Raspberry Frozen Yogurt - Healthy, no-churn, with only three ingredients! Easy, fresh, fruity and delicious!…RECIPE


1kg frozen raspberries (2 pounds), lightly thawed

375ml low fat natural yogurt (1½ cups)

2 tbsp honey

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Even though going to college is expected, with all its trials and tribulations, it doesn’t make leaving home any easier - not for me, and not for my mother. This morning, she left this beautiful picture for me in our shared dropbox folder, and she told me: sometimes, missing someone is waking up in the morning and remembering how they would fuss over cutting fruit and eating their passionfruit yogurt, and doing the same. It’s finding the spot where they like to photograph food in the house, and placing your tray there. It’s seeking comfort in the things that they used to do in the hopes that there will be some sense of regularity in a life where their absence is so obvious. And as I cut my fruit the morning of this snowstorm, I felt the love and pain in equal amounts from across the ocean, and whilst I couldn’t be there to hug her, I could give my yogurt the time and care that she would, to remind her that life could go on and could be beautiful even when we were apart.