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im very very happy to be posting a new yohuna song !!! because i love yohuna and her ‘revery’ release was very important to me (it still is!) and her 4 way split with moonlasso, emily reo & brown bread was one of the best things from 2013 (and one of my favorite tapes that i own! ah)

so yeah, considering the two-ish year gap between those two releases, i’m very happy to not be waiting so long to have new music from her again and i’m damn excited to get to include anything of hers here. the song is called ‘apart’ and i’ve been listening to it on repeat for quite a while so i dont know what to really say about it besides that it’s lovely and perfect for listening to on repeat at night while taking a lot of xanax and dreading work and idk.

it comes to me also from the le sigh’s zine & tape put together via birdtapes and thats sweet cause they rule and the zine/tape both rule and if youre quick you can probably still buy one via birdtapes so you should probably do that

and listen to this song a whole lot i know i’m going to continue to for a while.

this is also the first time ive ever drafted a post and posted later since i have a job now so hopefully i do that right.


Yohuna - Creep Date

So many talented women on this mix and in this scene. Get this single on the Clubhouse Spit cassette.


My first real music video is premiering later today on Portals, and I’m so excited and nervous!  Weird about my whole extended family getting to see me lick a stranger and just generally looking like ^this^.  Plain weird about acting (took a class in college and my professor mistook me for a Norwegian foreign exchange student for the first half of the semester because I was so awful.)  Anyway, more than that, I’m proud of the team that worked to make this happen.  No one was paid for the incredible amount of work that went into it.  Rosita Lama Muvdi was entirely possessed by the concept and her sweat really shows.  Bless Emily Reo too, because, even though only a couple videos were made, it was her idea almost a year ago to collaborate with woman-identified filmmakers on each track off the Clubhouse split.

The Le Sigh Vol. 1 - The Le Sigh

Earlier this year, The Le Sigh released a fabulous bundle through Birdtapes. This bundle included a zine and a tape compilation from the blog, which is one of the better sites giving attention to women in music and art.

At least, I assume it was fabulous - I spaced on it while deep in the mire of less important life things, and I wasn’t aware of my oversight until the zines and tapes had sold out. I didn’t know much about the contents, but I was familiar enough with the work done by The Le Sigh and the plethora of featured artists to know that I, along with many others, had missed out. 

Fortunately for us, the late-passers and no-cashers, this week’s installment of The Le Sigh’s “Monday Mix” series was that very tape. The entire compilation is now available for free download over on Birdtapes’ bandcamp

The compilation includes songs and artists we’ve lauded here before - Infinity Crush, Yohuna, and R.L. Kelly - but there are many other deserving artists we were woefully ignorant of. For instance, Potty Mouth is a group I definitely should have heard by now

Another example: Lizard Kisses is a name I’d heard but not investigated. The luxurious “Little Things” has me scrambling to change that. Winter’s “Find Me” and its room-filling reverberations were yet another eye-opener, and… actually, I’ve already said too much about how I know too little.

Finish the new year strong with this compilation. Even the more plugged-in music nerds will find something new and delightful. Maybe we’ll all pay more attention when Volume 2 drops. 

- Tyler Hanan


VIDEO PREMIERE: Yohuna - “Mateo”

Gorgeous candle-lit seance vibes emerge in this debut video from Johanne Swanson (a.k.a. Yohuna). If you are like me, you have already fallen in love with her voice from listening to her breathtaking Revery EP. The video for “Mateo,” directed by Christian Filardo, captures the essence of the song’s mystic beauty with blurred, distorted faces and mysterious flickering light. Embrace the enchantment, spirits will smile.

so happy to announce that my first european tour begins in a week! couldn’t be more excited to be supporting and accompanying small wonder on his set each night. thrilled with the artwork by maren karlson and to have three color risograph prints available for purchase at the shows thanks to moritz at we make it. forever grateful to the worst festival for taking care of us on our first three dates. things are unbelievable. rsvp + info here or check the dates after the break. seeya out there. 


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Yohuna - “Keep Apnea”

Such a fitting music video for such a beautiful song. Yohuna’s breathtaking song “Keep Apnea” is set to scenes from “Persona” (1966) directed by Ingmar Bergman - so amazing how two different art forms from different eras can feel so right put together. The song is off of Revery which you can either purchase physically on limited edition cassette (update: second batch) or digitally over at bandcamp.

Previously: [Video] Yohuna - “Mateo”

Moro // “Embers”

Although they have been together and performing for a year, this is the first recorded track from Wisconsin electronic duo Moro. It’s as if all of the heart and soul from the experience of playing was poured into this one track. And let me tell you, you have to hear this thing.

You hear it growing, like some hulking giant waking from its sleep. Muscles creak and bones crack. Little by little it puts itself together until layer after layer it has righted itself. And once it gets going there is no stopping it. These embers will burn the forest down.

There is so much to love about this track. So many little bits that come together to create the perfect whole. With backing vocals by Yohuna and Adeyln Rose, everything is in its right place. Mark this down as one of my favorite tracks of 2011 (…so far). Download it from Moro’s bandcamp, or over from label Two Michael Jordans.

hear it: “Embers”

While looking at pictures taken at FMLY Fest Brooklyn, I came across this one picture capturing one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever experienced due to the power of pure love and passion for art/music.

This happened under the rain during Yohuna’s (Johanne Swanson) amazing set. Everyone gathered around her and her gear, holding up Noah Klein Cuddle Formation’s parachute to protect her gear from the rain as she played her lovely songs. This moment was definitely one of the highlights of FMLY Fest Brooklyn (if not The Highlight). To see how the passion and love for art/music inspired this strong sense of community amongst each of one of us that were there, was truly a gift. Nowadays it is very rare to see that which is why this was truly a beautiful inspiring experience.

So I decided to send Lisa this picture along with other ones (who is all the way in France) to share what a beautiful experience that weekend had been for me. And this is what she did with that picture.. She drew it!!! I’m still and will always be perplexed at how amazing this drawing came out. She is incredibly talented! I hope all of you enjoy it! :)

- Adam M.

“Proposed by lo-fi recorder and pop auteur Emily Reo, the Clubhouse Split collects songs from four similarly active female musicians, enlisting Johanne Swanson, aka Yohuna; Rebecca Doerfer, aka Brown Bread; and Malee Bringardner, aka MoonLasso. Though each is animated by their own unique projects, the impetus for the Clubhouse Split came from a mostly independent discovery and appreciation of each other’s music, the final gaps in familiarity being filled as each musician accepted in succession Reo’s invitation to collaborate on a split cassette. Their music is elegant, elaborately realized, and fully apprehended - each has been towing their own line for years at the heart of an expanding "post-colonial” music economy (no stuffed-shirt labels for these ladies).

Though the whole of human history is difficult to perceive for ‘most’ humans, because female voices are so thoroughly undocumented prior to recent centuries, tension in the form of radically opposite self-conceptualizations leaves thinkers of different genders designing their ideal self according to rules that sometimes don’t translate. That isn’t to say that women don’t have role models, just that we live in the throes of a protracted realignment. Progress as a species is the pace of our collective re-investment in the integrity of transcendent principles - in the face of an undesired state, we conceive of an ideal and (ideally) progress toward it. These four women have made it their work to model positivity and strength in the pursuit of a 'public’ creativity, brooking no compromise and allowing their sincerity to play out across their respective bodies of work.

In the spirit of good will and basic arithmetic, the Clubhouse split offers eight songs and four genuine exemplars for anyone cognizant. If you include the packaging designers, that total raises to six; much thanks to artist Kaley Dickinson and designer Liz Pavlovic for their contributions.“

Order the Clubhouse split here.


Yohuna & Adelyn Rose: All The Slow Songs (Waiting) - Video