky goop fill between her toes.

do not step on the eggs what is wrong w u


Yolky waterfall onto my asparagus. 🍳#Yolkporn